Top 10 FREE Android & iOS Games of May 2020

Check out the latest free game releases with our dedicated lists for Android and iOS.

15. Amazing Spider Rope Hero Spider Frog Ninja Strange

After the success that was their Joker Stickman Vegas games, HGTank comes back with a new game--this time, in the shoes of a man in a superhero suit. It's the same kind of city simulation that they're known for, except with better graphics and, apparently, smoother controls.

While it has more than a million downloads and four stars to its name, it may be an acquired taste though. And although it’s an improvement over the studio's last game, it's still pretty underwhelming by normal game standards--especially considering its dated controls and tireless ads.

An oddity that may be up your alley, it received a gamerscore of 9.15

14. Hero Rescue - Unique Puzzle

Something a little bit more normal. A puzzle game from Upland, Hero Rescue lets you help a knight fulfill his chivalric duties, going through castle to castle to find gems and rescue the princess. The thinking is up to you though. In more than 300 levels, the game challenges you to take out keys in the best order to keep the knight safe to do the tasks at hand.

It's a very simple game, but with hundreds of levels, it can give you that satisfaction of a puzzle completed for hours on end. Receiving only ratings from gamers, it receives a score of 9.18

13. Rumble Hockey on Android and iOS

From the makers of Rumble Stars Football, Frogmind Games leaps at the opportunity of bringing us another anthropomorphic take on a popular sport. Not all that far from their football counterpart, it's the same mechanics of working the puck around the field with your talented animal team to score goals against your opponent.

Train your team, join clubs, and show off your skills in many versus matches. Using the same friendly animals and visuals, it's got the same charm as Rumble Stars Football.

If you're a big of a fan of hockey, this is a mobile must-have and it receives a gamerscore of 9.18 on the iOS, and 8.60 on the Android

12. 1v1.LOL - Online Building & Shooting Simulator on Android and iOS

Once a popular browser shooter, the 1v1s have finally made it to the android mobile platforms. Think of it as a more lightweight Fortnite alternative where you have to balance both building and shooting to win the game.

Just like its browser counterpart, it's got a surprising amount of features. Go to justbuild mode to sharpen your reflexes and skills on your own, or go online and fight against players around the globe. Go on classic 1v1s, head to the deathmatches in the battle royale mode, or team up in 2v2s and 4v4s.

Offering function over form, gamers definitely loved it, earning it a score of 9.19

11. Jade Sword on Android and iOS

There are plenty of MMORPGs out there and this month, our main distraction is Jade Sword, a graphically beautiful MMO set in a fairyland that's filled to brim with gorgeous oriental aesthetics. While it has an abundance of bosses to bring down and loot to collect, what makes this game different is its quest to find love.

Unlike most MMOs, love is also a central part of the gameplay, offering lots of features for players who found the love of their online lives. Set-up the wedding ceremonies, have babies, and basically ride into the eastern sunset with your new boo.

It has a gamerscore of 9.19

10. DOP: Draw One Part

Don't let this game's simplistic graphics deceive you. At the heart of it lies a deeply entertaining puzzler that you can either breeze through or leave you scratching your head. As its title suggests, all you have to do is draw one part, completing the 2D pictures, and making it through the level. While the first few levels are easy enough, there will be a few that will test how well you know about the ordinary objects around us.

As always with free games, there may be a few ads to sit through, but they're sparse enough to still enjoy the game's over 200 levels. It receives a gamerscore of 9.19

9. Dynasty Heroes: Legend of SamKok

For more games with that definitive Asian flavor, Dynasty Heroes is a tactical RPG which explores the themes of the classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Rewrite the sands of time with their range of heroes and characters from the historical text. Create your team of warriors, equip yourself with the most appropriate weapons, and use your tactical wits to hit enemies with the best possible combos.

