Top 15 FREE Android and iOS Games of June 2019

It’s another month off the year, and that means we’ve got a whole new bunch of free games for the mobile. Here are June’s Top 15 Free Games for Android and iOS, arranged by playscore. Keep track of all latest mobile releases by checking our newly-released Android page and new iOS games list.

15. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite on iOS and Android

It's been a while since the end of the Harry Potter Saga but other than JK Rowling's very insistent retcons, there are other elements at play in keeping the spirit of the series alive.

Following in the footsteps Pokemon GO, Harry Potter brings us right into the heart of the action. Using the magic of augmented reality, jump into the Wizarding World as one of three professions and fulfill your duties in the various locations mirroring our own. Wield powerful spells against dangerous foes, capture mythical beasts, and keep the world of magic away from the eyes of the world. Strictly no muggles allowed, it has a playscore of 7.87.

14. Talking Tom Hero Dash

Talking Tom is taking newer and bigger adventures. You used to know him as a ratty old smartphone pet but he’s actually been expanding his experiences.

This month, that leads him into the eventful world of crime fighting. In his new game you can run, jump, and fly across the game's five different worlds. It's an endless runner with endless delights, like collecting loot, rescuing friends, and making use of exciting new superpowers.

Already with 4 million peregistrants before the game even released.Talking Tom the hero has finally arrived and he's everything we deserved. It has a playscore of 7.95.

13. Sprint RPG

Our next game might be new, its developers has its own legion of fans. If you’ve heard of Nitrome Studios, then you’ll know they were responsible for games like Leap Day, Drop Wizard Tower, Gunbrick, and so many other awesome games that kind of pretty much follow the same pattern of cute pixel titles that have their own je nais se quois. Well, Sprint RPG is..kind of just that.

It adds another feather to their cap, so to speak, with a dungeon crawler that's basically more of a sprint. Taking on the form of a monochrome, low-res pixel aesthetic--again--Sprint RPG puts a lightning twist on the traditional labyrinth exploration and monster destruction.

Navigate the twists and turns of their dungeons and whack whatever monster comes in your way. Either the level ends or you do. Simple. But with a timer that penalizes your every move, it’s harder than it looks, earning it a score of 7.99.

12. Auto Chess: Origin

So if you've somehow wandered into the internet watercoolers of nerds the world over--between now and six months ago--Auto Chess would be very familiar to you. Recently, they've opted to settle themselves into better digs. Out of the Valve Engines, and into a standalone version of their own creation.

They have since removed all the Dota items and units from their collection, leaving only the somewhat pure essence of their strategy game that took the world by storm. Autochess: Origin is unique in the sense that it combines card game mechanics and real-time action into one. Synergize your units, put them into optimum formation, and watch the combat unfold until the next round begins.

Even on this android version, the possibilities are still endless and it earns a Provisional playscore 8.02.

11. Nonstop Knight 2

Flaregames brings together another set of terrifying bosses in this second installment of their roleplaying game.

In this sequel, there's not only more exciting battles and bosses to defeat, there's also new upgrades, skills, and weapons to collect and equip. While it’s a direct sequel to the first Nonstop Knight, the gameplay does veer away from some of its original mechanics.

The world of dungeons is still there, but Nonstop Knight isn't exactly non-stop anymore. The fights are harder, and with that comes a load of new loot, and a guild system that lets AI-controlled knights join you in your quest.

It's certainly different, and some people were a little disappointed. It may have earned itself a whole new audience though with a more than decent score of 8.06.

10. Wild Bullets

You might think demons in the wild, wild west an uncommon sight, BUN GUN has a few groundbreaking ideas of their own. For one, with Wild Bullets they take on the full arcade effect with the retro pixel aesthetic....So it's not really groundbreaking, but it sure is fun.

Wild Bullets has two different game mode. First, there's Story Mode, where you take on the shoes of the noble sheriff who journeys to defeat the four demonic bosses--and their minions--and save the town once and for all. If you're pressed for time, you can also let the town take care of itself while you shoot it out in arcade mode for that elusive high score.

Wild Bullets is wilder than your ordinary spaghetti high noons and it has a Provisional playscore of 8.08.

