Top 15 FREE iOS and Android Games of September 2019

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15. Granny: Chapter Two

Watch out, Granny's got her ears on you...and this time she's got company. This title comes after the first Granny game, and it marks the introduction of a hard of hearing but hard-hitting Grampa.

The object of the game remains the same: you have five days to escape the house, and each day is rife with danger. Hide in wardrobes, or under the beds, but your safety is never certain until you get out.

With an upgrade on visuals and a whole new environment to explore, it's all anyone could for hope in a sequel. Here's hoping they don't find you. It has a provisional playscore of 8.79.

14. Popcorn Burst for Android and iOS

Popcorn Burst, like many mobile games, is pretty straightforward. It's a casual game where the only goal is to pop as much popcorn into a shape to fill it up to the given line. But, you can't just pop it willy nilly. You'll have to finesse it well enough to get to the goal without wasting a single kernel.

It's a very simple game, sure. However, Popcorn Burst manages to sell the formula well enough thanks to its pleasing cartoon aesthetics and charming animations. There are few microtransactions and ads to look out for though, but overall it's one sleek, and smooth casual game for a few hours entertainment.

It has provisional playscores of 8.8 on the iOS and 8.2 on the Android.

13. i Peel Good

There are casual games with simplistic mechanics like Popcorn Burst...and there's this. We said the last game was straightforward, but i Peel Good basically takes the cake.

In it, you're faced with a rotating fruit and your job is to peel it and peel it well. Come face to face with a variety fruits--or not fruits--and just have a go at taking as much its outer layer as possible. If you're an achiever, the longest peel stat will probably keep you going through each level. Plus, there's the added treat seeing some fruit trivia at the end.

If you're into fruits and don’t mind looking at a few ads for them, you could check this game out on the iOS with a playscore of 8.8.

12. Harbingers - Last Survival

It's time to get serious and Wanda Cinema Games' RPG survival is here to be our guide. Aesthetics-wise, Harbingers has got it down to a tee. Wrapped in familiar JRPG aesthetics, any fan of anime might just appreciate the detail and effort put into that. Command a team of adventurers fight off the hordes with strategic positioning, as well as their unique abilities.

On top of the PvE, there's also a chance for you to show off your skills in PvP arenas. As good as that sounds, it seems like the game is facing some technical and balance problems at the moment. Still, it's one of the highest-ranking this month with a score of 9.0.

11. Detention

Detention has already been a sensation on the PC and consoles, but last September, they started spreading the horrors on the mobile too. This port to the Android is a free to play, giving you a sneak peek of the spine-tingling sensations of the Taiwanese production.

Detention tells the tale of two students trapped in the halls of their high school after the events of Taiwan's long martial law period. With an anchor on actual events and an atmosphere that's well-crafted, it just makes Detention's scenes feel all the more real.

With the free demo, you'll get a taste of what's to come. With a score of 9, it just might be worth the investment.

10. Death Park: Horror Clown Scary Escape Game

The horror continues. This ain't IT, but there's a clown here too, and it's definitely out for blood. Out in the grimy, yellow halls of the so-called Death Park, a madman is on the loose and you need to find a way out.

Unlike your run of the mill monster game, getting out of Death Park will require you to use some smarts. Collect items along the way and solve the puzzles you face amid its hospital halls, basements, and dizzying mazes. But, don't forget to keep track of the creepy clown's moves or you just might find him the next corner.

It has a playscore of 9.29.

9. Freshman Fantasies: Romance Otome Game

This is the first of two Otome games this month and freshman fantasies take us back to our own first days of high school. Y'know, when we were doted on by four fabulous cuties and all we had to was pick.

It’s a male-only population though. If you swing that way, you get to pick from your childhood friend, Joey; the football player, Ben; Alex the rich guy; and the band leader, Nate.

What might dampen an otherwise awesome game though are their Premium choices which puts paywalls on important decisions and exclusive scenes. A little spice your life for a price, it has a provisional playscore of 9.38.

8. The Spellbinding Kiss: Romance Otome Game

Our next game beat out the last time by a small margin. And, yes, it's still all boys we're fighting over here too.

