25 upcoming PlayStation Vita games are set to release this 2018. Let’s check them out right now!

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker’s Memory.

The sequel to 2015’s Cyber Sleuth. This upcoming-role playing game will share the elements of its predecessors while adding new Digimon and a whole new story to tell. Set during the events of the original game, dive into the cyberspace and find the real culprit behind the hacking. It’s coming this January 19, 2018.

Secret Of Mana.

The balance between good and evil lies in the hands of a powerful warrior, for he must search the powerful seeds of Mana. This 1993 classic is revitalized for the PlayStation Vita. This is not just a simple refurbishing, it’s a complete remake in 3D. Experience the beautiful story of Square Enix’s early masterpieces coming this February 15, 2018.

Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssey.

Get drawn into a fantasy world divided into multiple regions. Encounter magical beasts, meet dangerous enemies, but most importantly, meet memorable characters. Collect 13 Zodiac jobs and unleash your newfound powers in its turn-based JRPG combat. It shares similarities with Square’s Final Fantasy XII. It’s set to release this January 2018.

Steins;Gate Elite.

The newest entry form 5pb’s critically acclaimed visual novel series. For the first time ever, this is a fully animated adventure as they use most of its footage from the anime adaptation. Every second of its 24 minute anime is captured exactly for the game. It also features new new routes that are not present in the show. Sony fans will be delighted to play this game on their portable consoles this March 15, 2018.

Shakedown Hawaii.

From the creators of Retro City Rampage, comes another fast paced shoot-em up set 30 years after the previous title. Like the classic GTA, but better, it features an open world you can fill with the glory of explosions. Build your corporate empire and show these mofos who’s boss. Enjoy your daily dose of carnage because it’s coming to the PlayStation Vita this March 2018.

Xenon Valkyrie+.

An enhanced version of the rogue-like 2D game released on Steam last February 2017. Halt the plans of the wicked witch and dig deeper into the depths of the a mysterious moon. Enjoy its chiptune music and cute visuals, but don’t take it's difficult too easily. Obtain many weapons and gain the upper hand in its dangerous zones. It’s coming this March 2018.

Crossing Souls.

It looks like the 80’s has come to fruition in Devolver Digital’s latest game. Follow a group of innocent kids as they find a mysterious Pink Stone with the ability to travel between worlds. Guide them as they get embroiled in a thick government conspiracy and mystical realities. It’s basically like Stranger Things, but with Dinosaurs. It’s coming this early 2018.

Pixel Noir.

After their successful Kickstarter campaign, this game mixes both film noir and Japanese RPG into one promising single-player game. After a horrific event caused that caused your partner's life, it’s up to you to find the real reason behind it. As an investigator, use your skills to find clues, solve mysteries and witness a monstrous threat. It’s coming to this Early 2018.

Atelier Lydie & Suelle: Alchemists of the Mysterious Painting.

The latest installment of the Atelier series. Follow two twins as they discover a mysterious painting that draws them to a world full of adventure and rare alchemical items! Take on challenges and make them the best Alchemists in the entire land of Melvielle. Coming this Early 2018.

Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms.

The beloved visual novel series continues after the events of Kyoto Winds. This time, the story takes place in Edo where a young woman must romance famous warriors. Unlock its multiple endings, follow the game’s fascinating story and find your one true love. It’s coming this Spring 2018.

Penny-Punching Princess.

NIS America’s isometric brawler lets you fight Capitalism itself. This single player game uses the power of money to bribe other enemies to fight for you. Create your empire of riches and take down the evil Dragoloan Family. When all else fails you can always use your fists to smack the hell of your enemies. Enjoy its dazzling colors, adorable characters and the never-ending flow of ka-ching. It’s coming this Spring 2018.

Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night

The first of the two Rhythm Spin-off of ATLUS’ critically acclaimed series. With the success of Persona 4: Dancing All Night, watch your favorite cast of Persona 3 characters strut it all out in half-emo, half-upbeat music. Dance to the beat of Shoji Meguro’s remixed tunes and time your buttons right for that awakened melodies. Check out how your favorite Android, or your favorite Door groove on the dancefloor. It’s coming this Spring 2018.

Persona 5: Dancing Star Night

The second of the two Rhythm spin-off of ATLUS’ Persona series. This time, your favorite cast of Persona 5 characters jive to the jazzy remixes of Shoji Meguro. If you don’t like your Phantom Thieves steal hearts, check them out dancing. Everyone saw this one coming and it’s only a matter of time before they make more spin-offs of spin-offs. Now all that’s left is ATLUS releasing Persona Arena with the cast of Persona 5. It’s coming this Spring 2018.

