Top 25 Free Offline iPhone & iPad Games of 2018-2019

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25. Brew Town

Craft Brewery, the domain of beer enthusiasts and self-proclaimed hipsters. Now, there's finally a perfect game for both. With Brew Town, you get to become the owner of your own brewery. Getting to micromanage every detail of your would-be empire--from logo designs to flavours and sizes--Brew Town is a casually addictive simulator with a PlayScore of 7.6

24. SSC 2018

Short for Super Soccer Champs, this pixel football game will let you get the in-depth soccer experience in a light and easy format. Back from offering the same treatment to Tennis Fans on the mobile, Uprising Games brings the same energy to their newest sports title. Teeming with the retro charm of their inspirations, it just might be deep and easy to learn title you need, with a score of 7.45

23. Pocket Run Pool

From Soccer, we get to the table kinda ballgame. The creator of Really Bad Chess and Flipflop Solitaire is back with another twist to an old classic. In this arcade pool game, your only goal is to get the highest score on the perfect pool run. Anything less than perfect won't make the cut. So, avoid scratches, pockets, and misses, and get those perfect pockets. A PlayScore of 8.27

22. Bendy™ in Nightmare Run

A gorgeous monochromatic and action-packed boss runner game for the iOS. Play as Bendy and his friends as you evade from the clutches of nasty bullies in Joey Drew Studios' 1930's cartoon. Collect weapons, level up your character and improve your skills. Like a cooler, up to date Temple Run, it has a PlayScore of 8.27

21. Secret Kingdom Defenders

The beautiful Chinese mythology comes alive in brand new ways in this fun strategy game. Starring the mischievous Monkey King in a journey towards the west. Powered by your very own strategies, help him complete his journey across the game's many strange lands. Packed with a fun story and an exciting multiplayer mode, it has a PlayScore of 8.28

20. A Hollow Doorway

A casual arcade game you can play with one hand. Enter their infinite world of rectangles as you rotate into their varying angles. It's a basic concept made addictive by its hypnotic colors and easy to pick up gameplay. A free to play the game, Hollow Doorways might have a few in app purchases for cosmetic items, it's still an endless doorway into free to play fun with a score of 8.29

19. Glitch Dash

While endless runners are usually the go-to destinations for casual, mindless entertainment, Glitch Dash isn't one of those. Offering a different, more intense kind of rush, active, dexterity based survival is key to winning the precious high score. With each level being a mess of terrifying dangers, exercise your reflexes as you jam to their techno tunes. A score of 8.3

18. Best Rally

You can't get anymore straightforward than this. A cartoon takes on the challenges of Rallies, Best Rally's got a pretty sizeable sum of handcrafted tracks to test your skills in. Try your hand at their 50 tracks, and learn to drift past corners with their mobile-optimized two-finger controls. A straightforward rally game with cars, tracks, and challenges to last you hours, it has a PlayScore of 8.3

17. King Crusher - Roguelike Game

Play Hand to a mad King that's out to eliminate the royal competition. Recruit fighters from 12 classes with their own strengths and weakness and send them rallying against enemy kingdoms with simplified swipes and attacks. An awesome fusion of RPG and roguelike--if you don't mind a few annoying ads. It gets a score of 8.3

16. It's Full of Sparks

Take on the very brief life of a firecracker in this charming puzzler from Noodlecake Studios. Journey with their pyro protagonist as he traverses over 80 unique levels in search for the mythical unlit firecracker. Not only does it have beautiful visuals--perfect for your ios screens--the details of their existentially explosive gameplay are easy standouts too. It has a PlayScore of 8.36

15. Legend of Solgard

From the creators of Candy and the Bubble Witch Saga, King turns their head towards mobile RPGs. Using the same match three puzzle formula they're known for, Legend of Solgard adds a layer of epic to the mix with their lineup of awesome heroes. Built with same quality and polish as their last games, their royal quality shines through with a PlayScore of 8.38

14. Sneak Ops

This stealth game from Noodlecake Studios brings the charm of Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear series to the mobile. Sneak into heavily guarded fortresses. Knock out guards, avoid cameras, and crawl through the tunnels like you’re not even there. Part Metal Gear, part Mission Impossible, and all good and free. It has a PlayScore of 8.4

