15 Best Switch JRPGs of All Time [2021 Update]

Whatoplay presents the Top 15 Switch JRPGs of All Time. All arranged by playscore. To check out our full list, please visit our Best Switch JRPG games page.

15. YS VIII: Lacrimosa Of DANA

The Switch is a treasure trove of JRPGs and Nihon Falcom’s beloved Ys series opens our list. Adol the Red’s adventures have come a long way. In Lacrimosa Of DANA, his perpetual quest to save the world from doom now involves a mysterious blue-haired girl. Together they go on a heroic quest where JRPG tropes combine. A playscore of 8.14.

14. The World Ends With You: Final Remix

This is the definitive experience for this banger JRPG from Square Enix. Help Neku and his buddies play the Reaper’s Game and overcome your fate by engaging in stylish real-time action. In the Switch, the 3DS’ dual-screen functionality is simplified for a smoother experience. It features enhanced visuals and improved sound for that good ol’ Shibuya scrambles. Tetsuya Nomura’s madness knows no bounds, especially now that NEO: TWEWY (Read as Neo: The World Ends With You) is coming out soon. A playscore of 8.14.

13. Final Fantasy VII

The most popular FF title is on the Switch. No, it doesn’t look as good as its counterpart but none can beat this classic. It’s not the Remake we were looking for, but it’s the complete experience that once shaped the genre. Enjoy a sprawling story centered around Cloud and his friends and save the world from a silver-haired warrior with mommy issues. A playscore of 8.16.

12. Trials Of Mana

Speaking of remakes, this renowned JRPG released in 1995 gets the makeover it deserves. The Mana series continues to be a strong franchise, even in 2021. Rebuilt from the ground up, new players will find the world of Mana magical. Meanwhile, series veterans will appreciate the many additions to its story and gameplay, including a 3D mode. A playscore of 8.35.

11. Disgaea 4 Complete+

Yet another complete Disgaea experience, on its fourth mainline entry though. This time, NiS is trying to get more people for the Switch console. The Netherworld has a ton of stuff to do this time around. This Complete edition contains a handful of new contents that is sure to satisfy old and new fans. Its combination of tactical and JRPG elements makes for a time-sinking experience. It’s still goofy at times, but that’s the fun in Disgaea. It receives a playscore of 8.42.

10. Octopath Traveler

Square Enix’s ambitious JRPG follows a tale about eight major characters. Borrowing notable concepts and mechanics from their previous works, Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger, Octopath Traveler is a treasure trove of all things great about the JRPG genre. Its colorful turn-based battles with branching RPG narratives gives players more room for replayability. So make sure you pick your first character wisely! A playscore of 8.51.


The freshest game on this list. It’s the much anticipated follow-up to the 3DS’ Flying Fairy and a direct sequel to End Layer. Fans had a lot of expectations from II considering that the original is hailed as one of the best JRPGs in recent memory. It garnered critical acclaim. Gaining numerous 9’s on our whatoplay database. Many critics praised its return to form; blending their old and new styles within a complex JRPG system. A playscore of 8.56.

8. Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition

2008 was a long time ago. Over the years the Tales games have proved themselves as a strong competitor in the JRPG arena. Bandai Namco’s anthological saga differs in every title, and this Definitive Edition contains two new characters with their own stories. With a playscore of 8.57, Vesperia is considered by many as the best Tales game.

7. Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout

A cult favorite and a strong entry title for first timers of the Atelier series. It’s a wild mix of hardcore JRPG mechanics with charming slice of life elements. Like the rest of the Atelier series, ‘Synthesis’ is its bread and butter. Combine resources from the materials you gathered on your journey, either by fighting enemies or finding treasures.It’s a chill game, and Ryza’s vibrant personality warms player’s hearts. Well, they did say thicc thighs save lives. A playscore of 8.62.

6. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Anyone who adores Stubio Ghibli movies will find this JRPG enchanting. That’s because most of its art design is crafted by the talented people behind your favorite Ghibli films. In The Wrath of the White Witch, the adventure your main character goes through is nothing short of magical. It brings out our long-forgotten childlike wonders. Even its sequel, Revenant Kingdom, brings more magic than usual. A playscore of 8.81.

5. Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

When it comes to JRPG lists, expect more than just one Final Fantasy. XII’s renewed flavor in The Zodiac Age brings more depth than the original, making this the Definitive way to experience the journey of Vaan and his friends. The International Zodiac System is but one of the many improvements the game offers. This also includes a myriad of Quality of Life fixes that completely change the way we play XII. It’s a solid Remaster that receives a playscore of 8.84.

4. Rune Factory 4 Special

Rune Factory’s following was a result of Harvest Moon’s success. While the games aren’t that similar, most of Rune Factory’s mechanics might be familiar to fans of Marvelous’ farming sim. Think of it as Harvest Moon… with steroids. In 4 Special, lead a new life as an amnesiac. It’s pretty much like the original, but the extra story mode where you can find the love of your life and marry them adds a whole new meaning to life sims. A playscore of 8.84.

3. Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

Wield the Monado in this living legacy from the days of the Nintendo Wii. This Definitive Edition is the perfect game for players who are new to the Xenoblade franchise. Follow Shulk as he goes on an epic quest involving massive mechs and titans. As a Remastered version, it works well on the Switch offering hours and hours of JRPG goodness, including a new epilogue. It’s an ambitious game that’s even made better with its next title, Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition receives a playscore of 9.03.

2. Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Nintendo’s anime version of Hogwarts, without the wands and evil wizards. Three Houses is Fire Emblem at full force. Craft your own journey in a story that spans three massive houses where you meet unlikely personalities and forge relationships. However, that’s just the game’s social aspect. Fire Emblem has always been a tactical JRPG. Deal with schoolwork on one side and wage war on the other. A playscore of 9.11.

1. DRAGON QUEST XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition

The king of Switch’s JRPG list. This lengthy name of a lengthy title excels in its fantastic presentation of living that JRPG fantasy. Take down enemies in its vibrant real-time combat. As the Luminary, save the world and meet a ragtag group of characters across this sprawling kingdom. Looking at its critic scores and gamer reviews, there’s no doubt this Dragon Quest game is the series’ best. A playscore of 9.26.