Unlike the slice of like style of Freshman Fantasies, The Spellbinding Kiss is the more magical tale of romance. You play the role of a woman who goes from being a recent owner of a pharmacy to an enrollee in the local magic school where three fantastically handsome men await.

Go through each of their exciting chapters and get to know Kafka, Jules, and Cien better. It's essentially the same, with all its impressive graphics and storylines, and of course the romance shortcuts of their premium choices. It has a provisional playscore of 9.58.

7. Hoppia Tale for iOS and Android

Hop on this colorful animal adventure and relive the memories of videogame past. Hoppia tale combines features of classics like Zelda, Goof Troop, and Bomberman. Play as their friendly animal companions, fight against a slew of enemies and solve the puzzles to bring back the balance to the world of Hoppia.

These all add up to an exciting journey full of bosses to fight and characters to play as and customize. Using the coins you win against monsters, you can buy clothes, accessories, and the opportunity to revive when the going gets tough.

It has provisional playscores of 9.62 on the iOS and 9.38 on the Android.

6. Gravity Rider Zero

There's no time for traipsing about here. A sequel to the Gravity Rider, Gravity Rider ZERO is all about speed and managing it well enough to get through whatever obstacle. It ups the ante of your regular hill climb racer with enhanced graphics, trickier physics, and fancier presentations.

Get points for each successful jump and rack up bonuses with impressive tricks and wheelies. It's not all that different from their first game but now there are new tracks to conquer and a host of new vehicles to ride and personalize. It has a score of 9.65.

5. Attack on Titan TACTICS

The Titan chronicles continue on the mobile with this strategy game based on the popular anime. A tower defense game at its core, Attack on Titan Tactics challenges you to defend your towns from the waves of titans that are threatening to destroy it. On their maps, they're not quite the colossal beasts we know them to be.

But, on the other hand, it calls on the help of all the anime's familiar faces, turning them into cards, each equipped with unique abilities to help you in the battles ahead. A must-have for fans of the Attack on Titan series, it gets a provisional playscore of 9.74.

4. Merge Magic! for iOS and Android

This isn't your ordinary match-three puzzle game. If you're a fan of Zynga's own Merge Dragons game, then you'll know exactly what to expect.

Merge Magic is practically the same game with a whole new art style. Faced with a grid filled a variety of plants and creatures, all you have to do is merge similar objects and watch them evolve into something new. With each successful merging, you'll be able to lift the curse and bring life back into the decaying world. With each new discovery in their fields, you'll get to expand the variety of your very own garden. It has provisional playscores of 9.75 on the iOS, and 8.8 on the Android.

3. Sugar Blast! for iOS and Android

And if it's match-three puzzle making you want, Sugar Blast gives you just that. From the makers of Angry Birds, Rovio takes the same exact formula they used in Angry Birds Dream Blast.

This time, it's less fowl and furious, and more delectable and delightful. Tap on their color-coded candies, create something entirely new and use these to explode away from the challenges of their many levels. Sure, it's not entirely new or original, but Rovio knows exactly how to keep you coming back for more. It has provisional playscores of 9.79 on the iOS and 9.19 on the Android.

2. Ulala: Idle Adventure for iOS and Android

In a world where business is epidemic, there's nothing like games that play themselves. That's exactly what Ulala offers. Except, while most idle games are simple, solitaires for casual fun, Ulala is a full-on MMORPG.

Set in the varying climes of the Stone Age, Ulala Idle Adventure lets you share the primitive dangers and delights along with your friends. Because when you're in the Stone Age, helping each other and the community is key. But, you'll also get to choose your own character, level it up, and arm them with weapons and upgrades to survive longer. An idle game that stands out from the rest, it has provisional playscores of 9.79 on the iOS and 9.0 on the Android.

1. FOX Sports Super 6 on iOS and Android

There's no doubt football fans have brought this game to the top of the list. Take on Terry's challenge and use your football stats smarts to predict the outcome of the NFL and college football games. While that's fun enough for most fans, just to add to the excitement, they're putting money into the equation. With your predictions, you can win cold hard cash with up to $250,000 up for grabs every week.

So, what are you waiting for? It gets provisional playscores of 9.8 on the iOS and 9.4 on the Android.