Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Sound the horns, because if it's historical battles you want, then Mount & Blade II is ready to deliver...y'know, soon...ish. First announced in 2012, a mere six years ago, Bannerlord has been reportedly in development for over eight years. And while that's a long time to wait for a game, updates from TaleWorlds Entertainment have been impressive enough to leave a significant mark, especially among their loyal PC fanbase.

Built using the newest engine, look back 200 years before, and step inside a beautiful Calradia and battle it out using its smooth physics and improved UI. Life outside the battlefield, on the other hand, is looking a little underwhelming for some. But with four planned multiplayer modes--including a siege mode; a duel mode; and, a Captains mode that lets you man AI armies as well as your own character--there's enough to distract you from just that. Yet more room in the oven, there’s no release date yet.

Team Sonic Racing

For sonic, speed has always been the name of the game. But in the spirit of kart racing competition, he's levelling the playing with this shiny new wheels. A spinoff title to the iconic Sonic series, SEGA gives other consoles an answer to Nintendo's Mario Kart series. It brings together all of the blue hedgehog's rivals and favorite folks in a grander, and more hilarious take on their classic ring collecting.

What sets Team Sonic Racing apart from all the rest is its focus on co-op gameplay. Choose from a roster of fifteen Sonic characters (except Cream, unfortunately) and zip past videogame memory lane, collecting points towards a team victory. For true blue fans of the series, you'll be delighted that there will be new Crush 40 songs to jam to for that extra dose of nostalgia. It's set to release on May 21st, 2019

Tom Clancy's The Division 2

From the center of Manhattan to the capital, the virus is taking over the world one city at a time, and it's up to Tom Clancy's Division to put a stop to the raging contagion. Taking place just 70 days after the original story, The Division 2 is set to continue the viral outbreak, this time in the familiar landscapes of Washington DC.

In this sequel, the developers are aiming to focus on the endgame experience, which means there'll be more challenges and activities even after main campaign. Mixing in survival elements, join the fight for resources and basic necessities in a civilization on the brink of extinction. Try out new and exotic weapons and bring your friends in for the fight.

If you want to find out more about what new features are in store, The Division 2 currently has a Beta you can sign up for right now. It's set to release on March 15th, 2019

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

One pioneering masterpiece of modern metroidvania, Ori's magical adventures continue in this exciting sequel. A platforming adventure that takes inspiration from the likes of Lion King, Iron Giant, and Hayao Miyazaki, the original title has been unanimously praised for its ethereal atmosphere that gives justice to its mythical tale. Going back to their enchanted forest, Ori and the Will of the Wisp is equally dreamlike in its presentation.

Revolving around the titular guardian spirit and his newfound friends, help them rebuild their home after the mysterious sickness that plagued it in the last installment. Also praised for its unique gameplay mechanics, Ori returns with new combat maneuvers under his belt, like hook shots, burrowing skills, rolls, as well as the return of Bash. With this much range in melee and projectile attacks, players can have more personalized adventures depending on their playstyles. It's set to release sometime in 2019.


Bethesda's sequel to their over the top shooter will be a wild ride for all of us. The next chapter to their 2010 game, Rage 2 is ramping up the craziness in this revamped post-apocalypse. What makes this FPS stand out among the post-apocalypse obsessed is how it takes the genre to Cronenberg levels of ugliness and chaos with a generous splash of color and no holds barred rampages. Coming from the two studios that created Doom 2016, Just Cause, and Mad Max, we know there's some big things coming in terms of shooting, vehicular action, and overall destruction.

Unlike most titles these, RAGE 2 is an exclusively singleplayer experience, letting you take control of the last ranger Walker. Set in a seamless loading screen-less open world of mutants and radioactive sewers, we'll hopefully get to drive around the scenic deserts and get some powers along the way. It's coming out this Spring/2019

Babylon’s Fall

The studio behind masterpieces like Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and Nier Automata announced Babylon’s Fall at E3, earlier this year.

Since PlatinumGames’ titles are mostly action games, we can expect this one will be too. In this one, they will still be teaming up with Square Enix like they did for Nier Automata.

What else do we know about Babylon’s Fall? Frankly, not much, but here’s what we gather from their timeline trailer: the Oversoul was the catalyst that started humanity’s advancement by supplying them energy to create weapons and see the future -- a future, that unfortunately was filled with darkness that threatened humanity’s survival. After humanity inevitably falls, and are so close to extinction, a god named Gaia saves them. Unfortunately, Gaia turns on them leading humans to just stop trusting gods to save them, all together.

It is truly a mysterious game, with a mysterious release date.