It's a highly satisfying adventure. Knock down the walls of each kingdom in this game with a gamerscore of 9.19

8. Katana Master on Android and iOS

Wield the power of the katana in this new casual action game. There isn't really much actual fighting. As you face opponents in increasingly difficult levels, you only have the power of timing at your disposal. Time your taps for the optimum level of attack, and watch it unfold in powerful multi-hit attacks.

You'll also have some powerups at the side too, which you can avail for a few seconds of ads. These come in very handy as you go through the bosses which, from the beginning, will be difficult to beat without them.

It gets a gamerscore of 9.26

7. Stick Super: Hero

Now for some actual fighting. It might not actually be that big of an upgrade in terms of graphics from the last game, but this time you'll actually be involved in some action. Playing as stick figures dressed in superhero costumes, fight your way through their varying game modes.

Whether its the story mode which pits you against increasingly harder heroes, or versus mode to test your skills against real-life reflexes--it's gonna be all fun, landing punches, timing blocks, and releasing your Kraken of an ult.

Packed with comic book aesthetics and lots of microtransactions, it has a gamerscore of 9.37

6. Lucky Plane - Merge & Idle Winner

Some people just have way too much time on their hands. If you're one of those people, then this game from Heron Studios just might be for you. There really isn't much to it, other than being an idle game layered with a simple pairing mechanic.

The goal isn't really to expand your hangar, it's to just keep upgrading. Select pairs, get that swanky new plane type and spend the next minutes recreating it to get the next one. Patience and boredom is the main factor here as progress slows to a halt, and you'll be forced to choose between staring at the screen for a few minutes or coughing up a few bucks for the next upgrade.

Still, somehow it earns itself a gamerscore of 9.37

5. My Cat - Attract Wealth

There's something fishy going here. Despite having pretty much the same basic mechanics and presentation, the past two games have not been from the same developer. In any case, of the two, it's this one that seems more forgivable, only by the mere fact that it's...all about cats--and boy are they cute.

Seeming like a play on the famous Japanese lucky cat icon, keep merging cats and be rewarded with a face of a brand new adorable cat. It receives a gamerscore of 9.38

4. Zombie Sweeper: Minesweeper Action Puzzle

Our next game has a bit more heft than our other games. Putting a bit more effort into flair, this game puts an undead twist to the minesweeper formula. Tap carefully on their grid of boxes to find the zombies, and deploy the special task forces to bring them down.

The simplicity of the original game is still there, but the fresh cartoon makeover does make it that much more enjoyable to play. Taking minesweeper from the grave and giving it a new look, it gets a gamerscore of 9.39

3. City of Desire

In the City of Desire, there is only one rule: RULE IT. Here, you'll be able to fulfill your wildest power-tripping dreams. Not only do you get to exercise power over most parts of the city as the Mayor of the City, but you'll also get your secretary.

Morality is clearly not the core of this title, and perhaps you can take all the actions you make here as telltale signs of evil. Or you can be one of the good ones.

Despite the shifty conduct, it's actually a pretty full-featured title, with sandbox gameplay that will keep you entertained for long. It has a gamerscore of 9.62

2. Wordy word - wordscape free & get relax

Word games never go out of style. With Wordscapes still being a go-to for word lovers, it never has a shortage of clones. This is one of them. It uses basically the same mechanics: find all the words you can form from the given letters from their grid to complete the level. The only difference here is that this game has more than a few ads to serve up to for every completed level.

It's not the greatest experience, and you'll probably be better off with another game. But, by its basest mechanics and presentable visuals alone, it earned itself a gamerscore of 9.98

1. SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off

The only game that earned a full playscore last May, Spongebob has had a lot of cooking for us. While it might not be too different from most cooking games, the added Bikini Bottom splash makes it worthwhile for any fan of the series.

Dive down into the waters and prepare all sorts of wacky dishes for your chums under the sea. Already released on the Android, this will be a welcome treat for any iOS users who want to put themselves in the shoes of the always enthusiastic sea sponge.

It has a playscore of 9.41