25. Opening our list for the top 25 iOS games of all time is Shadowgun Legends.

This is a free First Person Shooter Role Playing Game from MADFINGER Games set in a futuristic world invaded by aliens. You are a Shadowgun, a legendary warrior hero. You and your fellow shadowguns are the last line of defense from the alien invasion.

This game has a Playscore of 9.05.

24. Attack the Light - Steven Universe Light RPG

Team up with the crystal gems: Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst, and Steven from the hit Cartoon Network Show, to stop a powerful Gem Weapon. The game follows an all new story by the creator of Steven Universe herself, Rebecca Sugar.

It’s a fun little game that’s easy to play, looks great, and has a compelling story line -- deserving of a Playscore of 9.05.

23. Super Sharp

The next game on our list is a challenging puzzle game that will force you to think out of the box. The goal of the game is simple: cut up shapes in a way that gravity lets them fall and touch the color-coded squares.

The puzzles might seem harder than they really are, but once you figure out that the solution is actually simple, you’ll feel like a genius! This game has a Playscore of 9.05

22. Dan The Man

This action arcade platformer from halfbrick studios has 12 huge and very well made levels. Unsurprisingly, it’s not a very long game to play, but the fun you do get in those couple of hours you play this game is priceless.

The jumping physics of this game is reliable. The game is really forgiving, so it’s not super painful to make mistakes. This short but fun game has a Playscore of 9.05.

21. Sorcery! 2

Hop onto an adventure in the city of thieves, traps and magic in this digital version of a gamebook by inkle. It’s a choose your own adventure in video game form that result in many different outcomes depending on your choices and actions in game.

If you dare to go on an adventure in Khare: The cityport of traps, play a game that has a Playscore of 9.07.

20. Cytus II

This is the fourth rhythm game from Rayark Games. By now, they know what they’re doing and it is evident. You don’t need to play the predecessor to this game, but one thing’s for sure, you have to have fast fingers.

This game starts off challenging and it will just keep upping the difficulty. This game has a Playscore of 9.07

19. King Cashing 2

Even after death, the king has only one thing in his mind: gold. This sequel to the first Role Playing Slot Machine game on the iOS is is totally bizarre. You are an undead king leading an army to fight against your enemies in the name of sweet, sweet moolah.

Spin for gold and for life...er..death? This game has a Playscore of 9.07.

18. Super Cat Tales

The iOS has many awesome platformers, and this game is no exception. Take on a fast-paced adventure as Alex the cat. Dash, climb and jump all over this cute little world to rescue your siblings.

This PAWsome game has a Playscore of 9.07.

17. Thomas Was Alone

This platformer from Bossa Studios stars a rectangle that questions his existence. This game has an emotional story narrated by Danny Wallace that is filled with narcissism and jealousy.

Maybe your next emotional discovery will come from a game about a rectangle. This game has a Playscore of 9.09.

16. LYNE

This is a minimalist puzzle game that will test your brain and ease your soul. It starts off really simple: you just connect the shapes together: triangle to triangle, square to square. But don’t be deceived by it’s simplicity, because this game can get complex real fast.

This well-designed, super smooth game has a Playscore of 9.11.


This racing game is so beautiful, it’s almost criminal how it’s completely free. The next game on our list is just not a simple racing game. It’s a racing game with an intriguing story about a crazy, bossy AI who calls herself Mother. On top of that, this game has a sleek design, intuitive control, and an amazing soundtrack.

This game flies off the walls with a Playscore of 9.12


Is this a puzzle game or an interactive painting? Scientists can’t tell. What you do in the game is that you draw paths to guide the spirits, aka the particles back to their home planets, aka the bright light things that look like stars.

Treat your mind, heart and soul with this mesmerizing game has a Playscore of 9.13.

13. Steredenn

Pixelnest Studio’s rougelike game combines shoot ‘em ups with a heavy metal soundtrack. You start each game with a blaster in a level that is randomly generated. Soon you’ll meet a boss that you have to slay, and after you beat them, you go on until you find the next adversary.

