10 Best Free iOS Games of 2020 | Mobile Games of the Year

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10. Otherworld Legends

A beat ‘em up roguelike game in iOS is not a rare thing, but this project from ChillyRoom has something different for the mobile genre. For a free game, it does so well with introducing a never-ending cycle of punching out paranormal entities using a variety of Kung Fu moves. It’s pretty straightforward for a roguelike title. Each run offers procedurally generated levels and items that grant insane levels of replayability. Over 100 items can be used to survive this RNG hell. Luck may be as important as reflexes here, but learning enemy patterns and understanding the game mechanics is pretty satisfying as always. GameZebo scored a 4.5. Citing “...There are better action slashers out there, but this one fits really pretty well into pocket-sized gaming sessions.” It may not be as friendly compared to most casual mobile games, but it does offer a ton of endless fun on a portable platform. A playscore of 8.47.

9. War Tortoise 2

It’s literally a game about these shelled reptilians. Fans of World of Tanks! or War Thunder will definitely find something special here, while it shares the common theme of maneuvering a massive metallic monster, they are far from similar. The main objective in War Tortoise 2 is simply to become the most powerful war machine in the land. Yes, it’s as simple as its gameplay. Shooting enemies and taking resources for upgrades is the gameplay loop here. It’s a grindy experience and expect investing hours and hours just to get that optimal build. 148Apps gave it a 3 out of 5, saying “...is the kind of game that fits the bill for someone who just wants something they can check in on while binging Netflix.” Even though it’s a free title, it isn’t always friendly when it comes to intrusive ads and microtransactions. It receives a playscore of 8.49.

8. Genshin Impact

One of the highest-grossing Mobile game this year is miHoyo’s latest action-RPG. Borrowing the aesthetics from Nintendo’s Breath of the Wild, Genshin Impact has a massive open-world brimming with life and stuff to do. While on the surface it feels like a content-heavy RPG, underneath its alluring anime waifus is a Gacha system that serves as its bread and butter. Unlocking its interesting cast of characters by lucky pulls or simply through RNG is the game’s way to lure players back. It’s completely achievable by just playing and grinding for in-game currency, but to anyone actually spending a considerable amount of money... might have their reasons. There’s a growing community here and continuous developer support in the years to come. New characters and content are dropped regularly, so expect more Genshin Impact next year. A playscore of 8.49.

7. Knighthood

The developers behind the successful Candy Crush series enter Medieval territory in this unlikely role-playing game. Chivalry is dead and knighthood is all about bringing down the monsters that plague the land. King has been moving forward from their signature brand of match three puzzle making and venturing into more complex gameplay mechanics --- with a touch of their signature art, of course. Stepping into the shoes of a Rage Knight is no easy task. Battling magical creatures and obtaining powerful gear is the first step to clear this corrupted land from Evil. King has always been known for their addicting gameplay and Knighthood is no stranger to that. There’s always a reason to come back and becoming even more powerful is just the beginning. There’s a myriad of activities in its vibrant 3D world. A playscore of 8.56.

6. Kick-Flight

A surprisingly unique mobile game and it’s absolutely FREE. Boost those thrusters and go at mach speed with a team of 4 in this 3D aerial-action game from Grenge. The goal in Kick-Flight isn’t just aerial supremacy, but collecting enough crystals until the timer runs out. It’s pretty competitive and it encourages teamwork since the opposing side is just as aggressive. It gained attention due to its easy to learn, difficult to master mechanics. In addition to that, its anime aesthetic works well with the game’s cyber-futuristic theme. Heck, even Kana-Boon, famed artist behind Naruto’s opening theme, has a music video for it! It has a ton of potential and it might become big in the near future! We can’t wait to see what’s in store for this one. It receives a playscore of 8.60.

5. Fruit Ninja 2

Who would’ve thought that a simple ‘fruit slicing’ mobile game would get a sequel. Halfbrick Studios’ beloved and addicting action-arcade game returns, and they’re bringing more than just slicing and dicing edible harvests. This latest installment promises more content compared to the original. The addition of an online multiplayer is a great start, creating a new purpose for its varied customization options. Gamezebo gave the game a 4.5. They iterated that “...it doesn’t reinvent the apple-slicing wheel, but what did you expect? It does everything you want it to do and a little bit more.” It’s a FREE game that doesn’t run out of juice… no matter the occasion. It receives a playscore of 8.62.

4. Magic: ManaStrike

While most franchises are busy moving into the CCG scene, the popular cardgame, Magic, is moving into real-time battles. The beautifully realized fantasy universe comes fully alive in this new strategy. For fans of SUPERCELL's Clash Royale, this format may feel familiar: two players fighting for dominion using the card-based units in their hand. The casual gameplay is still there. But, with Magic: The Gathering backing their card gameplay, Manastrike's system has a more palpable depth that gives it an edge over the competition. These are all noted in Gamezebo's review, where they continue saying that it "does a good job of bridging the gap between the two communities." Magic's most accessible spinoff this year has certainly made its mark with iOS players as it receives a playscore of 8.63.

3. Grand Mountain Adventure

With the way things have been going, everybody needs a vacation. Thankfully, you can get a feel of that in this adventure from Toppluva Studios. Here, there's a vast mountain of snowscapes to discover in over 100 challenges and trials. The game's aesthetic helps, too, with an appealing sense of realism in their bird's eye perspective. Overall, its atmosphere is excellent, offering that neeeded contrast of calm while overcoming obstacles. Whether its challenges, or the feeling of adventure, Grand Mountain Adventure has it covered. It may have some in-app purchases that may unlock access to more content, most of the features that skyrocketed it to second place, it does for free. Living up to its name, it receives a playscore of 8.63.

2. KartRider Rush+

The closest thing iOS users can enjoy a Kart game without a massive paywall. KartRider Rush+ is an upgrade from the original and it comes with new styles and game modes for casual fans of the kart racing genre. The game offers a plethora of characters to choose from, each with their own unique quirks. The fun starts when competing with other players in ranked mode or taking a quick breather in its arcade mode. Climbing the ranks is no easy feat, especially with its broken matchmaking, but it’s best to do it with style. Customization options pull players back into the game, offering a variety of new content each update. It’s a “...brilliant, engaging, bright and entertaining racer that fulfils the grin requirement of the kart genre with aplomb.” said GameZebo and gave it a perfect score of a 5 out of 5. It may not be the best mobile game out there, but as a free title, it offers enough hours of non-stop fun for casual iOS users. A playscore of 8.67.

1. Legends Of Runeterra

Riot is owning 2020 with the release of multiple hit IPs. Valorant took the first person shooter genre by storm and Wild Rift was a nice change of pace for mobile MOBAs. Legends of Runeterra was their own version of TCGs. Straight from the playbook of Magic and Blizzard’s Hearthstone, Runeterra offers a familiar yet unique card-game experience for fans and non-fans of LoL. Players are encouraged to craft their own deck with their own strategies to climb the ladder. Like all CGs, it’s grindy and it demands hours and hours of theory crafting. Each of its heroes play an important part in shifting the tides of the Arena. It’s heavily aimed towards fans of the genre and it can get intimidating for newcomers. It has a playscore of 8.90.