15 Best Free Android and iOS Games of July 2019

15. Brave Conquest

Brave Conquest is the newest from IGG.COM, the developers of similarly free to play strategy MMORPG Lords Mobile with over 100 million downloads. Brave Conquest shares some mechanics with IGG's successful title, the main difference is that this game is leaned towards the singleplayer experience.

Become both lord and commander as you manage and optimize your Kingdom's resources and lead the charge against various enemies. There's still a lot of heroes to choose from, each with powers you can use in battle alongside your troops. It's all the casual strategy fun with less of the pay to win systems IGG was known for, giving it a provisional playscore of 8.79.

14. Train Station 2: Tycoon Sim

For all of us who wanted but couldn't afford their own railway models, Train Simulations are always a wonder to play. That's still true for Train Station 2.

It's beautiful with its 3D models, and it feels rewarding to collect their array of popular trains from across history. Train Simulation is also surprisingly deep for a mobile game, letting you control construction of station, acquisition of new locomotives, and the logistics of it all. It has a rating of 8.79 on the iOS.

13. LEGO® Tower on Android and iOS

While this type of tower-building construction game isn't a whole new idea, LEGO making its own official dive into the genre--with its millions of adoring builders--is still good news. It's the same formula of build new floors, inviting in residents, giving them jobs, and making lots of money.

With the added flourish of getting to customize the minifigures and rooftops with cool lego pieces, LEGO Tower is a must have for fans with scores of 8.07 on the Android and 8.8 on the iOS.

12. Walk Master

Walking is an ability most of us take for granted. Walk Master lets you take a whole new set of first steps.

Control an animal on stilts and help it through the various obstacles in his way. Putting one foot after another is easy enough, but things get complicated with jumping, moving platforms, angry monkeys, and charging boars.

And even as a free to play game, Walk Master's ads aren't intrusive at all which is always a plus. Already on the Android, it gets a Provisional playscore of 8.80 on the iOS this month.

11. Origame

There really isn't much innovating in the world of digital paperfolding. Origame pretty much follows the same formula as other games like paperama — and we're not even talk about the very similar thumbnail.

Ketchapp's Origame was also released on the Android and it didn't really find any success then with players complaining about its annoyingly frequent ads and repetitive levels. Looks like the iOS folks is a little more generous. It gets a Provisional playscore of 8.88 on the iOS and 5.88 on the Android.

10. Shootout 3D for Android and iOS

This might have skimped on realism, it's still a pretty fun action puzzle game. Shootout 3D deals with ricochets and trajectories and your primary objective is to be the last man standing.

Swipe left and right on your phones and decide which is the better path for your bullet. The challenge comes when dealing with similarly armed enemies whose sights you will have to manage too. Bound off walls, detonate barrels, and above all, protect the civilians. Since the sights never really go away, it's pretty much straightforward fun from the get go. It receives provisional playscores of 8.88 on both the Android and the iOS.

9. Mr Bullet - Spy Puzzles

Ok, Shootout 3D might be fun for a few minutes but Mr. Bullet actually nails the puzzle parts too. It doesn't just have graphics that are leagues ahead of the last game, it also has the added treat for Quentin Tarantino fans, with all their angry men in suits squirting out cartoon drops from unrealisitic orifices.

Mr. Bullet doesn't have tutorials nor permanently visible trajectories either. You'll have to figure out how solve the stage with wit or sheer trial and error. There are those usual criticism against ads, but overall, it's an awesome free game with a playscore of 8.8.

8. Cube: Blast Saga

There’s no stopping match-by-color puzzle games on the Mobile industry. It seems like every day there’s a new game with the same concept, but with a different name. With a plethora of fun levels and some mechanical twists to them, it’s not that bad for a free game. It receives a score of 8.91

7. Sky: Children Of The Light

Thatgamecompany, the team behind critically acclaimed titles like Flower, Flow and Journey, comes another adventure that focuses on exploration and atmosphere. Team up with friends, or go alone as you make your way through this strange new world filled with wonders.

It’s a gorgeous game filled with beautiful colors, powerful soundtrack and an enchanting ever-expanding world to discover.

You can get the game’s Season’s Pass to support the creators, or simply enjoy its FREE experience. Either way, you’re enjoying. It’s still coming soon on the Android, but on the iOS, it receives a playscore of 9.01.

6. Resurrection Of Heroes

If you want a much cheaper way to enjoy the Diablo experience for the mobile, this online RPG slash strategy is something for you. Challenge yourself as you step inside a world filled with monsters and mayhem. Choose from 3 classes and apply the right amount of upgrades and abilities that’s best for the situation.

Find hidden treasures, slay some bosses, hop into some dungeons, or team up with friends for added fun. There’s a lot to do in this world, and for a FREE game, it’s enough. The game receives a score of 9.24.

5. Pingo Park on iOS and Android

Imagine building your own aquatic haven for Penguins. HyperBeard takes your penguin obsession into new heights in this adorable mobile game. There are numerous ways to enjoy your time by simply clicking on some penguins. This includes merging penguins together, finding rare treasures, and even park customization.

Albeit senseless at times, the game’s main point is just for you to enjoy your collectible Pingo’s and watch them enjoy their digital life. Besides, it’s free. It has a score of 9.45 on the iOS and 8.28 on the Android.

4. Sausage Wars.io

You know what they say, it’s a hot-dog eat hot-dog world out there. The rules are easy: Use your fingers to push and slam these helpless sausages onto various obstacles and traps. Watch them burn to death, drown, or chopped!

With the Battle Royale craze still going strong, this casual sausage party is enough to bring out the competitiveness in you. Be the last hot-dog stand and let everyone know that you’re the weiner-- I mean winner. The game receives a Provisional score of 9.55.

3. Marshmello Music Dance on iOS and Android

If BTS can have a mobile game of their own, then Marshmello can too.

One of today’s iconic dance and electronic artist gets to share some of his works in this mello-centric music game. Clearly made for Marshmello (and Fortnite) fans, listen to his new Joytime III album as you smack some tiles.

It’s just like any other rhythm game, but at least you have Marshmello’s content everywhere. This includes all his famous songs and some sweet unlockables for that superfan. It receives a score of 9.76 on the iOS and 9.19 on the Android.

2. Mobile Legends: Adventures

Who would’ve thought that one of the most popular MOBA games on the mobile gets an Idle Game? Moontoon, the guys behind the successful Mobile Legends decided that maybe they could de-stress some of their toxic players into this simple and relaxing idle RPG.

All you have to do is deploy your squad of Mobile Legends heroes, leave your phone, and they will do the fighting for you. Collecting various rewards from its different modes including Endless, Campaign, Labyrinth and Tower of Babel. You can even challenge other players from around the globe, if you’re up for it. It receives a score of 9.77.

1. Zero City: Zombie Survival

The moment you’ve been waiting for, another mobile game all about zombies and survival. As if there’s any surprise.

Take command and save the humans in these dark times. Build houses, upgrade them and create a bastion of hope for all mankind.

For all it’s worth, it’s just a zombie clone of Fallout: Shelter. Although it does get the number one spot on this list, knowing the nature of mobile games and microtransactions, it sends a red flag to free to play users who just want to have some fun. The game receives a playscore of 9.78.