36 Best New Nintendo Switch & 3DS Games of September 2018

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36. SENRAN KAGURA Reflexions

Hooo, boy, looks like the Switch is getting some waifu heaven too. Marvelous Inc’s anime slash simulation game lets you take care of these adorable girls by massaging their hands in a steaming hot reflexology adventure. It has a provisional playscore of 5.28

35. SNK HEROINES ~Tag Team Frenzy~

What a great list this has been. For the old gamers out there, meet your favorite SNK heroines as they battle it out in a frenzied 2 versus 2 fighting game. Activate special moves, and make use of special items. It has a provisional playscore of 6.25

34. Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition

Stage 2 Studiosindie walking simulator lets you seek like on a mysterious and barren planet. As an astronaut, your goal is to survive the bitter and unpredictable climate. Follow a mysterious young woman and begin to question the nature of reality. It has a provisional playscore of 6.42

33. Cities: Skylines - Nintendo Switch Edition

It’s about time! One of the greatest city-building simulators in the market gets a Switch release. Create your own bustling metropolis and manage your economy in a relaxing simulator from Tantalus and Paradox Interactive. It has a provisional playscore of 6.7

32. This Is The Police 2

This story-driven indie adventure from THQ Nordic gets a sequel. As sheriff, manage your cops, make tough decisions and try not to get in prison too. This mix of strategy and turn-based tactical combat is better than ever with new features, better visuals and more. It has a provisional playscore of 6.92

31. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD

Square Enix’s FFXV gimmicks made its way to the Switch in this chibi-fied FFXV experience. Follow Noctis and his band of brothers as they save their fallen kingdom from a brutal war. It’s the same Final Fantasy XV experience, but the graphics and gameplay are dumbed down to the core. It has a provisional playscore of 6.95


One of two versions released for Yokai's newest spinoff, delve into real-time action of this Level-5's RPG game, as you venture with their friendly feline exclusives. One for the cat lovers it has a provisional playscore of 6.98

29. YO-KAI WATCH BLASTERS: White Dog Squad

For the canine-loving Yokai fans, this is the place to be. The second of two spinoff versions, get into their real-time RPG action and enjoy with friends in local or online co-op. It has a provisional playscore of 7.12

28. Old School Musical

OSM for short. This indie adventure rhythm game from Playdius and La Moutarde is a collection of retro creations with a musical twist. Lead Tib and Rob as they go on a wacky quest from our childhood games and mess things up with chiptune tracks and more. It receives a provisional playscore of 7.28

27. GOD WARS The Complete Legend

Discover Japan’s untold secrets in this tactical RPG from Kadokawa Games that explores the untold history of Japan in anime style. Based on Japanese folklore and myth, engage in 150 hours of gameplay and enjoy the new content “Labyrinth of Yomi” that brings more hours to the table. It has a provisional playscore of 7.32

26. The Warlock of Firetop Mountain: Goblin Scourge Edition!

A strategic and story-driven tabletop adventure from Tin Man Games. Choose your own adventure as you sneak, battle, and charm your way through its fantasy world in tactical turn-based combat. It has a provisional playscore of 7.34

25. Nintendo LABO - Vehicle Kit

The LABO craze isn’t over yet. Nintendo’s innovative cardboard-based projects has a new product. Create and play with a Toy-Con Car, Submarine, Plane and so much more. It even has Mario Kart 8 support if you want. It has a provisional playscore of 7.39

24. Labyrinth Of Refrain: Coven Of Dusk

An RPG game from NiSA. Embark on an epic adventure as you uncover a mysterious Labyrinth beneath a small town. Command a brigade of puppet soldiers as you navigate between its tricky paths. It has a provisional playscore of 7.44

23. FIFA 19

With the Portuguese superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo, still rocking their cover FIFA's latest annual release is going in strong. Get to set your strategies set for the field using the new Game plans feature, and go for those timed sweet spots to score the goal. It has a provisional playscore of 7.63

22. Broken Sword 5 - The Serpent’s Curse

This latest and award-winning point and click adventure game from Revolution Software lets you solve a mysterious serpent’s curse. Solve riddles, defeat conspiracies, and survive chilling threats as you explore a stunning world filled with a wonderful cast of characters. It has a provisional playscore of 7.66

21. Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle

Nostalgia hunters gets to relive the glory days of co-op arcade games in this Capcom Bundle. Containing seven iconic games that rocked our childhood, play Final Fight, Captain Commando, King Of Dragons, Knights of the Round, Warriors of Fate, Armored Warriors, and Battle Circuit. It has a provisional playscore of 7.67


A mesmerizing indie platformer from Team17 that takes you to a hostile alien planet with mystery and danger. Similar to PlayDead’s INSIDE, lead a young man as he makes his way out of this brutal world by solving puzzles and keep moving forward. It has a provisional playscore of 7.71

19. Alwa’s Awakening

A game from Elden Pixels that takes you back to the good ol’ classics. Use your magic staff and explore a large interconnected world where you solve puzzles, fight monsters, and defeat bosses. It has a provisional playscore of 7.72