9. Grimvalor

If folks on the iOS are to be believed, THIS is one of the finest hack and slash games on the mobile. Last June it arrived on the Android. Unlike the iOS, Grimvalor on the Android is a free to play demo. Which means you only get only one chapter to try your hands at their renowned hack and slash action.

What makes Grimvalor so loved isn't just that it's visually stunning with its dark dungeons and cool looking monsters. It's also that it's punishing yet highly satisfying.

If it earned a few Dark Souls comparisons, it earned it pretty well. Button mashing has no power here and you'll be forced to keep reading enemy patterns and move accordingly. It has a playscore of 8.57.

8. HELI 100

Get into the choppa because that’s all you’re gonna be doing in this fast-paced shoot’ em up game.

Blast your way through an army of flying alien armies and unleash total destruction using your powerful weapons. There’s really not much to talk about aside from making it through levels and swiping left and right to avoid dying. At least we get to collect cool helicopters. It receives a playscore of 8.76. It’s easy to pick up.

7. Game Of Trenches: WW1 Strategy

There’s no shortage of strategy games on the mobile.This World War 1 game puts you in the position of a commander as you lead your army to victory.

It’s the usual Clash of Clans-like gameplay where you train your troops, upgrade your base, or wage war against other players if you feel like it.

The choices are all up to you, like finding that perfect military gear from German, Russian, Ottoman, French, or American. It has a provisional playscore of 8.77.

6. Dota Underlords

Oh boy. Valve’s very own take on the auto-chess genre isn’t a whole lot different from Drodo’s original Autochess game.

The rules remain the same, select and power up your army of Dota heroes and survive a skirmish between other players. Learn to synergize hero types to ultimately change the tide of battle.

Although, we have to admit, the game has an insane learning curve. If you’re already familiar with the items and heroes of the Dota, this might be your way to go. Taking Artifact as its bloody sacrifice, it receives a playscore of 8.79.

5. Knight Brawl

Release all of life’s frustrations in this whacky brawler from Brad Erkkila. Grab your sword and enter a world of ridiculous gladiator battles.

There’s no better way to describe it. It’s a chaotic and cartoony version of every medieval combat ever made. Knight Brawl is simple, somewhat stupid, but it gets the job done with its fun multiplayer parties. It receives a playscore of 8.89.

4. Climbing Flail

As for Korigames’ mobile game, it’s all about the climb. Their physics-powered puzzler pushes the lengths of the mobile genre. All you have to do is defy the laws of science and not lose your grip on the whole situation.

I mean, all that's easy, compared to, say, having to avoid spinning saws, venomous snakes, and other dangerous things that probably shouldn't have been there in the first place?

Don’t worry, once you reach the top, you can take a photo to celebrate your outstounding victory. It has a Provisional playscore of 8.96.

3. Starscapes

Who needs Candy Crush when you have an oversaturated market full of match-three puzzle games? Well, we still get to see stuff blowing up in colorful fashion. Instead of collecting candy, you get to collect adorable creatures called the Starmates and defeat the notorious Keplers.

Evolve your collected Starmates and watch them grow into your own little space Tamagotchi. It’s like Pokemon meets Candy Crush, so there’s something interesting to improve in every level. It has a Provisional playscore of 9.69.

2. Fury Survivor: Pixel Z

There’s always that zombie game in every mobile list, and Fury Survivor: Pixel Z is this month’s free pickings. It’s kill or be killed. A dangerous virus has spread all over the world and you have no choice but to become a ruthless killer.

Although its pixel visuals are refreshing to watch, its endless slaughter of the undead is more satisfying. Build your camp, scavenge for food and of course, equip your hero with the most badass weapons in the planet and survive this living nightmare. A provisional playscore of 9.79.

1. Shop Titans: Design & Trade

2019 is the year when we can finally build our own virtual shop at the palm of our hands. Shop Titans makes use of the medieval economy by helping out lowly adventurers and selling them powerful merch for them to defend the strange land against evil monstrosities.

As the town’s renowned craftsman, all you have to do is create powerful weapons and help the heroes gear up. Think of it as a congregation of all the various NPC’s in every video game ever. Invest in the medieval fantasy stock market by trading epic and powerful weapons. Instead of gitting gud, it’s about getting rich.

While it earned some high praise from gamers, it’s one and only critic, Gamezebo, wasn’t quite as impressed, calling it out for what seems like a pay to win system. It has a provisional playscore of 9.79.