Top 10 Free iPhone & iPad Games of 2019 | Games of the Year

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10. Godzilla Defense Force

There hasn’t really been a good Godzilla since forever. NEXON’s own take on the Godzilla IP isn’t really scratching that itch as well, but it does offer a decent amount of fanservice for major fans of the Kaiju-filled franchise. What Defense Force is banking on is the presence of every version of our favorite Monsters since 1954 to present.

However, there’s a catch, it’s an idle clicker.

This TOHO licensed mobile game combines idle defense and idle clicking into one title. Godzilla isn’t the only King of the Monsters here, with the help of your finger, simply tap and tap to deploy your armies and fend off a legion of dangerous Kaijus seeking to destroy each major city in the world.

As a FREE game, there’s no complaints here as long as we get to see our favorite monsters trying to breach Earth’s mighty defenses. A playscore of 8.73

9. Forgotton Anne

Of course we can’t forget about this adventure game by Hitcents with the feel of your favorite Studio Ghibli film. Steeped in the wonders of magic realism, Forgotten Anne tells tales of a world where objects take sentience. Control the character Anne as she uncovers various secrets that slowly reveals the magic of the world.

Not only drawing you in with the intrigue of their Spirited Away-like universe, but its platform puzzles are also uniquely engaging. Though not as precise and complex as most platformers, Forgotten Anne lets the charm of their narrative speak for itself.

Combining captivating stories and charming puzzles into one, it receives a playscore of 8.75

8. Bombastic Brothers - Top Squad

Fans of the iconic Metal Slug and Contra franchise know what a run-gun platformer is all about. Bombastic Brothers is all about the guns and blowing things up. After an army of nasty bugs invaded our planet, it’s up to these semi-legal team of soldiers and agents to grab a gun and ready for some testosterone-fueled action.

Join the arcade revolution, but before anything else: choose your hero and gear up to overcome various challenges along the way. Upgrade your spaceship and watch it peel through enemy forces with ease.

There’s absolutely a ton of stuff to do here and it doesn’t even take itself too seriously. As a FREE mobile game with these kinds of features, it’s the ideal choice for players who just want to do some casual gaming. A playscore of 8.75

7. The King Of Fighters ALLSTAR

SNK is getting the attention it deserves this year, especially with its inclusion in Nintendo’s Smash universe. However, this isn’t really the kind of fighting game that we’ve grown accustomed to. Think of it more like an action-brawler than a fighter. It utilizes the iOS’ touch features for an easy-to-learn experience.

With just the power of your fingers, combine combos and execute powerful special moves. Select from a massive list of popular King of Fighter characters from 1994 to the latest XIV.

Considering it’s also a FREE mobile game, microtransactions will be around in every corner. Strengthen your unlocked fighters using its out of place gacha-style system and let them dominate the arena.

It receives a playscore of 8.76


South Korea’s biggest boy band gets their own mobile game. Obviously built for their hardcore stans, you play as a passionate manager boosting these young boy’s careers. Kickstart their road to stardom by helping them debut in the K-Pop scene.

This little mobile experience developed by Netmarble Games not only serves as a ‘management simulator’ but also an opportunity for Big Hit to showcase the dramatic growth of the Bangtan Boys from its inception to its present-success. Learn the ups and downs of each of the 7 members of the massively popular boy band from each of their unique scenarios. Unlock exclusive footage and more as the game progresses.

It receives a playscore of 8.89

5. Sky: Children Of The Light

Thatgamecompany’s latest project takes you to a magic kingdom in the skies. Children of the Light is absolutely beautiful. Unlike their previous title, Journey, Sky is a vibrant adventure with more bright colors and detailed cloud effects.

Also improving upon their previous title is the return of their famed online feature where you make friends along the way and soar together around its enchanting skies. Unlock fancy capes and caps for your adorable spirit with the help of some friends. Teamwork is a necessary aspect in this entry and each of its mastercrafted levels offers unique surprises and challenges for you to overcome.

And the best thing about Sky is that it is FREE, excluding cosmetics, of course. It receives a playscore of 8.91

4. Chess Rush

The Auto-Battler genre spawned out of nowhere and mobile developers are capitalizing on its recent success. Tencent’s Chess Rush is just like any other Auto-Battler out there. It’s a turn-based strategy game where you control heroes in a massive chessboard and order them to dominate the battlefield.

It’s just like chess, but instead of inanimate pieces, you get to see your chosen heroes move and unleash a flurry of magical attacks all around your screen. What makes Chess Rush different, however, is its emphasis on co-op. Teaming up with friends online makes every encounter challenging yet rewarding in its 2v2 and 4v4 modes.

It fits perfectly as a mobile title and It has a playscore of 8.92

3. GWENT: A Witcher Card Game

It’s hard to imagine The Witcher III’s fan-favorite side-activity turned into a standalone game.

Outsmart your enemies by being one step ahead of them. CD Projekt RED's GWENT is a different breed of Card Game where you pick a faction, build an army, and wage war against other players across multiple game modes. Each card and faction offer hundreds of possibilities, all depending on your skill and maybe a bit of luck.

The Witcher Card Game is slowly earning its place in the CG arena. Ever since the iOS’ release, it became one of the App Store’s most popular titles. Just recently, they released their latest expansion: Merchants of Ofir, which introduces new cards and mechanics to the board.

It has a playscore of 8.94


After a series of development issues, the long-awaited passion project is finally out. ANOTHER EDEN is a result of a collective effort of renowned JRPG creators and artists from popular titles like Chrono Trigger, Luminous Arc 2, BINCHOTAN, and more.

Despite its ensemble of talented people working together in this game, the story is still your typical JRPG: you embark on a grand journey to save the lost future and stop the evil before anything bad happens. It's a captivating journey with a fascinating set of characters that glues you from start to finish.

What makes ANOTHER EDEN great is its excellent combination of classic and modern JRPG-design. The creators made sure you get to enjoy its world full of monsters and magic. It has a playscore of 8.94

1. Call Of Duty: Mobile

Good first-person shooters on the mobile are very unlikely. However, Activision’s version of their famed Call of Duty franchise proved everyone wrong. Call of Duty: Mobile is not just one game. It acts like two different games packed into one. Engage in a brutal 5 versus 5 mode with you and your buddies or drop in and be the last man standing with the massively-popular Battle Royale genre.

Fans of the franchise will also enjoy the addition of notable characters from the series including Captain Price and Ghost, but only as avatars. It’s a content-packed shooter fit for the mobile and the ideal game to play with friends on a drunken Friday night.

It has a playscore of 8.96