Top 25 NEW Games of April 2019 on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch

These are the highest-rated video games released in April 2019, ranked according to their playscore. To see the complete list, visit our dedicated page of all new video games.

25. Ghost Giant

A PSVR game from the developers of Fe and Flipping Death, Zoink Games takes on a new platform to tell the interesting story of a small cat and you, his giant ghost friend. According to IGN and Destructoid, it might not break any new ground in terms of sandbox VR storytelling, Ghost Giant's plot and adventures are injected with enough charm to make it stand out anyway.

Drawing you in with its appealing aesthetics, it's a worthy VR experience with a heart and it gets a provisional rating of 7.76

24. Vaporum on PC, PlayStataion 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

Get with the steampunk theme in this stylish grid-based dungeon crawler developed by Fatbot Games that pays tribute to the much-beloved classics. In Vaporum, you play as an amnesiac protagonist that wanders through labyrinthine halls in search of something familiar. Help him rediscover his identity and finally decode the mysteries of his location.

A decent substitute for Grimrock fans on the consoles, it gets provisional playscores of 7.16 on the PS4, 7.14 on the Xbox One, and 7.77 on the Switch

23. Anno 1800

Ubisoft is going back to their roots with this trip to the industrial booms of the 19th century. The seventh installment in their Anno series lets you take good look at the developments of the very seminal 19th century. It's a marked upgrade from their previous games, with aesthetics now forming a large part in how cities thrive. Whether it's turning to pollution for the sake of capitalism, or spicing it up to welcome a flock of paying tourists. Covering the industrial revolution, it aptly became the fastest-selling title in the city building franchise.

It has a playscore of 7.82

22. Super DRAGON BALL Heroes: World Mission on PC and Switch

Bandai Namco has been flooding the shelves with nonstop Dragonball action. And, while this isn't exactly their best, it does offer the world a unique look at the beloved franchise. Adding card-based gameplay to the mix, Super Dragonball Heroes is still an RPG at heart. A game within a game, play as Beat in the creatively named Hero Town and go on a journey to become the best Dragon Heroes player. The price might be a bit steep but offers a world rich with content and strategic depth.

It gets a playscore of 7.84 on the PC, and 7.49 on the Switch.

21. Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain

The latest in a line of third-person shooters about a multinational military fighting against a hostile alien infestation. Known for their turn off your brain and keep shooting brand of gameplay, Iron Rain's bigger world did get some pretty polarizing reviews. A little different from its usual formula, it's definitely cleaner and more polished than ever before.

Disappointing for fans of their signature roughness, it's a success on its own, with a score of 7.84

20. Sigma Theory: Global Cold War

Mi-Clos Studio returns to earth with a turn-based take on a new cold war. Draped in futuristic pinks and purples, Sigma Theory is perfect for those who love board-game like strategy and micromanagement. Playing as the head of the Sigma division, release your army of agents to the world and reap the benefits seduction, blackmail, and manipulation. Watch out for other spies and use your wits to navigate the minefield of diplomacy.

Currently on Early Access, it earns a score of 7.91

19. World War Z on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Co-op zombie killing isn't exactly new but Saber Interactive's World War Z does it well enough to bring it back to the fore in a big way. Along with up to three of your friends, march right into the streets and partake in the massive massacre of the infected. Often compared with Left 4 Dead series, it doesn't exactly have anything revolutionary under its belt. As long as the co-op works and the guns keep shooting, it's still a whole load of zombie-killing fun.

It has a score of 7.16 on the PC, 7.97 on the PS4. and 7.95 on the Xbox One.


Originally a 3DS exclusive, one of Nintendo's puzzle royalties is entering the Switch lineup along with a brand new friend. Dragging Box Girl along for the ride, this package deal will let you share the experience with a friend in co-op. Packed with Box Boy's original adventures, a handful of new ones, and the new character Qudy's post-game escapades, it all adds to more than 250 exciting puzzles and hours of platforming fun.

It has a rating of 8.00

17. SteamWorld Quest: Hand of Gilgamech

From Tower Defense, to Digs, and a Heist, Image & Form's latest venture for their Steam-powered World comes in the form of a role-playing card game. Get to meet their band of a bucket of bolts and lead the heroes through the turn-based battles ahead using only your wits and your perfectly curated deck of cards. It doesn't have the depth of most RPGs, it's delightful cast and satisfying combat is enough to please fans on the Switch.

It has a provisional playscore of 8.01

16. God's Trigger on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

Welcome to your new favorite top-down shooter from ONE MORE LEVEL. Drawing inspiration from Dennaton Games' Hotline Miami shootouts, God's Trigger also has all of its knee-jerk reactions and lightning-fast takedowns. Adding co-op fun and the ability to play around with the execution--whether its sloppy bullet storms or calculated killstreaks. And, playable as a singleplayer experience, you also get to experiment with each of Harry and Judy's unique capabilities.

It has a provisional rating of 7.57 on the PC, a 7.63 on the PS4, and an 8.09 on the Xbox One.

15. My Time At Portia on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

Another PC game made their console entrance last month. Paying tribute to the pioneers of the farm life RPG in a brand new way, My Time at Portia not only expands the genre with their 3D visuals but also in its consuming open-world setting. Less about farming and more about building and battling, it's a delightfully unique spin that kind of combines the best parts of Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, Minecraft into one.

It has a playscore of 8.11 on the PS4, 7.46 on the Xbox One, and a provisional rating of 7.47 on the Switch

14. Heaven's Vault on PC and PlayStation 4

We're slowing down the pace a bit for for Inkle's new indie adventure. Where 80 Days explores the four corners of the world, Heaven's Vault lets you uncover the secrets of an ancient world. Set in an open world, it might not have the best animations, the richness of its dialog, soundtracks, and its central fictional language has more than enough beauty to make it a highly recommended title.

