15 Best PC Fighting Games of the Last 10 Years (2010-2019)

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15. Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate Edition

When Injustice released in 2013, we thought there was nothing that's gonna be more exciting than seeing our favorite heroes and villains in the DC Universe duke it out it one stage.

Well, at least until this Ultimate Edition. With this, NetherRealm Studios delivered the complete Injustice package. All of the DLC content came together. From over 40 signature skins to names like Lobo, Batgirl, Martian Manhunter, and even Mortal Kombat's Scorpion. But aside from all the downloadable stuff that could be bought before its release, the Ultimate Editions' appeal mostly came from the new challenges and STAR Labs missions that gave even old players fresh content to dive into.

It has a playscore of 8.09

14. Soulcalibur VI

Bandai Namco resurrects their weapon-based fighting series. As a reboot title, SoulCalibur 6 introduces plenty of changes to its mechanics that make it a more competitive, yet still accessible to new players.

A series known for their cameos--like Ezio Auditore in SoulCalibur V--6 gave the same honor to CD Projekt Red's respected Witcher, Geralt of Rivia, whose style you could use in the crazily detailed character creator. But it’s where it truly shines is in their singleplayer campaign. Set in the 16th century, get hours of entertainment with its two-fold package of Soul Chronicle and Libra of Soul.

A playscore of 8.14

13. Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

One of the most popular crossover series ever hit its peak on the PC with this updated, standalone, and all-around better version of Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.

Ultimate adds 12 new playable characters to Fate of Two Worlds base 36 characters. These include Ghost Rider, Hawkeye, Strider, Firebrand, so much more. With these and the subsequent DLC characters, Ultimate was praised for the expanded character roster.

On top of that, it also solved many of Fate's online issues and enhanced visuals for a fresh new fighting experience. Marvel vs Capcom Infinite didn't quite, but at least we'll always have this. It has a playscore of 8.17.

12. Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code

This next game isn't just a visionary in terms of name-creation, French Bread's Melty Blood Actress is also one of the first to marry the unlike genres of visual novel and fighting games.

Waiting 15 years for a Western Release, this has been the fulfillment of many fans’ dreams. It features the same characters of Type Moon's adult-oriented visual novel, Tsukihime, albeit in a more wholesome manner.

The story doesn’t really matter all that much, as the game is commended mostly for its compelling, fast-paced fighting and diverse roster of 31, which includes the exclusives from the original PS2 version. It has a playscore of 8.18.

11. Tekken 7

This entry took the world by storm when it released in 2017. It’s been the talk of the talk in Fighting Game Communities and a constant highlight stage for EVO.

Step in the seventh King of the Iron Fist tournament, and witness the end of the Mishima feud. Tekken 7 isn't the most innovative title, but it's elevated by bringing out the core of the series in terms of accessible and highly entertaining fighting. Experiment with 39 playable characters and experience better combat with new features, Rage Art and Power Crush.

It has a playscore of 8.21

10. Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2

The underdog has overtaken a mainstream favorite. Arc System Work’s fighting game seems to have outgrown its cult classic origins in this update to their sequel follow-up.

Arc's signature flair for fluid combat and cinematic animations are still on full display here, especially with their decidedly unique and exaggerated cast of characters fighting for everything in the 2.5D stage. Aside from its wonderful visuals, Guilty Gear also has gained its reputation for its deep and complex mechanics.

Fights might be a little hard to find, this underground favorite is still a favorite with a score of 8.23.

9. Rivals of Aether

Fire, water, earth, and air collide in this elemental fighting game from indie developer Dan Fornace. Built on the base concepts of Super Smash Bros, it gives PC fans the opportunity to take on that brand of fun, with an elemental, 1v1 twist.

Set in a world where elements are at war, take your pick from their array of champions and manipulate the four to score the victory in their various game modes. Rivals of Aether fleshes out Nintendo’s party fighting game and improving with advanced mechanics of dodge rolls, parries, and more.

It has a playscore of 8.31

8. Nidhogg

In Messhof's quirky fighting game, simplicity is sophistication. Unlike all the other melee, body to body combat of the others in this list, Nidhogg lets you fight it to the death medieval style.

