Top 15 FREE Android & iOS Games of January 2020

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The playscore is an average of gamer and critic ratings. If a game only receives ratings from gamers BUT NOT from critics, it receives a gamerscore.

15. Idle Army Base on Android and iOS

Idleness is the enemy of the soul, but not when it's Uncle Sam who's asking.

In Neon Play's Idle Army Base, you get to manage the goings of your local Army Base and your job is to get as many people into the patriotic spirit as possible. Beginning with a bus load of recruits, you'll see them every step of the way--from their first lineup for signups, to the push ups they need to bulk up.

The only thing is, the game gives players a slow start. There's not enough money to improve things, and the snail's pace is pretty much like watching paint dry. If you wanna speed things up, you'll have to pay up real cash.

Not really much of a good deal, it still made to the list with gamerscore of 8.80 on the iOS and 8.21 on the Android.

14. Sort It 3D

As we discover from shows like Netflix's Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, sorting things into their most organized forms is zen AF. This indie made title by Oz Maharshak exploits that fact. Instead of households and boxes, though, you get balls and beakers. Put them into their color-coded places and roll through their many levels.

The challenge doesn't change much throughout the game, but it always has that rewarding feeling of getting things done.However, it's still a free game, and sometimes it even interrupts you once you're getting into the heat of the sorting.

It receives a gamerscore of 8.80.

13. Stickman Battle

Ragdoll physics meets stick figures once more in this ultimate battle to be the best stickfighter in the comic universe. If you thought this was gonna be like any other stick game you've seen before, you're wrong.

Because other than the sticky stuff we're used to, OneSoft's Stickman Battle also comes with various super skins that will get you into the groove. Get into the high flying combat as you soar and flail about as one of their many cool characters.

It's a free game though so you can't expect too much sophistication. And, as a free game, expect a lot of ads if you want those sweet upgrades.

It receives a gamerscore of 8.80.

12. G.I. Joe: War On Cobraon Android and iOS

There's always been two sides to a story. In this latest mobile game from the GI Joe series, you get to pick which side you're gunning for--whether it's the good guys or the bad.

In terms of visuals and gameplay, War on Cobra definitely knows how to impress. It might not be the most original idea, but its strategy mechanics aren't just executed well, they also deliver it with sleek, modern-looking art style that makes you feel in control of the action.

Where you might not feel in control, though, is in their microtransactions. As a free game, energy and resources will run out quick and you might have to get through long waits if you don't want to cough up cash for their starter bundles.

It's still good enough to get here though with a gamerscore of 8.80 on the Android and iOS.

11. Tap Tap Fish - Abyssrium Pole on Android and iOS

Tapping games have the habit of getting a little to hectic. FLERO GAMES' Abyssrium Pole, on the other hand, is determined to be the complete opposite. In it, you don't just get a tank, you get the whole place to yourself, complete with corals, fish friends, and most especially, a cheery iceberg that asks philosophical questions, wondering things like "where would all my friends go if I disappeared?" out loud.

So, it's dark like that. But it all just balances out, thanks to its soothing atmosphere that draws you into its mesmerizing world. While microtransactions are the lifeblood of tapping games, this one gives you more than enough resources to enjoy to enjoy it as it is.

It receives gamerscores of 8.80 on the both Android and iOS.

10. Dream League Soccer 2020 on Android and iOS

If you're ever itching for a new FREE football experience on the go, Dream League Soccer answers to all your needs with this latest installment from First Touch Games. Get your very own team and use your skills to guide them to the championships!

For true blue soccer fans, it's kinda similar to your run of the mill FIFA experience. But unlike FIFA, Dream League Soccer doesn’t have the most optimized gameplay mechanics for the mobile. Instead of touches and swipes, its keypad system is more like console counterparts that require a lot more precision than the smartphone can offer. It’s also not as pretty in the graphics department.

However, for this month at least, Dream League Soccer 20 is the best in the free football experience with a gamerscore of 8.80 on the iOS and a gamerscore of 7 on the Android.

9. Word Relax!

Sometimes all a day needs is a cup of coffee and a word game that pays you back. Developed by V Long Technology, Word Relax invites you to a world of vocabulary where your knowledge will get you closer to actual money.

It plays pretty like any other word game out there. The only difference is that for a set number of words found, you'll find your pockets just a tiny bit heavier. Of course, to balance out the system, you may have to sit through a bunch of ads to get even close to that million dollar dream.

But, if that's your thing, Word Relax comes highly recommended. Not available worldwide, it gets a gamerscore of 8.80.

8. Arknights on Android and iOS

Here to represent the Japanese RPG this month is a game from Yostar Limited. At first glance, Arknights will win you over with the beauty of their Japanese art style, expressed in the detail of their avatars, as well as their chibi forms in battle.

