Top 10 UNDERRATED PS4 Games You Might Have Missed in 2018

Jan 29, 2019


The heights of wartime action in the old generation, Metal Slug's long history took it to the PlayStation 4 in 2018 with the renewed port of Metal Slug 7. Revised and retititled, Metal Slug XX welcomes a whole array of features not present in its first DS outing. Advertised with the explosive enthusiasm of a Ghollywood hit, the PS4 port comes with modern comforts and features like trophies, high resolution support, and co-op and online multiplayer--albeit with the input lags of the Share Play system.

Not included in many Metal Slug anthologies, finding one of the last games in the series on Sony's new gen console is a joy for any of those who missed it on the DS. Make use of their seven playable characters and join them through the 7 branching stages of the game. It's no Metal Slug 8, sure, but it should be good enough with a rating of 8.59.


Far from his usual dark robes and cumbersome reaper's scythe, Death takes on a new, noir-like look in this gritty stealth sidescroller from Hopoo Games. Known for creating Risk of Rain, an early roguelike metroidvania gem from 2013, Hopoo Games doesn't have to veer to far in this 2018 title. Where Risk of Rain mastered the art of explosive action, Deadbolt, with the same spritey visuals, shows off their knack for the quiet and calculating.

Play as the reaper and deal out the afterlife in bloody shootouts that occur between maneuvering round vents, lockpicking, and working in the shadows. Earning a 10/10 on Steam already, the game has earned praise for its level layouts and gunplay that complemented well with the challenge of their gameplay. Alternating well between strategy and shootouts, it earns a well-deserved spot on the list with a rating of 8.6

8. Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms

When we say D&D, we usually imagine a bunch of kids huddled around a table with pens and papers in hand, or, more recently, the vast digital worlds based around it. But when all that gets too intimidating Codename Entertainment's got us covered with a free to play idle clicker. With its simple cartoony visuals, it doesn't look like much. However, it hides layer of strategic gameplay that will challenge your thinking skills.

Rounding up heroes with their own buffs and skills, WHERE you place them within the formation is a huge part of your parties’ success in the many battles ahead of them. Still an idle clicker, you’re always free to sit back and relax while they do all the hard, gold-collecting work. Missions also help with the experience, making it more than just an ever increasing tick of numbers. A deserving free to play title with no critic reviews, it has a Provisional PlayScore of 8.65

7. Dragon Sinker

Another case of simplicity doing the most, KEMCO and Exe Create’s RPG adventure game harkens back to the past with its nostalgic 8bit pixel visuals and classic turn-based JRPG-like combat. Covering an epic battle against their world's tyrannical dragon, it plays a little like the Final Fantasy games we loved before. With a slew of little improvements to the RPG experience, like boss retries and convenient runaways. Simple as it is, battles have the tendency brutal early on.

Thankfully, you can have a party of up to 12 companions, leading all of them on a journey to sink the camel-texting dragon. It's no Square Enix title, but it works well for people looking for that memory gut punch on their fancy PlayStation 4s. It's even more of a deal knowing it's a crossbuy title that lets you blow off the dust on your PS Vitas too. It receives a rating of 8.65

6. Fallout Shelter

What started as a mere marketing strategy for the then-upcoming Fallout 4 title turned out to be a stellar success for the Bethesda team. Inspired by the visuals of a Fallout 3 ad, Fallout Shelter flattens the nuclear overworld into a two-dimensional plane lets you become the overseer of your very own vault, turning the desolate conditions of post-apocalypse into a thriving, self-sufficient, nuka-cola economy.

