15. Opening our list of Top 15 Free Android Action Games is Hungry Shark World

Bruce is finally getting his just revenge in this appetizing ocean romp. Ubisoft puts us in the shoes of the hunter in a global hunt for shark cuisine. For its over 20 species of sharks, it doesn't matter if you're on land, sea or air. It's a predatory jaunt that's determined to conquer the world one bite at a time. With its vast open worlds rendered in gorgeous 3D, it's as much a feast for the eyes as it is for their aquatic tyrants.

While it might undo the work of hundreds of Shark Week marathons, it's nonetheless a supersized shark adventure we can all sink our teeth into. It has a PlayScore of 8.37.

14. Deer Hunter 2014

Offering a barebones take on the exhilarating hunting experience. This 2014 edition of the Deer Hunter series brings us all out to the breathtaking wilderness. At it's core, it's an arcade simulation. Become the master hunter as you roam stealthily across the dry tundras and the humid rainforests. Enjoy its living and breathing environments, and collect as much of its rare trophies with an arsenal of cool new weapons.

Immersive and truly satisfying. It feels like its open season everyday. It has a PlayScore of 8.41.

13. Temple Run

Earning its spot in videogame history as one the first popular endless runner games. Imangi studios brings the runner formula to the familiar ancient caverns. A lot like Indiana Jones' perilous adventures, Temple Run is a race against time, demon monkeys, and the various natural obstacles in your way. Take your pick from among explorers, escape artists, and more, and help them fight against their karmic fate.

Duck past tree branches and jump past holes in this immersive and responsive runner. With 3D graphics that were impressive for its time, Temple Run remains to be one of Android's most compelling titles. It has a PlayScore of 8.45.

12. Skullduggery!

Coming to you live from the land of the dead is this not-so macabre tale of semi-autonomous tax-collecting skulls. It's as silly as it sounds and it doesn't end there. Use their elastic brains to fling the decapitated noggins around their ancient underworlds. It's a lot more complex than your usual physics based trajectories. With their bullet time feature, time will slow down mid-flight, letting you change directions to avoid obstacles and perfect your aim. Collect coins around the infernal lands, take out enemies, and go head to head with friends in the global leaderboards.

Showing us how everything's more fun in the afterlife, it receives a PlayScore of 8.46.

11. Dead Venture: Zombie Survival

Probably one of the flashiest where zombie games are concerned. From the makers of Blocky Highway, DogByte Games is taking the vehicular voxel action to apocalyptic heights. In this game, there is no antidote for the rising undead invasion. Instead, you'll be taking the law and your survival into your own hands. Select from their diverse lineup of vehicles and buckle yourself up for some zombie-killing fun.

Dead Venture has up to three thrilling game modes. Breeze through their 8 story mode chapters, race against time in Time Trial Mode, or put the pedal to the metal in the endless Survival Mode. It has a PlayScore of 8.47.

10. Mars: Mars

Go on an out of this world field trip in this extraordinary title set on the barren landscapes of... you guessed it, Mars! As their straightforward name suggests, it lets you control a lone martian explorer as he tries to explore the intriguing planet. Unlike other games in this list, it's a physics based platformer that tests your skills of flight and landing. Practice your hand-eye coordination as you jump from platform to platform and uncover the secrets of the vibrant planet.

Put on your jetpack, take some selfies, and show those "professional" astronauts who's boss. It has a PlayScore 8.48.

9. Zombie Catchers

This is not your ordinary Zombie Tale. Instead of retelling the tired tropes of brave soldiers fighting against a global endemic, this game tells the story of Two Men and a Dog bringing in the help of enterprising martians to put a stop on the viral catastrophe. Get in on the literal zombie hunting fray as you plan as the two intergalactic businessman, AJ and Bud. Together, theyre setting up shop on Earth, to catch zombies in exchange for some cosmic ka-ching.

But, empires start from scratch. Build up your fortunes by catching zombies, managing your lab, and unlocking fresh new gadgets and territories. A friendly, casual zombie for all ages. It has a PlayScore of 8.55.

8. Flippy Knife

Set out for the quiet woodlands and tame the wilderness with the power of your accurate knife skills. It's a game of precision and coordination as you attempt to hit targets and juggle knives in each of their game modes. Practice your aim in target mode, reach for the skies in climb, or collect coins in arcade mode.