Dying Light 2

We’ve all been playing zombie apocalypse games forever, but never anything quite like Techland’s Dying Light 2. You parkour throughout this desolate city trying to survive before night falls, where freaky monsters come out to play.

The zombies are not all you should be worrying about in the apocalypse though. You still got that pesky survival thing you have to think about. Food, water and other resources are scarce, and you know at these trying times, people start to show off their worst colors.

YOUR choices affect YOUR city so much in this game. For example, if you side with the Peace Keepers and follow ALL of their rules, they can bring stability and progress to the city -- but if you break their rules, they will break your face. Alternatively, if you side with the black market suppliers, you’ll have access to some awesome deals, but you’ll also attract suspicious people to your city.

Excited? Us too. Unfortunately, we still don’t know when it will be released.

SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice

Do Dark Souls and Bloodborne ring a bell? Well, this upcoming action adventure is developed by the very same studio, FromSoftware. If that isn't enough to fire you up for this title, then here's two words for you: ninjas and samurais. Set in a fantasy version of the chaotic Sengoku period, the story revolves around the shinobi, Sekiro, and his quest to rescue his lord and seek revenge.

While it deviates from their familiar titles, they have promised to add some of their trademark combat, but with more focus on jumping and mobility. This can be seen most prominently with the grappling hook-like mechanic that lets you jump from roof to roof for that perfect kill. Sekiro's katana and prosthetic arm combo will also open players up to wide range of strategies and attacks, especially with the game's stealth elements. Some downsides for this upcoming title include the lack of multiplayer and character customization. Either way, it's set to release in Mar 22, 2019

DiRT Rally 2.0

Now if there's one racing game that's wowed the world since its release, its Dirt Rally. Enjoyed by critics and gamers, the game has confidently bagged the top spots in our rankings. And now, the series is shaping up to become the best in the business. With this upcoming release, Codemasters is aiming to exceed their last title--which might be a challenge, what with the outpouring praise it's gotten. Still a little weak on their number tracks, 2.0 will offer six real-life rally locations, namely in New Zealand, Argentina, Spain, Poland, Australia, and the US.

As the official game of FIA world championship, players will get to ride across official tracks in different series. What will let down some fans though is the game's lack of VR support, which was one of the original's winning features. We're hoping developers change their minds with enough of our screaming demands. It's set to release on Feb 26th, 2019

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Heads up, history nerds! Koei Tecmo might've explored these oriental territories in their long running strategy Romance of thee Three Kingdoms, this will mark the first time for the Total War series. Other than its exploration of Japan with the Shogun titles, the series has mostly focused on the western parts of the world. Now, expected to come just a year after 2018's Throne of Britannia, we'll be embarking on a fascinating dive into Chinese-style imperialism.

A long time favorite for history fans all over the globe, this new title will take on a romanticised perspective on the era. Take control of one of eleven factions as their respective legendary Warlord and conquer with diplomacy and might with the Guanxi system of interrelationships. Feel the powers trickle through generals and marvel at the smoothness of their duel animations. Rendered in a style worthy of ancient China, it's set to release on March 6th, 2019.

Devil May Cry 5

Demon Slaying is back in the menu. CAPCOM returns with full demonic power as they continue the iconic adventures of Dante and friends. Devil May Cry V is the biggest sequel ever. It follows the events years after DMC4 and it features a mature cast of characters including the return of Dante, Nero, Lady, Trish and so much more.

For the first time in the series, it introduces 3 playable characters in the single player story, Dante, Nero and the mysterious new character, V. Among other improvements is its visual overhaul. This is the best looking DMC game as it uses CAPCOM’s RE Engine.

Just like its predecessors, it is a crowning achievement of combat design. Hack and slash remains as fluid as ever with better weapon variety, bosses, and a badass soundtrack to boot. So get ready to pull those devil triggers once the game comes out this March 8th, 2019

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

The arguably less popular “AC” title of the videogame world, Ace Combat is one of those well-loved but criminally overlooked series. Often described as the Metal Gear of the skies, it's a Bandai Namco game that serves up impressive action flight simulation with a huge helping anime cheesiness. Consistently praised for its aircraft rosters and soundtracks, this newest title is shaping up to bring dogfights to the next level.

The first main entry since 2007's Fires of Liberation, it will hopefully shed light on the legendary Lighthouse War. Sneaking into stealth territory, Ace Combat 7 will become even more Metal Gear with a new gameplay feature that lets clouds act as cover while reducing visibility. Other good news for wannabe pilots is the addition of an optional VR mode that lets you take control of the cockpit in three special missions. It's set to release on Feb 1st 2019


Todd Howard you did it again! From the same people that brought us Fallout and Elder Scrolls, comes a sci-fi RPG that is a bit of a departure from their old titles. Bethesda unveiled Starfield at E3 this year. This is their newest IP in about, what, 25 years? They’re finally starting to step out of their comfort zone, and we are all excited about it.

