Top 25 Singleplayer PC Games of the Last 5 Years (2015-2019)

Every day is PC season and what could be better than spending most of your time at home by playing all these great single-player titles? Get the full lineup with our list of the best PC single-player games.

25. GRIS

Opening this list is an indie game that’s teeming with vibrant colors and surreal escapism. from Nomada Studio, GRIS is unlike most games on the list as it centers around its breathtaking presentation with simple controls and a relatable story.

There are no brutal boss fights, challenging combat or shady DLCs, it’s a powerful visual story that can be understood regardless of any spoken language. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy.

It receives a playscore of 9.00

24. A Short Hike

Adamgryu’s small indie project is what it is-- it is a short hike. Much like GRIS, the game lures you into its peaceful atmosphere with no choice but to reflect and possibly, go emotional. Explore the island in any way you like and meet its eccentric dwellers or discover secrets.

Despite its short length, it makes up for its nonchalant charms that don’t demand much of your time. A playscore of 9.00

23. Katana ZERO

Badass doesn’t even cut it. Devolver’s hyper-violent platformer is stylish to the core. Set in a bleak cyberpunk society, assume the role of an amnesiac assassin on the hunt for his missing past.

Utilize sci-fi drugs to slow down time and turn the tide in your favor. Nothing is more satisfying than deflecting bullets and dismembering enemies. In addition to its slick feels, its soundtrack makes every slicing and dicing memorable.

A playscore of 9.00

22. Baba Is You

2019’s critically acclaimed indie game by Hempuli Oy is not as easy as it looks. Enter a surreal 2D plane that’s reminiscent of the classic puzzler, Sokoban. Manipulate the mysterious blocks and observe every detail to solve each level.

Every new level presents new and unique interactions, creating a fresh experience every playthrough. It takes the simple idea of pushing blocks to new heights and creating something almost magically inventive.

It tops our PC Indie list of 2019 with a playscore of 9.04

21. What Remains Of Edith Finch

Another award-winning indie game from Giant Sparrow. You might think of this as some sort of horror game, but it’s not. This transcendental experience puts you on the shoes of Finch as she takes a stroll around its cursed Washington home with repressed memories about her family’s lingering past. Follow her as she uncovers the mystery between her dysfunctional family’s history.

A playscore of 9.04

20. Crypt Of The NecroDancer

The PC’s extensive library of games ranges from Triple A’s to Indies. In a growing list of gaming genres, Indies continue to change the way we see videogames time and time again. Brace Yourself Games’ take on the RPG takes it to a whole new level. Blending rhythm and roguelike into one seamless experience. Crypt manages to hit the right notes as you progress its procedurally generated world while you dance -- and fight to the beat.

A playscore of 9.05

19. RimWorld

Ludeon Studiossci-fi colony simulator feels like a whole season of Lost. Instead of a mysterious island, it lets you create your own mesmerizing story and help these crash-landed survivors. Characters have different paths and the planet isn’t all too friendly with the human race. Every scenario is randomly generated, adding more depth to its survival elements.

It's a realistic take on the space sim genre with a playscore of 9.05

18. Nuclear Throne

Nuclear fallouts bring out the worst of human nature. Nuclear Throne is a prime example of ‘life finds a way’ in a hilariously grotesque experience. Mutated limbs and radioactive wastes are an everyday sight as humanity no longer exists in this top-down shooter from Vlambeer. Make your way to the Nuclear Throne by blasting your way through procedurally generated levels… one mutation at a time.

A playscore of 9.05

17. SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice

The winner of The Game Award’s GOTY for 2019 sets an example to action-adventure veterans out there.. Set in a fictional world in the Sengoku Era, lead Sekiro in his path of vengeance. Master the arts of the shinobi by unleashing a flurry of swift sword attacks at your enemies. It is difficult, yes, but its satisfying combat and the captivating story makes FromSoftware's SEKIRO a fantastic game worthy of its universal acclaim.

A playscore of 9.07

16. Hollow Knight

Speaking of difficult games, another patience-testing title comes from Team Cherry. This Souls-like Metroidvania adventure won our hearts, not only due to its challenging gameplay, but its adorable young knight.

Dive deep into a mysterious world swarming with infects. Wield magical powers, and use your trusty Nailsword to defeat difficult bosses.

A playscore of 9.08

15. Cuphead

Relive the glory days of 1930’s animation in this award-winning Indie platformer from Studio MDHR. Help Cuphead and Mugman as they break their deal with the devil. Explore its surreal cartoonish landscapes full of odd characters.

It features a classic run and gun style gameplay with hardcore boss battles to face. Power up your character in solo, or grab a friend for an even more challenging co-op mode.

It receives a playscore of 9.08

14. Day Of The Tentacle Remastered

LucasArts and Double Fine Production’s wonderful graphic adventure game straight from the buried past. Originally Maniac Mansion 2, follow a group of friends as they stop an evil purple tentacle from taking over the world. This Remastered version captures the feel of the classic well with enhanced visuals and major quality of life changes.

Point and click your way to solve puzzles and uncover the game’s time-bending story. A playscore of 9.13

13. Slay The Spire

Deckbuilding and Roguelike go hand in hand in this tactical CG game from Mega Crit. It’s among the many CGs that survived the trend.

