Top 15 FREE Android & iOS Games of July 2020

A little over 400 FREE games were released on the Android and iOS last July. With another month down, we've got our updated list of Free Mobile games for Android and iOS.

15. Haunted Heartbeats: Horror Otome Romance Novel

Otome Romance Games are a godsend, and even more so in these unprecedented times. But with Haunted Heartbeats, romance comes in twisted, supernatural forms. As a member of the occult club, your discovery of a secret has since led to an outbreak of murder. It's up to you and your club to find out who the next victim will be and put a stop to the killings. All that while finding the love of your life, because what better way to do so than that? Your choices, and your choice of ad opportunities, will fuel your investigation and your search for love. It gets a gamerscore of 9.38

14. Age of Apes

TAP4FUN creates another environment for building, innovation, and battles--this time set in a distant Age of Apes. You might expect it to be just another Clash of Clans clone, but it seems to have a wider scope of strategy concepts in its world of perpetual horde battles. Compete for resources against other hordes, build up your own city, and win the race towards the banana in the sky. Aside from its unique gameplay functions, it also boasts a lot of functionality in terms of team strategies and attacks. It has a gamerscore of 9.40

13. Shadow Knight

Hack and Slash games are great for when you just hit things. Now, with this game from Fansipan Limited, you can get that kind of action on the comforts of your mobile phone. Telling the story of a Shadow Knight who dives into hell to bring back the light into a world sunk into despair, use your skills and magical abilities to plow through the waves of monsters and demons that come your way. What makes it even more compelling, is that its dark, silhouetted visual style makes for animations that are smooth, fast, and exciting. It receives a gamerscore of 9.40

12. Riding Cubes

Sometimes all you need is a light, casual time killer, and Riding Cubes definitely fits that. Take to their neon environments and slide across their simple tracks populated with bricks and diamonds. The game is essentially a balancing act between survival and scores. Bump into similarly colored blocks to take them into your stead, and use them as fodder against the brick obstacles that lay in your path to a new high score. It's simple, straightforward, but also sneakily addictive. A perfect company in small waits, it gets a gamerscore of 9.41

11. Battle Legion Mass Battler

A casual game for hardcore battle fans! There might've been some mass battlers out there before, but they don't seem to look as good as this one. Using visuals that are familiar to long-time mobile gamers, Battle Legion makes planning out war tactics seems simple. You'll have all the freedom of picking out your units, whether its close combat warriors, archers, fortifications, and so much more. Decide which layout will bode well against a limitless pool of opponents and their own variety gameplay styles. Strategy for both casuals and veterans, it gets a gamerscore of 9.42

10. Phantom Rose Scarlet

It's always impressive to find games carved out of nothingness by solo developers. We had one of those gems last month in this roguelike adventure by makaroll. On the surface, it may seem like your run of the mill mobile game. But, it hides a lot of uniqueness and complexity within its card-based gameplay. Build your deck with their over 100 different cards, experiment with different playstyles to discover what works for you, and dive into dungeons packed with challenging monsters. Another great strategy game, it gets a gamerscore of 9.45

9. Soda Dungeon 2

The sequel to one of the best RPGs on the iOS has finally arrived on the Android. After a furious battle with a dark lord in one dimension, it's time to climb back up the ladders of roleplaying riches in another. Just like the first game, you won't have to do it all alone. Just upgrade your local tavern with chairs and the best sodas money can buy, and loot the dark lord's dungeons once again. Still presented with detailed pixel visuals and the same tongue in cheek humor, the sequel definitely lives up to the original and it receives a gamerscore of 9.45

8. Aggretsuko

An anime about a cute red panda that sings death metal at night may not be the best poster girl for the contemplative match-three puzzle game. But developers HIVE somehow make it work, injecting the mad fury of Retsuko in-between her quiet office life antics. Gather round the animals in their calm puzzle games, ask for help, and boosts from her friendly co-workers and conquer the day without breaking out in anger. For fans of the show, you'll even be able to watch the episodes from the inside game itself. It has a gamerscore of 9.46 on the iOS and 9.39 on the android

7. Kite Flying Festival Challenge

Kite Flying is a sport that many enjoy around the world, and now you can enjoy it even without the wind, cuts, and glue. As far the app goes, it's a pretty barebones game. Get into the action by aligning yourself with one of the kites and alternating between pulling and letting go to cut the rival kites. With enough wins, you'll be able to buy and collect a variety of different kite designs. For people who haven't played the sport, it might be hard to get into. And, we'd be willing to bet it's not quite as exciting as the real thing. Still, it gets a gamerscore of 9.51

6. Awakening of the Eclipse: Otome Romance Game

As we said before, Otome Romance Games are a godsend, especially in unprecedented times like today. With Awakening of the Eclipse, we get a taste of new romance as a junior college student that's swept away into bloody nightmares and into the arms of the man of her dreams. You'll have three guys vying for your attention: a hot-headed fighter, a bookworm, and a vampire lord. Your choices, and maybe a few minutes worth of ads, will eventually decide which heart you will win forever. All the drama and romance without the heartbreak, it receives a gamerscore of 9.57

5. MARVEL Duel

The card game genre has set itself apart with the simplicity of its gameplay and the seriousness of its strategy, Marvel Duel shows us what gaming today is capable of. Featuring their iconic roster of heroes and supervillains, watch the card battles come alive as you aim to outwit each of your opponents in a bid to restore the Marvel Universe. Heavy as it is, it might be exciting for fans to watch their favorite characters interact and battle in full 3D cinematics. If you can sit through a few of their post-launch bugs, this may be worth your time with a gamerscore of 9.59

4. Solitaire Klondike Fish

While solitaire is already a pretty solid choice for a FREE mobile game, this entry takes recreation to another level. Not only do you get the basic solitaire experience in a simple, clear-cut manner, you also get to do it in the comforts of the undersea environment, along with cute fishes and a cool blue backdrop. This might sound like a mafia job gone wrong, but it is actually a pretty neat experience that even guides you through each game with some helpful hints. While there are still the usual ads, they never get int the way of the full solitaire experience. It receives a gamerscore of 9.68

3. Tales of Crestoria

The Tales series has been giving us some of the best that JRPGs can offer from console to console, and now they're conquering the mobile too. In Tales of Crestoria, we have a brand new adventure that expands our appreciation for the long-running series. Crestoria is a relatively generous game that lets you choose your starter characters, reward you with gems, and get to know characters from the Tales world. Still, a bit bogged down by gacha elements and premium currencies, it gets a playscore of 7.40

2. Good Sudoku by Zach Gage

Sudoku is not an easy game to learn. But, thankfully, through the valiant efforts of Zack Gage and Jack Schlesinger, even the humblest beginners will find a way to enjoy this classic puzzle game. Good Sudoku has a few features that will hold your hand through your first steps. With focus mode, find the best house, rows, and columns for each selected number and sift through each of the nine digits until you've found a home for each one. The full package will open you up to an ad-less experience, as well as a number of modes and customizations. It has a playscore of 8.10

1. Creaks

The first thing you'll probably notice about this game is just how gorgeous it looks. Another game from Amanita Design--the makers of Botanicula and Samorost--Creaks takes you on an adventure around a gloomy yet magical world of labyrinthine hallways, levers, and creepy bird-like monsters. It's definitely a premium looking experience, and if you're wondering what the catch is: it's only free to apple arcade subscribers. If you have time to try out Apple's new service for free, you'll get to experience our number one title with a playscore of 8.44