10 Best FREE iPhone and iPad Games of 2019

To see all the top free-to-play titles available on the Apple App Store, visit our ranking of the best free iOS games.

10. Revolve8

Our list gets us started with a real-time strategy from SEGA Games. Revolve8 combines cardgame mechanics into their tactical gameplay, which makes it a little similar to the popular Clash Royale.

This time, it's wrapped in anime aesthetics that will be attractive to any fan of JRPGs. Build your deck out of their roster of interesting heroes and learn to make use of your skills at the perfect time to maximize damage. Just to add to the interest and excitement is the fact that famed Castlevania designer, Koji Igarashi, took part in designing the characters.

As a SEGA mobile game, Revolve8 looks really good but it's not exactly the groundbreaking original title we could've had. Still, it's a great choice for fans of Clash Royale gameplay and JRPG aesthetics. It has a playscore of 8.68.

9. Langrisser

A name that might be familiar to long-time fans of the role-playing genre. A classic game first released in 1991, Masaya Games' tactical RPG has found its way to the modern age in this free to play iOS port.

In this new mobile version, Langrisser becomes a blend of old and new. It lets you revisit the 300 levels of the original game, as well all the modern conveniences of guild battles and boss raids together with friends in real-time tactical battles. This new Langrisser tells an original story with an all-star cast of voiceover legends. Thanks to all these new changes, saving El Sallia from the looming darkness once more will be a treat on the portable platform.

If you're looking for a mobile gacha game that could compete with today's best SRPGs, Langrisser is a great choice with a playscore of 8.69.

8. AFK Arena

Still in the realm of role-playing games, Lilith Games offers a solution to RPG enthusiasts with an itch to scratch, but without the time for it. AFK Arena, as their title suggests, allows you to go on marauding adventures using a crew of varying classes--with you, or without.

In this game, you're free to wander about doing whatever it is you should be doing, while your collection of heroes does the job for you. But, AFK Arena does a good job of making you want to stay. Its artistic 2D visuals are pleasing to the eyes, and this attention to detail can be seen most in their array of heroes and their respective animations.

Take on the quests and challenges of their storyline or battle it out in their PvP arenas. Offering a little bit of both, AFK Arena gets a playscore of 8.72.

7. Godzilla Defense Force

One of Japan's longest-running kaiju franchise has made its comeback in the new age. Along with the brand new monster movie franchise, NEXON jumps into the cash cow bandwagon with a first-hand experience at bringing down strange, colossal beasts.

Based on TOHO's official IP, Godzilla Defense Force features the series' mightiest Kaiju, from Mothra to Rodan, to Godzilla himself. Defeat them in battle and you'll get to keep them as Monster Cards to use their skills and buffs in your next fights. The waves are relentless and it does a great job of building up anticipation for the next big boss.

In this way, Godzilla Defense Force is immersive and engaging. Make your way through their many awesome monsters and tap away to defend your cities with a playscore of 8.73.

6. Forgotten Anne

Already a beloved title on the PC and consoles (PS4, Switch, and Xbox One), Thoroughline Games' hit adventure breaches the mobile with this iOS release. If you're one of the many fans of Studio Ghibli's enchanting films, Forgotten Anne might just be a perfect fit for you.

Steeped in the wonders of magic realism, the game tells tales of a world where objects take sentience. Seeing it through the eyes of Anne, we get to decode the strange phenomena as she herself takes on her journey home. On top of their Spirited Away-like atmosphere, what makes Forgotten Anne stand out is their uniquely engaging platform puzzles as well as the charm of their well-written narrative.

A bit of bad news: the game is only free to start and you'll have to shell out some money to see how it through. Still, its free chapter has enough touching moments to show you exactly what you're in for. It has a playscore of 8.74.

5. Bombastic Brothers – Top Squad

Now for a taste of the old Contra days. The run and gun shooter has made its way back and it looks better than ever. Bombastic Brothers commits to the modern age with its cartoon visuals, peppered with satisfying explosions that will fill anybody's desire for destruction.

It doesn't exactly reinvent the wheel, but it reintroduces a missed genre with a host of improvements in graphics and game modes. There's plenty of variety in the Bombastic Brother's gunfights. Take on their thrilling campaign and its many mission types, master the art of shooting in their endless modes, or show everyone who's boss in the Global PvP battles.

All that against their roster of characters, the artillery of guns, and tons and tons of loot. It has a playscore of 8.75.


Now a global sensation, the Bangtan Boys, or BTS as they're popularly known, has taken over the mobile too.

BTS World is their official game and it mixes different methods to tell the story of each of the nine members and their relationship with each other. Go through visual novel narratives, short films, video calls, and even texts. It lets you get to know each of their lovable members and makes you feel that much closer to them.

BTS World also lets you dress up the members as you please. Go through their wardrobes and switch up their hairstyles into your whichever is your ultimate BTS phase. It's a charming look at each character and it's got enough content to fulfill even those who aren't part of the massive BTS Army. It has a playscore of 8.9.

3. Sky: Children of the Light

We've probably all heard of Journey, that indie game that still ranks 6th in the PlayStation 4 top charts after almost 4 years. Well, the makers of that game have gone on to create equally amazing games, and their latest happens to be another atmospheric adventure. It is perhaps one of the most breathtaking mobile games so far and it's something you can experience alone, or with the aid of your friends.

Sky puts on a pretty minimalist art style. But with it, Sky manages to do so much thanks to the backing of its vast explorable lands and powerful soundtracks. Uncover the mysteries of the land, evolve along with it, and prepare to take flight.

If you want to support the developers, you can do so by getting the game's Season Pass. If not, Sky is just as beautiful--or more so--as a completely free to play experience with a playscore of 8.91.

2. Chess Rush

We are in the advent of auto battlers and this year, Chess Rush manages to beat out even their more original competition. For the uninitiated, auto chess focuses on strategy and battle preparation where you, the player, have no direct control over what happens mid fight.

All you have to do is choose from a pool randomly generated units and managing them to the best of your abilities. Putting rush into the auto chess formula, it's definitely the more fast-paced and fun alternative.

The battles are tough, fair, and fairly short--so much so that their 10 minutes or less formula is one of their biggest selling points. For beginners to the Autochess world, Chess Rush might just be the best place to start thanks to its casual yet rewarding gameplay. It has a playscore of 8.92.


The mobile hemisphere finds itself in possession of one of its most powerful crossovers. In Another Eden, some of the best minds of the JRPG generations came together to bring about a title that everyone can enjoy. Play as one of their brave heroes and journey through time and space to save the future form the darkness.

It's a pretty typical JRPG tale as far anyone's concerned, but it was written by Masato Kato who earned his reputation for writing the script to Chrono Trigger. Him, along with the musical talents Yasunori Mitsuda and Shunsuke Tsuchiya, make for an RPG title you can't miss.

As a free-to-play game, it's unfortunately injected with gacha elements that might take away from an otherwise fun, premium experience. It has a playscore of 8.95.