This game has no finite ending so it’s technically endless fun. It has a Playscore of 9.13.

12. Motorsport Manager Mobile 2

This is a racing game that puts you into the seat of a race team manager. You are tasked to make important decisions like who to hire, how to modify the cars, and what to do during the race day.

This game that focuses on the strategies of racing has a Playscore of 9.14.

11. Mini Metro

In this subway simulator game, you are in charge of keeping the subways run at the top efficiency level while also keeping in mind the city’s budget. Design the subway map of your city, and last as long as you can without falling into bankruptcy.

Play the metro game smart with a game that has a Playscore of 9.15

10. Planet Quest

You are an alien just trying to abduct all the people and animals in OutOfTheBit’s cutesy rhythm game. The residents of the rotating planets make their own distinct sounds that go to the beat of the music, practically begging to be abducted.

This free to play game has a Playscore of 9.16

9. Iron Marines

Go on an extraordinary space odyssey exploring amazing and unknown planets in Ironhide’s Iron Marines. Recruit, train and lead your heroes through dangerous missions against what seems like impossible odds. With your help, they may be able to unleash their mighty powers and abilities.

This immersive game that’s just a tad bit silly has a Playscore of 9.19

8. Spaceteam

Are you ready for some out of this world cooperative fun with friends? Space team is a free game where you and your friends control a spaceship doing your best to outrun impending doom. In each of your control panels, you will see a command that needs to be done quickly. The catch is that the poorly written command might be on your other friends screen.

This loudly fun game has a Playscore of 9.21.

7. Plants vs. Zombies

The zombies are coming! What’s the best course of action? Plant plants to defend your house and your brains, of course! If you haven’t played this game before, then it’s about time to get this game on your iOS device. See for yourself why horticulture is the best way to prepare for the impending zombie apocalypse.

This cutesy apocalyptic game has a Playscore of 9.21.

6. Kingdom Rush

Do you love tower defense games? Whatever your answer to that question may be, Kingdom Rush is an epic game worth trying out. It is unsurprising that a game called Kingdom Rush is set in the medieval times. Build towers, call on heroes and do everything in your power to defend your kingdom.

This game ensures hours and hours of fun filled tower defending. It has a Playscore of 9.23

5. Linelight

This game doesn’t need fancy smancy action scenes or even a basic story. What this game is is just lines and light, just like what the name of the game suggests. The goal is simple: guide the beam of light from one end of the puzzle to the other.

If you want a no nonsense yet elegant puzzle game, try one that has a Playscore of 9.26.

4. Papers, Please>

In this game, you are an immigration inspector working to control the flow of the people entering the communist state of Arstotzka after the six-year war between your state and its neighboring states has ended. Provided only by the traveler’s documents, you must then decide who can enter and who will be turned away.

There are 20 endings to this game so your choices mean a great deal. This game has a Playscore of 9.3

3. The Room Three

Fireproof Games’ award winning game puts you in a pursuit of the elusive Craftsman. You are on a remote island navigating around by solving puzzles. The challenging puzzles this game features are extremely intriguing -- you have to think out of the box to solve them.

Pick your brain with a game that full of secrets and awesome. It has a Playscore of 9.32

2. Flipping Legend

Are you a legend when it comes to speed and rhythm? Prove yourself with Noodlecake Studio’s Flipping Legend! There are 8 unique unlockable characters in this game all with different powers and abilities. Flip left or right to avoid your enemies, or attack them head on! Go farther than anyone has ever been and discover faraway lands no one has even been in before.

Flipping its way to people’s hearts, this game has a Playscore of 9.34

And the Best iOS game of all time is Severed

This game puts you in the shoes of Sasha, a one-armed warrior wielding a living sword. You are on this journey through a hellish world all in the efforts to find your family. You have to master both offensive and defensive combat just to survive this treacherous world. This world out to get you might just be downright weird but it’s all worth it just to save your family.

This gorgeously memorable Apple Design Awardee has a Playscore of 9.39.