Channel out all your ripostes, thrusts, and other acrobatics for all the frenetic fencing you'll be taking part in. Despite the simplicity, its retro pixel art style serves Nidhogg well, allowing for its fluid fast-paced jousting.

For fighting without time limits and all the joys of disarms, sword-stealing, and stabbing, it has a playscore of 8.33.

7. BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma EXTEND

Arc System Work's third installment in what is considered the spiritual successor to their Guilty Gear series. The wheel of fate continues to turn in this extended Chrono Phantasma version. There's a fresh wave of new faces, like Lambda 11 and Celica A Mercury, for a total of over 28 playable heroes each with their set of moves.

It also introduces the Overdrive mechanics which spices up the fighting experience, along with their additional story mode Remix Heart. There might've been some issues with the PC port, it has all the deep fighting fun as the console versions with a score of 8.33.

6. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst

After all these years, Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 remains at the peak of the whole Naruto Shippudden fighting series. In its time, this particular entry from CyberConnect2 featured one of the most extensive character rosters. Play as your favorite ninjas and navigate their Story mode that pits you against the Uchiha clan.

The entry marked the return of Storm 2's epic boss battles, but Full Burst comes with even more exciting additions like added cinematics, costumes, and characters, and chapters. Extending its appeal to even non-fans of the anime, it has a playscore of 8.34.


Another Arc System Works entry, and definitely not the last. Under Night In-Birth, much like Melty Blood Actress, combines visual novel storytelling with fighting.

Its fighting style shares the same four-button style gameplay as other Arc System Works tiles. But, what lures you in is their flair for dramatic anime tropes spread across the mystery of the Hollow Night.

Some of its lineup of 20 characters won't be strangers to anyone who picked up the BlazBlue CrossTag Battle. Though it assumes familiarity with its lack of tutorials, it's a budget treat for anyone looking for a fast-paced fighter on their PCs. It has a playscore of 8.36.

4. Lethal League

A game that deserves an award in originality. Team Reptile's Lethal League is bound to be one of the most unique fighting games you'll ever come across.

In this competitive projectile fighter, you step into whatever arena of your choosing and bring out your bats for a battle of a lifetime. If hitting a ball sounds easy enough, each successive strike means adds more power and velocity. A few hits and you're out.

Lethal League maintains its funky aesthetic in its roster packed with eager batters, and crazed and caned candymen. Built on a solid premise, it's a total home run with a playscore of 8.4.

3. Dragon Ball FighterZ

One of Arc System Works' latest games generated a lot of hype and thank god it delivered.

Dragon Ball is a series that's known for their dynamic cartoon fighting and Arc's style melds well with the spirit of the original anime. There's so much respect given to the source material and its made obvious by the careful rendition to each of the game's 24 characters.

Recreate Goku's epic fight with Frieza or try out unlikely combinations of the icons you grew up within their tag-team engagements. FighterZ is an intersection of depth, nostalgia, and accessibility and it has a playscore of 8.41.

2. Ultra Street Fighter IV

While Street Fighter 4 was good enough, this ultra version is a welcome upgrade packed with new characters, features, and everything nice. Ultra doesn’t just welcome a host of improvements, it also ushered the arrival of Rolento, Elena, and Decapre, making it an entry that’s both new and familiar.

Get to choose fighter editions for each match and make use of both your ultra combos with the new Ultra Combo Double. It may have had to overcome a few glitches and bugs, but it’s become one of the best fighting games of the generation, and it just keeps getting better. It has a playscore of 8.44.

1. Skullgirls

The unexpected winner in the PC's fight for the better fighting game. It might not be the most established or well-known fighter, Lab Zero's Skullgirls definitely has the quality to back it up.

Combining anime, steampunk, and art-deco into one, it's also a game that's really easy on the eyes. Their eight characters may not be much, the creativity and detail poured into their styles and set moves drives home the quality of the whole package.

And aside from the surface level observations, Skullgirls also boasts punishing AI, accurate hitboxes, and a competitive online community, all of which are must-haves for fans of the fighting genre. It's earned its spot in the best of best, with a score of 8.62.