Mixing turn-based strategy, cards, and rogue-like into one title, this ever-changing gauntlet tests your luck and deck-building skills With each of its randomly generated levels, so make do with the limited cards you have at your disposal and fend off a horde of ghastly enemies with their own set of challenges.

May the RNG god guide you. A playscore of 9.13

12. Ori And The Blind Forest

The release of The Will of the Wisps gave a significant boost to Ori’s popularity. Despite gaining great reviews, it still can’t compete with the original’s success.

Make your way to The Blind Forest, and carry out Ori’s duty as a forest spirit to save this magical woodland. His journey around the ethereal foliage is one that rekindles the flame of classic Metroidvania.

Take your time. Bask in the game's carefully crafted visuals and symphonic soundtracks, and fall prey to their unexpectedly stirring moments. A playscore of 9.14

11. Dead Cells

Make your way through randomly generated dungeons and survive a horde of dangerous enemies in this fast-paced action game from Motion Twin. Live and die again as the game features a cycle of life and death with limitless potential. Every rebirth offers a different set of challenges for your character, and it’s what made Dead Cells unique than most roguelikes.

A playscore of 9.15

10. DUSK

The age of 90’s shooters may be over but its legacy continues. David Szymanski's DUSK borrows elements from iconic contemporary 3D shooters and refines the age-old genre with their own style and form. Set in a ‘Lovecraftian’ world where you fend off an army of backwater cultists and demons, discover what lurks beneath the Earth.

It’s the ideal PC first person shooter that doesn’t just pay homage to the retro-FPS days, but stands on its own as a fantastic modern classic. A playscore of 9.18

9. Celeste

The quintessential platformer with classic and modern elements packed into one. Celeste is a masterclass in indie game design. Dealing with tough issues like mental health, it tells the story of Madeleine's treacherous climb of self-discovery.

Mind you, The path to the mountain is long and dangerous. Like many platformers, it celebrates punishment before one could reach resolve. The levels are torture chambers full of hair-pulling moments, but it makes up for its stellar soundtrack.

A playscore of 9.19

8. Return Of The Obra Dinn

From the team behind Papers, Please, this brand new title takes players into the year 1802 where the merchant ship of Obra Dinn sets out from London to embark on a perilous trading quest.

A true indie-game experience. Players pick up the pieces to find out what really happened to the mysterious Obra Dinn.

It’s worth every penny and it receives a playscore of 9.19

7. Resident Evil 2

The Nemesis may be relentless, but Claire and Leon’s journey scored higher compared to Jill’s escape from Raccoon City and CAPCOM steps up their game with this groundbreaking Remake. The creeping atmosphere and tense survival-horror aspects stays to the classic RE feels. Playing as Leon and Claire as they journey around a zombie-infested Raccoon City is unforgettable, not to mention Mr. X constantly chasing you to the very ends of the earth.

A playscore of 9.21

6. Disco Elysium

This 2019 open-world RPG from ZA/UM is a class of its own. Play as a detective with a knack for mystery and partake in the myriad of activities in its dystopian world. Dialogue is your only key and your weapon. Talking to people to fuel your investigation not only gives you solutions, but it might bring more problems in its impressive take on the pen and paper format. Take matters into your own hands. Especially with its revolutionary dialogue system. The degree of freedom in each of its well-crafted missions takes you hours and hours of groundbreaking storytelling.

It has a playscore of 9.22

5. Stardew Valley

It’s a shame the PC doesn’t have Animal Crossing, but despite its absence, it’s also home to many fantastic life simulators which includes none other than Chucklefish and ConcernedApe’s Stardew Valley.

It’s a refreshing title full of great mundane moments. Waking up and getting ready for the day is different from all other players. You’re either spending the rest of your day fishing or giving gifts to your favorite person. Making relationships is as enjoyable as exploring its peaceful town.

A playscore of 9.24

4. Undertale

An RPG that doesn’t follow a formula. Toby Fox's Undertale is unconventional. Take on the role of a kid lost in a mysterious underground world. Enter in its turn-based combat which gives you the choice to either spare or kill a character. Each character in the game has its own set of dialogue, weaknesses, and strengths and these choices will greatly affect the game’s world and its ending.

A playscore of 9.35

3. Divinity: Original Sin II

Like Disco Elysium, Larian Studios’ award-winning RPG is impressive to say the least. It brings the spirit of pen and paper RPGs to the videogame world, Divinity Original Sin II is an outstanding piece of emergent gameplay. Each interaction gives you more room for experimentation and other ‘crazy’ ideas.

It’s a game played better with friends. Gather your buddies and role-play your way into Divinity’s fully-realized world with intriguing mysteries and complex characters stories.

A playscore of 9.37

2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Netflix adaptation may be a step in the right direction for the future of this franchise, but to completely experience Geralt’s story requires more than just watching the show and reading the books.

The Wild Hunt is a master-crafted fantasy RPG by CD Projekt RED that could even go face to face with Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls franchise. Its massive open-world is home to many evils and its interesting amount of side-quests rivals that of the main story.

It has a playscore of 9.40

1. Half-Life: Alyx

It may not be Valve’s elusive Half-Life 3, but this impressive take on the VR formula acts as a follow-up to their award-winning sci-fi story. Despite it being a prequel, it still adds enough story details to determine the future of the series.

This is Valve’s most ambitious work to date. Aside from its already great story, its VR elements are responsive and satisfying. It perfectly utilizes Steam’s VR functionalities in more ways than one.

It receives a playscore of 9.47