From what we have seen so far, it might be safe to say that it will be an expansive sci-fi RPG set in our actual universe -- starting with our solar system. Some leaks claim that there will be four different planets we could explore, one being as big as Skyrim’s map.

It’s possible that the player will be in control of a human character although aliens will be featured in this game.

Some leaks and rumors say it was planned to be released in 2019 but it could be pushed back to 2020. We don’t know for sure as there is no official release date yet.


BioWare’s partnership with EA had a very bad start. While some are still on the fence about this newest title, EA has at least promised a loot box-less experience for the players. Anthem seems like EA's answer to Bungie's Destiny 2, relying mostly on Bioware's specialty in futuristic warfare to immerse us in exosuit battles. (Hopefully, it's more Mass Effect 2 than Andromeda)

While it's facing a recent delay, there's been plenty of updates from the developers, the latest being a dive into their first mission and the introduction of Ultimate Abilities. While it's not exactly an MMO, on top of the regular single player campaign, it also has a shared and dynamic open world where you can meet other players and it changes every time you play. Party with up to four players and go jetpackin' round as Interceptors, Rangers, Storms and Colossus. It's set to release on February 22nd, 2019.

Dead Or Alive 6

Actually the 19th game of the series, this latest 3D Triple-A fighting game by Koei Tecmo is as fast-paced and sexy as ever.

With over 20 well-designed playable characters, we can’t wait to see more of these fancy heros and heroines get to center stage.

Aside from that, the game improves its dramatic lighting that will focus more on serious, intense combat. Players will feel every hit as the characters will drip with sweat, sustain wounds, and have varied facial reactions. Fights will be more strategic in DoA 6 with the introduction of special combat mechanics such as Break Gauge, Break Blow, Break Hold, Fatal Rush, Rumble Danger, and Mass Destruction.

Mark your calendars for an action-packed Valentines week when DoA 6 comes out on February 15, 2019.

Resident Evil 2

Two CAPCOM’s games in a row?! 2019 is going to be one heck of a year for these releases. Return to the nightmare infested Raccoon City in this ground up HD remake of the iconic Resident Evil 2. It features all the things we know and love from the classic, but with a massive visual upgrade and improved gameplay elements.

Follow Claire and Leon as they make it out alive of Raccoon City during the T-Virus outbreak. Featuring a redefined over the shoulder third-person combat, the undead is bound to be all around you.

It’s release is drawing near and it's anticipation is slowly crawling our skins. The latest gameplay footage shows the return of the iconic Lickers. Looks like Resident Evil is back to its roots, and we can’t wait for its future updates. It comes out this January 25, 2019.


This THQ Nordic title has been hanging out in our most anticipated lists for a while now. Though, these days, development updates are a little scarce, we're still holding out hope for this mesmerizing action RPG. Riding on the popularity of GOTG's Rocket Raccoon--but, not really, that's a joke--Biomutant puts players in the furry paws of a raccoon-like character that seems fluent in the language of martial arts combat.

Diving into a beautiful post-apocalyptic open world, it aims to redefine third person combat by blending the diversity of the Wushu-fighting style with the intensity of shooting. Evolution and genetic modification is a recurring theme. In their post apocalypse, radiation and bio-contamination will lead to intriguing mutations like claws, tails, telekinetic powers, and more. A game that's rife with iconic inspirations, Biomutant just might be next year's sleeper hit. Watch out for it in 2019.

Wasteland 3

Coming up next is a crowd funded squad-based RPG set in a post-apocalyptic Colorado. Don’t worry, the developers has got a pretty good track record with the Wasteland series.

Here, you will be playing as Ranger Squad, the last surviving member of Team November. You can tread on the frozen wasteland of Colorado by yourself or with a friend in the story-drive synchronous or asynchronous multiplayer.

It might be a good idea to tag a friend along in the journey because the savage lands of icy Colorado makes it extremely difficult to survive. You’ll be faced with morally difficult choices and sacrifices that will affect the game’s world. Every choice you make has an effect on mission opportunities, explorable areas, story arcs, and many more.

It’s expected to release late 2019.

DOOM Eternal

Saving some of you from the confusion, this IS id Software's sequel to their Doom 2016. Despite the lack of roman numerals and that extra subtitle, Doom Eternal is, for many, shaping up to become id software's best shooter yet. What with the success of their reboot, fans are looking to the sequel for their dose of hellish entertainment.

