Top 10 Free Offline Android Games of 2019

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10. Forged Fantasy

Most famous for their zombie shooter, Kill Shot and Kill Shot Virus, Hot Head steps out of the darkness to bring us an action RPG in the world of magic and might.

Their shooting specialization comes in handy in this game's cover-based combat. Join a team of heroes and get right down to slaying a whole bestiary of magical beings. As a mid-core action RPG, you don't have full control over your characters.

Each engagement has a more cinematic flair. But, in Forged Fantasy, each second of combat is worth it, if only for the satisfying hits of their attacks and spells. Their RPG comes out in their collectible gear, upgradeable attributes. Forged Fantasy isn't perfect. There may be more games that nail the action RPG formula better, but for an offline experience, it does the job with a score of 7.87.

9. Beat Cop

11bit Studios' point and click adventure gives us a ticket to the past. Travel back to the simple 80s as you play a day in the life of a disgraced cop, Jack Kelly. While his might seem like a living hell, watching him navigate a world that's seemingly against him is pretty entertaining.

Beat Cop has a nice, living world to immerse in. Even though its just pixels, beat cop's environments seem meticulously detailed, from its clean HUD to the streets themselves, lined with moving cars and interesting passersby.

Where the game falls short though is its lack of voice acting. Between handing out parking tickets and managing the mafia and his miserable wife, Jack Kelly's is a life worth seeing through, no matter how short. It has a playscore of 8.04.

8. LEGO Tower

We've been building tiny towers for years, but this year LEGO officially enters the tower-building fun with their own trademarked twist on an old smartphone classic.

It features the same formula as NimbleBit's Tiny Tower, excpet instead of pixel people, it's populated with LEGO’s signature polygons. Invite new residents into your up and coming building, create establishments, and find the best intersection of minifigure and job compability for maximum profit.

With this game, LEGO also creates a virtual haven for all the talented master builders, as you get to customize minifigs and rooftops with an array of cool lego structures and pieces. A must-have for long-time fans, it gets a playscore of 8.07.

7. Pet Rescue Puzzle Saga

From the makers of Candy Crush, Bubble Witches, and Farm Heroes, King continues their ventures in the addictive puzzle gaming world with a brand new muse.

This time, we dive into the world of pets and get to meet their collection of adorable characters. It's match-three puzzle gaming as usual and your skills will be put to the test as you tap and destroy blocks to save the friendly creatures from harm.

On top of the usual puzzle-solving, Pet Rescue also offers a unique feature where you tend to your newly rescued friends in your Pet home. There are over 30 unique pets to care for and collect and hundreds of levels to get through for hours of fun. It has a playscore of 8.15.

6. Angry Birds Dream Blast

Rovio's angry birds are a little less angry in this move to the more contemplative puzzle format. Now, with a movie franchise coming up, they’re putting on a new face for the future of their games. First up, it looks like they're chasing in on the match-three puzzle gameplay too.

Even in this puzzle format though, they're still putting in some explosive elements to appease their fiery fowls. In their many, you're tasked to collect certain bubble shapes and sizes in a limited number of moves to earn to the ticket to the next round.

It's not the most innovative mobile game, but it adds a ton of cute presentation flourishes that are consistent with their new angry birds style. Plus, you can bring the fun offline and there are new levels every week. It has a playscore of 8.33.

5. FRAG Pro Shooter

Hero Shooters are in and Oh BiBi’s is one to look out for. Frag Pro Shooter stands out with the appeal of its quirky characters on top of their engaging 1v1s.

A team shooter on the mobile, the game's controls are made to be simple and straightforward. Their automatic shooting takes out most of the complexity of the five v fives. But, it leaves in the delight of strategizing, as well as the intriguing complexity of their card-based gameplay.

Survive better in the drawn-out gunfights using the unlocks and upgrades you get from the luck of the draw. Combining two elements into one. It has a playscore of 8.48.

4. Evolution: The Video Game

Now here's a game that would make Charles Darwin proud. If you're already familiar with Evolution: The Boardgame, then this game needs no introduction. Based on the same acclaimed boardgame, this videogame version for the Android shares most of the original mechanics. It's composed of three phases, beginning with adding food, followed by adding traits to your species, and then the feeding.

Play against an AI or an online opponent, unleash a new species into the world and help it adapt to the constraints of each round. Evolution has plenty of trait cards to choose from, whether you want to turn creatures into hardened herbivores, or carnivores capable of eliminating enemy lines as well as your own.

There's a lot of interesting interactions, and even though they're not played out, you can always rely on your good old imagination and their helpful but subtle animations. It has a playscore of 8.54.

3. Grimvalor

If it's portable hack and slash that you're looking for, then look further than Direlight's Grimvalor. The game was first released on the iOS in 2018, where it received a high playscore 9.06. Grimvalor on the Android is a little bit different though.

Instead of a full game, it's a free to play demo that lets you enjoy one chapter of the renowned game and allows you to find out if their punishing mobile action is for you. But once you do, you'll discover not just a visually stunning action-platformer but also one that packs a lot of challenges within its limited format.

Enter the dark halls of Vallaris and navigate through the darkness to discover the fate of the lost King. A compelling told through its sinister dungeons and cool monsters. Grimvalor might just your budget Dark Souls. That's nothing short of a compliment for this game with a score of 8.57.

2. Archero

Archero is your next go-to roguelike experience. A game that's been dubbed as Binding of Isaac meets Archery, Archero might look easy enough with its automated shooting and friendly visuals.

But, the stakes rise slowly but surely as you go through their many levels. Face monsters of different sizes and survive the onslaught with your kiting skills and the many abilities you pickup. Die, and you can use your collected to level up and accelerate your progress in the next. Other than being a great title, on the whole, Archero also works as a great offline game. Keep on fighting outside your wifi connection and it'll bring your character up to speed once you get back.

Its energy bars take a while to refill and you may need to reconnect to the internet more than the usual offline game. However, with its overall excellent archery experience, these downsides don't weigh it down all too much and it gets a score of 8.54

1. Oddmar

Earn your hall pass to Valhalla in this side-scrolling platformer from Mobge games. While Oddmar doesn't do welcomes all too well, with its main map looking like any other mobile game.

However, all of this changes when you get into its world, where you get ushered into the universe by its visually stunning stages that may equal some of today's console platformers.

Oddmar's gameplay is a bit like Super Mario, except this time you're a Viking on an epic adventure to redeem yourself. It even manages to keep the mushrooms, not just for what might be one of the most unique jumping animations out there, but also as enemies and platforms too. Weird, but it somehow works for Oddmar's grounded yet magical aesthetics.

We've always had our fair share of good platformers. Oddmar, on the other hand, set a new bar for quality on the mobile with a playscore of 8.87.