It's vastly different from Fallout's first-person shooting. But, standing by the the visuals of the ubiquitous Vault Boy, it creates a world that's somehow still familiar for fans of the series. Rebuilding the population from a handful of hopeful survivors, finding their ideal roles is important for the survival of the vault, with deathclaws and roaches threatening the peace. Crafted with an array of pets and customizations, this free and addictive casual game took on a life of its own, receiving a Provisional PlayScore of 8.67

5. Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far

Nope, it's not that one...yet. But with over 14 years and a hundred different plotlines between them, it can get a little confusing. Luckily for Square Enix and Disney Interactive's groundbreaking crossover, there's The Story So Far, which aimed to give all fans the story recap they all deserved. Riding on the hype of the finally coming Kingdom Hearts III, this collection puts almost all of the adventures of the beloved keyblade wielders into one convenient package.

While there were others before it, and already on the PlayStation, this is the ultimate edition, contaning 9 Kingdom Hearts experiences, all remastered to fit the bigger PlayStation 4 format. Available at the price $40, it's a huge bargain for any fans that don't have the previous bundles yet. A great side by side to the massive hypefest that is the third title, the Story So Far gets a Provisional PlayScore of 8.73

4. TerraTech

Making a repeat appearance from our previous PC lists, it looks like Paylaod Studios' sandbox experience is sadly underrated on the PS4 too. Coming in with plenty of game modes to choose from, TerraTech not only sparks players' creativity with its vast and colorful haven for the imagination, it also rewards the creativity with plenty of action on the sides.

Revolving around the premise of a galactic competition in which you play the side of Earth, TerraTech challenges you to explore the four corners of the planet while protecting them using an army of crazy vehicles. While a little slow on the combat, it does a pretty decent job at satisfying on both ends. What makes it just a tad bit disappointing is the lack of co-op gameplay, for sharing the world with friends. With hours upon hours of content, it has a Provisional PlayScore of 8.79

3. Electronauts

Forming the perfect marriage of neon lights, electronic music, and VR capabilities, this casual music game will let you unleash your inner DJ. From Virtual Reality studio, Survios, who created highly rated hits like Raw Data, and more recently, Sprint Vector, you know you'll be getting a well-made title. Played on the PS Pro and PSVR, Electronauts fully encapsulates you in their bright world, letting you be the helmeted, vaporwave dancer you dreamed of becoming.

A title that's more for the musically inclined, if you feel a little lost in their world of space DJ-ing, Survios has plenty of specially created youtube tutorials that will get you through the ropes of the game. With remarkable, crisp visuals, and immersive environments, it’s THE go to interactive musical playground on the VR with a rating of 8.98.

2. BRIKS 2

If you thought wed be done with retro remakes, you'd be kinda right. Because this BRIKS 2, a new and improved sequel to...well...BRIKS. Describing itself as a classic, retro arcade game packed with cool, animated characters, BRIKS 2 is pretty spartan as modern videogames go. Playing on Taito's Breakout-inspired Arkanoid games, you basically ricochet a ball into an arena, making sure to watch out for those precious powerups.

The same goes for BRIKS 2, with its collection of powerups that either add more balls into the mix, make them blaze through bricks, or let your paddles shoot back. What’s truly mind boggling though is their thematic arenas and backdrops that range from sexy anime characters, dragon fights, to...just the utterly bizarre. No judgment on whoever rated the games, though, but it definitely earned its place with a score of 9.02.

Hi guys. We’d love to see your list of underrated PS4 games in the comment section. And before we reveal the number one, check out the complete list PS4 releases in 2018 on our website, Links in the top right corner and the description box below.

1. And the most underrated game on the PS4 is Knockout League

Grab Games' boxing game is just the knockout title you didn't think you need. While there are plenty of boxing simulators out there, offering mind-blowing graphics and deep career options, nothing quite beats the first-hand experience that Knockout League provides. Played on the PSVR, it might not have the most convincing visuals but it does amp up the boxing immersion as it lets you train for each fight like you would in real life.

Like the Wii Fit days, you're in for one hell of a workout if your jabs and hooks hope to stand against their quirky bosses. You can even translate it to real-life speed, power, and endurance with their heavy bag DLC. Fun, cheap, and with the added benefit of a workout, it's the PS4's underrated game with a Provisional PlayScore of 9.09.


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