The Longest Five Minutes

Nippon Ichi’s latest game takes you to a JRPG adventure of the longest five minutes ever. During the battle of an Evil Overlord, you are transported back in time and your memories are erased. It is your quest to remember what happened during your epic battle as you trace back everything from the beginning. Remember your skill name, your hometown, everything, because the fate of your world lies in your memories. It’s coming sometime this 2018.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Considered as the spiritual successor to CAPCOM’s respected Castlevania series, this action-adventure game from 505 Games lets you find the cure for your fatal curse. Enter a castle filled with dangers and locate the mysterious summoner who suffered the same curse as yours. Enjoy its metroidvania elements and unlock weapons along the way to engage in its platforming easier. It’s coming sometime this 2018.

Battle Princess Madelyn

Save your kingdom from the clutches of an Evil Wizard. After the kidnapping of her family, follow Madelyn and her ghostly pet dog, Fritzy as she goes on a platforming adventure. As a young heroine, overpower her enemies with her charismatic personality and unyielding strength. Dazzle in its gorgeous visuals powered by the good ol’ Unity Engine. It’s coming sometime this 2018.


Another Otome game making its way to the PlayStation Vita. Set in a strange town, follow a young girl as she finds her missing brother. But that’s not entirely it, as an Otome game, seek the help of multiple Alpha males with varied personalities. Talk about mysteries, the supernatural and so much more as you get one step closer to finding your brother. Uncover its multiple endings, and lead a normal life in this mystical town. Coming sometime this 2018.

Sir Eatsalot

In the kingdom of Gluttington, be Sir Eatsalot. A brave knight with unsatisfiable hunger. Go on a 2D quest to stop an evil witch who poisons the land with Sour Lemonade. Meet quirky characters along the way and use the PSVita’s hardware features to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. Immerse yourself in it's hand drawn art style and comical adventure as the game releases sometime in 2018.

Russian Subway Dogs

An unlikely game where you play as Russian Dogs trying to survive in the Moscow Metro. It’s doggo power as you help these poor, poor dogs scavenge food. Avoid burning Elks, stop pigeons, fight Babushkas, outsmart bears, or just simply collect as much food as you can. It’s easy to pick, but difficult to master. Choose from a wide range of Russian Doggos and feel the harsh truth of Russia’s trying times. It’s coming this 2018.


Inspired from video game giants like Earthbound and Zelda, this action-adventure game is set on the fictional island in New Zealand. It has a strong Polynesian lore and its adventure requires you uncover the story behind the Maori legend. Explore the island and ward off an evil curse from taking over. It’s coming this 2018.

Psychedelica Of The Black Butterfly

The first of the two Otome games from Ideal Factory for the PlayStation Vita. This visual novel game takes you to the shoes of a girl as she lies awake inside a Western-style Mansion. Having lost all her memories, she encounters attractive men with unique personalities. Throughout the game, players participate in a Black Butterfly Hunt where they collect shards possessed by monsters. It’s coming this 2018.

Psychedelica Of The Ashen Hawk

The second of of the Otome games from Ideal Factory. Unfortunately, little details were revealed about this installment but it’s confirmed that it’s slightly-connected to The Black Butterfly. It contains the same visual novel experience such as talking to people, make decisions and multiple endings. Coming this 2018 alongside The Black Butterfly.

Project Phoenix

A Japanese-based Kickstarter project that successfully reached its goal. A mix of JRPG and squad-based RTS all packed into one game. Developed by talented individuals from both East and West, experience an ambitious game like no other. Not much details were revealed yet, but it’s going to redefine conventional videogame standards due to its Indie & Triple A atmosphere. It’s coming soon sometime this 2018.

Shovel Knight: King Of Cards

The final downloadable content of the long-running Indie game. In this dramatic finale, Yacht Club Games puts you in the shoes of golden clad King Knight. Test his royal abilities in 4 new worlds, and help him become the best the land's Three Kings. The Treasure Trove is finally coming to a close sometime this 2018.

World End Syndrome

The latest title from Arc System Works.. Considered as a “Love Adventure Game”, follow your protagonist as deals with two distinct heroines that affect the game’s story. Throughout the game, you’re situated in a sea town called “Minate-Chou” and make decisions and memorable experiences with these lovely girls as the game releases sometime in 2018.