13. Wall Kickers

An adorable indie platformer where you control backflipping animals to reach the highest point. It’s simple, addictive and contains no drama. Start from the bottom and jump your way to the top. Just don’t fall down. It has a PlayScore of 8.41

12. Ilu

Brainium Studios describes their creation as a logic puzzle of light and life. Some of the planets in this game are lost in the dark. As a keeper of the light, it is your mission to spread light in these barren planets. Unwind, relax, and spread the light in a game that has a Playscore of 8.42

11. FRAG Pro Shooter

Hero Shooters are so in these days and Oh BiBi’s first-person shooter takes you to a colorful arena populated with quirky characters and engaging short but epic 1 versus 1 matches. Switch rapidly between your heroes to gain advantage and build a battle deck that fits your style. Collect over 40 unique characters and dominate the playing field. It has a PlayScore of 8.42

10. Look, Your Loot!

Igor Suntsev’s card-based dungeon crawler is plain and simple. By using the power of magic, control a brave hero as he goes through multiple dungeons, unlock chests, defeat bosses and collect coins. Choose from over 10 heroes with different tactics and get as much loot as you can. It has a PlayScore of 8.48

9. Evolution: The Video Game

Inspired by the award-winning board game from North Star Games, this video game version of Evolution lets you create animals that adapt and thrive in a changing ecosystem. Watch how natural selection unfolds and utilize cards to help your creations grow even stronger. With the power of science, explore the mysteries of the world in its single-player campaign with incredible pace and polish. It has a PlayScore of 8.66

8. Hungry Dragon

Ubisoft’s fun and frantic action-arcade game lets you unleash fiery fury from above with these dragons. Feel the burn as you use their unique abilities to destroy village, caves, forests, mines and more. As destructive as they can be, these pesky creatures need some loving and feeding too. Unlock crazy costumes to fly faster and burn bigger. It has a PlayScore of 8.67

7. Sprout: Idle Garden

The Clicker genre is still becoming more pervasive in the mobile market. This iOS idle game lets you create your personal garden and hone your horticultural abilities. Use the power of your fingers as you plant, grow and harvest these fancy floras. Earn more money, buy more stuff, and keep the cycle of life going. The game receives a PlayScore of 8.69

6. Nishan Shaman

Made by passionate Chinese developers, Nishan Shaman showcases the beauty and magic behind Northeastern mythologies. Play as a legendary female figure and roam around the intricately designed papercut world as you save a young boy from the grips of evil. Oozing with style and personality, Nishan Shaman's goals of spreading the folklore of Chinese minority tribes confidently shines through with a PlayScore of 8.76

5. Burger Shop 2

A sequel to GoBit Games' casual cooking game sees you rising in the ranks of the restaurant world. Expand the horizons of your humble fast food empire as you add new twists to keep the hearts of your loyal customers. It also opens up new leads to let you uncover the secrets of what happened to your last venture. Fill these hungry tummies as the game receives a PlayScore of 8.77


This terrifying mix of thriller and horror tells a gripping story of a silent hero as he survives from the growing darkness in its gorgeous pixel art world. The retro platforming elements encourage players to solve puzzles and use their years of platforming experience to survive from various obstacles and enemies. It has a PlayScore of 8.79

3. Piffle

The minds behind Crossy Road creates another colorful mobile game oozing with childish charm. This arcade puzzle dazzles you with a whole load of adorable nonsense as you dive into their sea of adorable cat-like creatures. Defeat the Evil Doc Block as you break around blocks with precision and style. It receives a PlayScore of 8.80

2. Alphabear 2

What happens when you mix adorable animals in a vocabulary mobile game? Well, you get Alphabear. Spryfox’s fantastic sequel adds more puzzles to solve and bears to see! The job remains simple, spell words by selecting letters on a puzzle grid and wait for magical bears to appear and fill your screen with cuteness. It receives a PlayScore of 8.90

1. Friday The 13th Killer Puzzle

Jason Vorhees returns with his murderous spree. This follows up to their trope heavy puzzler, Slayaway Camp, Blue Wizard Digital comes in with this daring tribute to one of the most iconic slasher film series of all time. Dedicating all their gorey puzzling to the dreaded Friday the 13th. Maneuver through its grid-based stages once more as the game receives a PlayScore of 8.92



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