As easy as it may sound, Flippy Knife takes knife arcade to the next level thanks to their realistic physics. Other than their voxel visuals, Flippy Knife also adapts the crossy road rewards model, letting you earn hundreds of silly and downright dangerous knives the further you progress. A game for sharp knives and even sharper skills, it has a PlayScore of 8.56.

7. BombSquad

If a fun multiplayer is what you're looking for, then this explosive action game can definitely do the trick. Step inside their various arenas of madness, and compete with friends, strangers, and computers in a frenzied battle for victory and survival. Bombsquad offers more than enough game modes for casual fun. Capture the flag on ice, shoot goals in a football minefield, or race around the tracks in their minigames. Supporting up to 8 people in local or network multiplayer, it serves all your raucous multiplayers in one bite-sized package.

Topped off with responsive, touch-optimized controls, and smooth server connections, it receives a PlayScore of 8.57.

6. Duet

The hardest challenges always come in the most unexpected places. Take for example Kumobius's successful action game title. It turns something as simple as two dots spinning around a circle into one of the most punishing yet oddly rewarding experiences. Underneath its spartan graphics is an action title that will test your dexterity, patience, and reflexes. Combine that with the futuristic and hypnotic score from Tim Shiel, and you have yourself a nerve-wracking delight.

Packed with 30 more immersive stages from their latest Encore update, there’s even more hair-pulling moments to go around. It receives a PlayScore of 8.58.

5. Dead Trigger 2

Keen on creating the most popular zombie game on the mobile, this sequel to their Dead Trigger debut is here to up the zombie-killing ante. Dead Trigger 2 delivers us into a world struck by a viral threat. Take part in the global resistance, and travel each corner to save the world from the growing epidemic. It's an international roadtrip that will bring you to 10 different regions in the map. The massacre is made even more exciting with over 30 weapons, that range from deadly katanas to heavy machine guns.

Collect bonus loot from the daily global missions, and save the world one region at a time. It has a PlayScore of 8.64.

4. Bushido Bear

Spryfox's love for bears comes to a culmination in this action-packed adventure alongside their adorably ruthless ninja samurai. Help him fulfill the bushido code as he tries to defend the forest from a horde of demonic invaders. Tap, swipe, and swish your way through the various stages. With every move, the once cute bear evolves into a talented swordsmaster, slicing and dicing through his fiery foes with ease.

Bushido Bear also offers a handful of awesome bears to unlock, allowing you to discover each of their secret abilities. Cute, fun, and endlessly charming. Time to unlock your inner samurai! It has a PlayScore of 8.65.

3. Flipping Legend

It might look like they skimped on the graphics department with their blocky style, but Noodlecake Studios definitely knows what theyre doing. It's their own unique spin on the endless runner formula. Its blocky voxel visuals complements well with the game's silly and unconvential movement. Like tango meets chess, go on a zigzag tour in their everchanging sceneries and avoid the various traps of each unique stage. Topped with an RPG system, Flipping Legends lets you choose from a wide array of characters, from wizards, ninjas, rangers, and more--all with their own set of upgradeable skills.

Having easy-to-pick-up-and-hard-to-master down to a science, it has a PlayScore of 8.71.

2. Dan The Man

From the developers of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, Half Brick Studios gathers round their most popular heroes into a world of adrenaline-pumping action. Paying homage to classic beat 'em up games, step inside the pixel landscapes and get ready for some knock out fun. Play as Dan the Man, his girlfriend Jesse, or even Jetpack Joyride's suave spy, Barry Steakfries, and help them take down an evil organization.

As compelling as its story is, Dan the Man also has a few other modes in their sleeves, with daily challenges, survival modes, and so much more. An 8bit action platformer that brings out the big guns. It has a PlayScore of 8.81.

1. And the best Free Android Action Game is Blades of Brim

With the success of their Subway Surfer title, SYBO Games steps up their endless runner game to create their most impressive title yet. A videogame hybrid, it borrows from endless runners, RPGs and more, to bring us the intense action in the dazzling world of Brim. Embark on a noble quest with their humble knight as you take on the realm of medieval fantasy. Take up your swords and fight against the infinite waves of invading armies.

Rendered in mesmerizing 3D graphics and chock full of satisfying combat, it's no doubt one of the finest runners on the mobile. Obtain powerful weapons, boost your abilities, and collect the finest pets. The adventure begins now. It has a PlayScore of 8.84.