18. Armello

League of Geeks brings us a swashbuckling fairy-tale board game that combines deep and tactical card elements. Go on quests, make schemes, hire agents, and explore a fantasy world brimming with danger and deceit. It has a provisional playscore of 7.76

17. The Spectrum Retreat

A first-person strategy puzzler from Dan Smith Studios, check yourself into the Penrose Hotel and prepare for one unforgettable experience. Filled with mysteries in every corner, navigate through its futuristic art deco hallways and solve decode the minded, color-coded puzzles. It has a provisional playscore of 7.79

16. Broforce

Get a taste for patriotism in Devolver Digital's sidescrolling Free Lives' run and gunner. Exuding that musky manly scent with each 8bit battlefield, bask in the smell of napalm and partake in their endless gunfights. It has a provisional playscore of 7.84

15. Wasteland 2: Director's Cut

Test the limits of your survival skills in this turn-based RPG from developer InXile Entertainment set in a harsh climes of the nuclear wasteland. Take care of your band of survivors and make use of their varying skills to last another day in arid Arizona. With new graphics, voiceovers, customizations, it has a provisional playscore of 7.89

14. The Gardens Between

Voxel Agent's adventure puzzle game brilliantly explores the loss that comes with the natural passage of time. Play the role of two best friends as they weave forwards and backward through time and beautifully mysterious gardens. It has a provisional playscore of 7.9

13. Dust: An Elysian Tail

An already popular indie game, Dust will sweep you off your feet with its charming Metroidvania adventures. Step inside a storybook fable, playing as their anthropomorphic protagonist and his sentient sword in a quest to take back memory. It has a provisional playscore of 8.01

12. Ultimate Chicken Horse

Party platformers are best served with a nice splash of comedy. Ruin the best of friendships as you create a deadly platforming for your friends to conquer. Make it out alive and prove yourself the ultimate chicken horse...or something. Developed by Clever Endeavour Games, it has a provisional playscore of 8.01

11. Valkyria Chronicles 4

Valkyria's juicy sequel has finally made it to the Switch. Set in the original's wartorn period, dive into more of SEGA's signature militaristic fantasy with the return of the Blitz Battle System. It has a provisional playscore of 8.15

10. Velocity 2X

Another Switch shmup, Futurlab takes us on fast-paced field trip across their futurist stages. Combining speed and direction, follow the story of Kai Tana who battles against alien abductors for prisoners' sakes and hers. It has a provisional playscore of 8.17

9. Wandersong

Showing us that bards can save the world, use the power of music to overcome challenges as you venture around the globe for the fabled Earthsong. Harkening for the return of beauty, one tune at a time, Dumb and Fat Games' Wandersong has a provisional playscore of 8.19

8. Hyper Light Drifter - Special Edition

The gorgeous pixel RPG by Abylight adds some cool features with its move to the switch. Roam around the neon-tinged landscapes with a new outfit, complete the challenges of the Tower Climb, or bring down enemies with Crystal Shots and Blade Casters. A beautiful game made better, it has a provisional playscore of 8.23

7. Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna ~ The Golden Country

Nintendo's acclaimed JRPG gets its first DLC and you can get it as an expansion or a standalone this time. Go back 500 years in their history and witness the tasks and trials of warriors before their time. It has a provisional playscore of 8.28

6. Dark Souls Remastered

FromSoftware’s brutal action-adventure RPG makes its debut on the Switch. Re-experience the genre-defining game with polished visuals, new challenges, and sheer patience-testing fun. This title also contains the Artorias of Abyss DLC and retains its online features. It has a provisional playscore of 8.29

5. NBA 2K19

Celebrating 20 years of redefining the sports genre, NBA 2K19 returns with a host of Visual Concept's fresh ideas. Dive into the immersive open world of The Neighborhood and take the rivalry to the streets. It has a provisional playscore of 8.36

4. Bastion

Another prized indie release for the Switch, SuperGiant Games' fast-paced combat maneuvers have translated smoothly to the hybrid console. Rebuild the world together with the unnamed protagonist and heed the guidance of the omniscient narrator. It has a provisional playscore of 8.42

3. Gone Home

Before the release of their cosmic drama, Fullbright was practicing the art of relationships and emotion with this compelling narrative experience. Explore the family mansion, scour for clues, and find answers about its dilapidated state. It has a provisional playscore of 8.44

2. TowerFall

Combining content from Ascension and Dark World, everyone's favorite archery combat party game reaches its fullest form on the Switch. A multiplayer extravaganza awaits with all the Switch exclusive additions to boot. It has a provisional playscore of 8.44

1. Undertale

Toby Fox's jazz-backed world has spread its diplomatic role-playing agenda to the Switch. Learn the ways of violence-less adventuring, meet their diverse and interesting array of characters, and fall in love with their pixel world. It has a provisional playscore of 8.57