And speaking of battle, they got loads to offer on that end too. Combining collective card game and tower defense into one, the game rewards you for the expert use of the characters they have on offer. Defend your base against the onslaught of enemies, and live to play another day.

A mobile with clearly so much to offer, this is not gonna be the last we see of this game with gamerscores of 8.80 on the Android, and 8.79 on the iOS.

7. Epic Race 3D

The smartphone games market isn’t always perfect. Sometimes, we have remarkable additions that you can’t believe is on the mobile. But sometimes we have the bare minimum. Good Job Games' Epic Race 3D is an example of the latter.

Clearly inspired by the likes of American Ninja Warrior, Epic Race 3D seems to have gone away with all the things that would’ve made it fun-er. For one, actual models instead of vague color blobs. And more gameplay than speeds and stops.

It’s a multiplayer game that does pit you with other people around the globe, but it’s not really much of a competition. Perhaps as you get deeper into their gamut of EPIC races, it could get pretty heated. But it’ll take you a while, and a ton of ads, to get there.

It receives a gamerscore of 8.80.

6. Mineblast!! on Android and iOS

For a free game, this next title actually has some potential. Developed by Neutronized Mineblaster takes you into the underground world of gold and gemstones. Using your directional keys, dig deeper into the mines and collect as much treasures as you can using the dynamite sticks at your disposal.

Even if it seems simple at first, the game will eventually challenge you to manage your resources, and plan out the places and patterns of your kabooms. And, on top that, their retro graphics are cute too.

If you hold out through the ads and the premium offer, Mineblaster is pretty good with gamerscores of 8.93 on the Android and 8.14 on the iOS.

5. Flick Goal! on Android and iOS

Football with a dash of new flavor. Gameguru's Flick Goal appeals to anyone who's ever dreamed of being the next Wayne Rooney. All you have to do is swipe in the direction of the best goal spot, and make it through each and every obstacle.

You don't need exercise to be good at this game. Just draw the right lines, and rake in the rewards of collecting coins along the way. It's another one of those simple games where the only investment is the time you spend watching ads.

Not yet available in all countries, you may have to check the store yourself if you want a piece of the goal-kicking action.

It received a gamerscore of 9.17 on the Android and 8.80 on iOS

4. Retro Bowl on Android and iOS

What with the Superbowl hype still going, our next game will get you ready for the thrill of the real-life fight by giving you your very own team to manage. Instead of just one aspect of American Football, you get to make the choices for everything from stadiums, staff, and, of course, your all time roster.

But, that doesn’t mean you don’t get to kick it either. In it, you’ll also have a few snippets of the action in their signature retro form. Play the quarterback with the arms of steel, dodge the onslaught of tacklers, and lineup your shots for those clutch field goals.

Retro Bowl went for the minimal look, but it definitely has a lot to offer the casual American Football fan with a gamerscores of 9.36 on the Android and 8.80 on the iOS.

3. Super Stick Fight Man

Stick fighters have been around since time immemorial but this month’s third best FREE title raises the stakes to SUPER levels to stick it to the stick fight man.

Developed by White Shark Studio, Super Stick Fight Man is all about arcade enjoyment. Tap right and left to bring down the hordes of enemies and clear the waves to receive power ups for the next big fight. It has a roguelike element to it too, as you battle to make it past all 30 stages or risk going to square one--arguably stronger and smarter than before.

If you’re in for a fun, action-packed game that’ll give your hands a break from idleness, this one is a keeper with a gamerscore of 9.71.

2. Words Luck: Search, Spin & Win

It's one thing to get a game absolutely free, it's another to have a game throw money at you. Words Luck is not your ordinary word game. For the same brainpower needed to get through all the other word games on the market, our number two FREE title this month gives it all back one way or another.

It's a game that's been described by reviewers as "addictive," and thats probably because, at its core, it's pretty much a gambling game. That means, be very careful where you put your money. If you're aware of the risks, you can probably give it a try. Unfortunately, it's not available in every part of the globe.

It gets a gamerscore of 9.77.

1. Grand Mountain Adventure on Android and iOS

The only game that got a full-fledged playscore this month. This month’s best free game didn’t just receive high marks from gamers, but from the critics too.

Getting that luxury ski holiday might only be a dream for most of us, our first game this month will give us that experience for absolutely free. Sure, you won't have the chilly weather and the cute outfits, but at least it also spares your knees.

Take on the rolling hills of the alps and discover challenges that's hidden underneath all that white sleet. There will be some in-app purchases within the game, but it's mostly to offer all of the goodies that come with unlocking the full experience.

Developed by Toppluva AB, it gets playscores of 8.56 on the iOS and 8.44 on the Android.