Backed by its solid 90s foundations and their breakout reboot, this sequel takes us back to the shoes of the Doom Slayer who's hell-bent on destroying whatever demon comes in his way. With the added mobility of his grapple-powered super shotgun and the many monkey bars scattered in the fiery depths, players can get right into their also improved Glory Kill system.

With Doom 2016's less than stellar multiplayer, Doom Eternal's invasions are coming to fill that void, letting you dive into other player's campaigns as the demons themselves. Raising the bar for an already legendary shooter, no release date yet.

Skull & Bones

Inspired by the success of the Assassin's Creed: Black Flag's naval battles, Ubisoft went on to create an action adventure wholly revolving around just that. Doing away with the assassin's boring landlubbing, Skull & Bones is anchored on the ups and downs of the pirate life, letting you sail around the seven seas of what is called the Golden Age of Piracy.

Building on what they started in Black Flag, this new title promises to expand the life at sea, particularly in crew and combat. Choose the best ship for your playstyle and pack it with upgrades and artillery that's perfect for plundering enemy ships. It's mostly a multiplayer experience in the open world of the Indian Ocean, opening you up for emergent gameplay as you sail solo or with your very own pirate gang.

A peg down for pirate realism is the game's lack of boarding, which means that all the action is set exclusively on your own ship. It's set to release in 2019.

Code Vein

Drawing inspiration from their other hit francise, Dark souls (it’s even been dubbed Anime-souls by some), Bandai Namco is gearing up to give us, yet another Open World RPG -- and everyone has been so excited about it ever since it was announced in 2017, especially those who have played the in-development versions of the game!

There’s not much info about it -- they even pulled it off Gamescon 2018 to preserve their big reveal until they ultimately release it to the masses. But, because it’s made by the same people who made God Eater, we can assume that this game, set in a post-apocalypse crawling with vampires, will have a solid story.

Previously announced to come out this year, the developers announced that they will, unfortunately postpone the release date to 2019 so they have a bit more time to perfect the game.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

The sequel to the cult classic is coming out soon on the PC! It has been a long time coming -- this follow-up was first announced 9 years ago. It has been delayed over and over, but now, we can hope a little more with the release of their gameplay demo.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is set in a universe where space pirates are a thing. The character you play as is actually one of these space pirates. The story is about their quest to find Dakini, the list pirate captain who mysteriously disappeared when he went out searching for a sacred relic.

The demo is looking great so far, but for now, that’s all that is -- a demo. It’s too early to tell if the actual game will be as awesome. There’s no release date yet.

>Gears 5

At E3 this year, Microsoft announced Gears 5, yes, Gears 5, NOT Gears of War 5 as we all expected, with an all new protagonist, Kait. According to the developers, it just felt natural to have Kait be the protagonist as in the previous game was all about finding her mother.

It also seems that they’ll be shifting the focus away from the turmoils of war for humanity and on to exploration -- which isn’t a bad thing because Gears 5 will have the most expansive world the series has ever seen.

With a bigger world, comes some bigger baddies too. The Gears of War Twitter account is always updating us with new enemies like the heavily armored Warden and the Swarm Flock.

A book that contains concept art, character and creature designs among other things for Gears 5 called Gears of War: Retrospective, is coming out on April 23 2019. We’re expecting to play this game sometime in 2019.

Cyberpunk 2077

With Cyberpunk invading the mainstream with its ideas of revolution and questions of what makes a human, human, it was only about time it conquered the realm of videogames. And who else to face it head on than the rockstars of CD Projekt Red. Winning the world over with the exhilarating freedom and immersion of their Witcher series, Cyberpunk 2077 promises the same--just with less medieval magic and more neon-tinged futurism. An adaptation of a Pondsmith tabletop, one of surprises of about the game is its first-person perspective, which might be a plus of immersion.

Another plus is the deep customizations for their character V that includes gender, childhood traumas, origin stories, and so much more. A plus narrative-wise, especially together with its branching choices and sidequests that will impact the main story. Looking crazy good in its last hour-long gameplay, we feel like the wait, however long, will be worth it. No official date yet, but there *are* speculations of a June 2019 release.

Metro Exodus

Radioactive Moscow is just around the corner in this third and massive entry to 4A Games’ epic, story-driven, first person shooter. Set after the events of Last Light, Artyom takes center stage once again in his efforts to rebuild society and ultimately, the future of the world.

Survival is at its most essential in this sequel since most of the game takes place outside of the Metro. No longer players are met with creepy crawlies under the complex Russian railway system, now, the creepy crawlies are all around the barren cities of Moscow’s nuclear winter.

With improved first person elements, customize your gas masks and weapons on the fly with the new backpack feature. It’s getting ready to be the most atmospheric post-apocalyptic game on the market and it’s coming out this February 22nd, 2019.