14 Best New Android Games of August 2018

Sep 5, 2018


Inspired by the infamous io games, Bumper.io puts their own spin on the multiplayer battle arenas. Dive into the limited grounds and bump each other off the playing field. It's non-stop competition every time as you play with people from around the world. Rise up the ranks with each win and find your name on the global leaderboards. While it's a relatively decent title, it suffers from its unbearably annoying ads. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 6.41

Madden NFL 19 Companion

A companion to this year's Madden release, this will be your handy partner in bringing your team to the top spot. EA's app will let players stay connected to the behind the scenes action on the go. Whether on the train or in the kitchen, you'll be able to view schedules, set games, and analyze stats from 3rd party sites. It even lets you get in touch with the Madden community for hints and strategies. Management made easy, it has a Provisional PlayScore of 7.45

2D Saiyan Adventure - Warrior Game

A fanmade tribute to the iconic Dragonball series, channel your inner super saiyan and put yourself in the chibi shoes of their pointy haired heroes. Anchoring the action that made the anime great, embark on the high-flying fights and exchange kamehamehas on your way to saving the 12 universes. It really strikes close to the spirit of Dragonball, and while its controls need some work, it's a fun experience either way. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 8.29

Azur Lane

A different type of naval warfare awaits you in Yostar Limit's hybrid shooter slash tactical RPG. Dive into their action packed oceanic battles served with a generous splash of Japanese visuals. Choose from their collection of international warships and strategically arrange them into your six-ship fleet. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 8.4

Hidden Objects - Maze: The Broken Tower

There's mysteries to be solved in this hidden object adventure game from Big Fish Games. Set inside the luxuriously grand Gehanna Tower, explore its abandoned quarters and find the cause for its residents' mysterious disappearance. Fighting against a Masked Man as well its AI, click your way through their many hidden object scenes and test your skills with a slew of exciting mini games. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 8.44

Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn

Shaquille O'Neal may have stepped out of the limelight, Big Deez Productions brought it upon themselves to bring Big Daddy in for more beat 'em up action. With a massive enough following to warrant his own line of videogames, A Legend Reborn returns Shaq to his crimefighting ways with new combos and bosses to defeat. A 90s nostalgia trip, now on the mobile, it has a Provisional PlayScore of 8.6

Clash & GO: AR Strategy

Two artifacts of the modern millennia, the blockchain and augmented reality play key roles in this state of the art strategy. Clash and Go fuses together real-time base-building and RPG elements, both of which add to the tactical depth of its gameplay. A geolocation game, watch all of the action unfold before your eyes. Battle against other players and build cities from scratch in this unique multiplayer title with a Provisional PlayScore of 8.76

Bike Stunts - Extreme

A staple in the racing genre, Million Games refurbishes a classic with refined visuals to fit today's standards. Get the feel of extreme sports as you conquer impossible tracks using your skills in balance and concentration. It's an undeniably simple game but its just the kind of casual challenge to lose a few hours to. From dusty roads and spikes of death, there's a lot to see in this racer, and it has a Provisional PlayScore of 8.77

One Hour One Life for Mobile

The smartphone counterpart to Jason Rohrer's PC RPG. It's a charming game that lets you spend hour long lifetimes surviving in a quirky-looking world along with other players from around the world. Just like life, where you land relies entirely on chance. Live a life for yourself in the wilderness, or contribute to the digital society in every friend you make. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 8.88


If you're in for that dose of action, then Thunderdogs is just the game for you. Putting a cutesy spin the World War's historic dogfights, take the form of man's best friend a pilot your warplane around the crowded skies of their online battlefield. Fight tooth for nail those yummy bone treats, and watch for the competition. A frenzied dog eat bone world, it has a Provisional PlayScore of 8.94

Funny Bunny Rescue

Just like a lot of games on the Android, Funny Bunny Rescue definitely has more than meets the eye (because let's face, nothing much is going on there.) Telling the story of a bunny taken captive in a faraway house, put your sleuthing skills to the test as you go on a rescue mission of a lifetime. Look around for clues, solve the puzzles, and enjoy the many surprises of this point-and-click adventure. It has a PlayScore of 9.13

Sneak Ops

Knowing it's from Noodlecake Studios, you can almost be sure it's a good one. A pixel-wrapped strategy where stealth is the name of the game, sneak your way into the daily high-security locations and beat the rest of the world to the finish line. Knock out guards, beat the cams, unlock the different characters and master the art of stealth. A fun action game for all, it has a Provisional PlayScore of 9.17

BoxTuber: The Official KSI & Sidemen Boxing

For anyone who's every wanted to punch a youtuber, here's a boxing game from one side of the internet's biggest stars. It features KSI, True Geordie, The SDNM, and so much more. There's two game modes to choose from: dive into arcade mode to box your way to the top, or rise up the youtube ladder in the career mode. Whether its boxing or managing your very own channel, there's something here for you, and it has a Provisional PlaySCore of 9.2

What's Cooking? - Tasty Chef

Title might be a bit worrying, but hopefully it's not you getting cooked in this little kitchen of yours. Mixing puzzle mechanics into your culinary dreams, start your journey to Michelin star fame by discovering and combining ingredients in over 700 different recipes. Level up your skills, upgrade your restaurant, bask in the glory of world class fame. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 9.61


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