It has a playscore of 8.13 on the PC, and a provisional rating of 7.22 on the PS4.

13. Katana ZERO on PC and Nintendo Switch

Devolver Digital sure knows how to pick ‘em. Staying true to their love for pixel violence, Katana Zero has all the markings of a success. From its faithful retro aesthetics, synth soundtracks, and neon lights, down to its compelling story and the satisfaction that their combat provides. Boasting action, eye-candy, and heart, Devolver hit another jackpot with Askiisoft's action platformer.

It has a playscore of 8.81 on the PC, and a provisional rating of 8.16 on the Switch.

12. Days Gone

Sony’s latest exclusive title may not be as revolutionary as we thought it would, but it still has its moments. Set in a post-apocalyptic Oregon, follow a survivor Deacon St. John as he embarks on a road trip and avoid the ghastly horde of Freakers that threaten the existence of man. Combat is akin to Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us but with heavy emphasis to its open-world element. Engage in stealth base infiltration, use the dynamic weather to your advantage or ride your motorcycle to fend off an army of monsters. At the end of the day, it’s still just another zombie survival horror game.

It receives a playscore of 8.30 on the PS4.

11. Yuppie Psycho

Strange but effective, this indie-adventure slash horror-core from Baroque Decay takes you to the life of Brian Pasternack as he climbs his way of the top hierarchy of a corporate giant. Unprepared, unqualified, and uncertain, this yuppie will have to do what it takes in order to survive the harrowing experiences of reaching the top. Learn office protocol, familiarize yourself with the company’s eccentric employees, and assess your character whether you can do this or not.

It’s a HR Manager’s worst nightmare, and it receives a playscore of 8.32 on the PC.

10. Borderlands: Game Of The Year Edition on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

Before we finally get our hands on Borderlands 3, let’s take a look back memory lane in this definitive edition of the first Borderlands game. Gearbox’s trigger-happy looter-shooter gets a massive rework. Enjoy its addictive action and frantic first-person shooter combat. Not to mention its wide array of ridiculous weapons and unconventional RPG elements. Grab a friend and mess around in its four-player co-op mode, or just simply enjoy the crazy lawless world of Pandora.

It receives a provisional playscore of 7.65 on the PC. It also receives a playscore of 8.56 and 8.46 on the PS4 and X1 respectively.


Grizzly Games’ minimalist strategy game is all about building colorful islands and cities. There is no need for a stressful resource management in this title, all it requires is a little bit of your time and maybe a hint of imagination. Explore an infinite number of ever-changing new lands and expand your settlements from sprawling villages to vast cities. It’s a game made with passion from a small team of three. Its vibrant and relaxing atmosphere is its selling point.

It receives a playscore of 8.56 on the PC.

8. Mortal Kombat 11 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC

Past meets future in this incredible new entry from NetherRealms’ Mortal Kombat series. Experience an all-new story mode and meet the fresh and familiar faces of the MK franchise. Fan-favorites like Raiden, Scorpion, Subzero and more return to the fray while newcomers like Geras, Cetrion, and Kronika prove their worth with their insane abilities. Featuring a whole new Fatal Blow mechanic, players can deal massive damage with proper timing. In addition, it’s fancy new character creator can let you create your own hero with your own abilities.

It receives a playscore of 8.59 on the PS4, 7.95 on the Xbox One, 7.39 on the Switch due to graphical downgrades and 6.82 on the PC for technical issues on Steam.

7. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy on PC and PlayStation 4

It’s about time Phoenix Wright enters the Switch and the other consoles that’s not Nintendo. This trilogy bundle introduces the acclaimed Public Defender as he wins his battles by using his wit. By the power of legalese mixed with anime power, engage in fun and unique narrative experiences with three of the best Phoenix Wright games. Solve intriguing courtroom cases and find the truth yourself.

It receives a playscore of 8.62 on the PC, and 8.57 on the PS4. It also receives a provisional playscore of 7.52 and 7.78 on the Xbox One and Switch respectively.

6. One Finger Death Punch 2

The wonders of stick animation continue to amaze the ever-changing video game community. From developer Silver Dollar Games, this sequel to the slick stick brawler is a huge improvement in design and animation. Controls are simplistic as you only use two buttons to mash and showcase over 1000 unique animations. There’s no complex storyline, no dialogue, and no true objective. It’s just you messing around and defeating as many enemies as you can in the most stylish way possible.

It has a playscore of 8.64.

5. Levelhead

Remember Crashlands? From the team behind our well-loved sandbox game, Butterscotch Shenanigans’ latest title is a platforming adventure. Take control of GR-18, a delivery robot in-training, as you run, jump, and blast your way across its challenging campaign in solo or in co-op. Once your journey is complete, you can unlock new technologies to support and build your own workshop for some snazzy and creative levels for you to play around.

It receives a provisional playscore of 8.68 on the PC.

4. Cuphead

Take a dive into their handcrafted 1930s inspired settings, and help Mugman and Cuphead as they settle a risky deal with the devil. Knock on the doors of each hardy Inkwell Isle inhabitant, and retrieve every missing Soul Contract. While it does lean towards some degree of frustration, Cuphead is unerringly addictive, letting you relive each mistake as you aim for that A+ rating. Finally, out on the Switch, it’s the perfect platform for Nintendo’s crown jewel right now.

It has a provisional playscore of 8.70.

3. Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster on Nintendo Switch and PC

Square Enix’s latest remaster takes us to the bittersweet journey of Tidus and Yuna as they save their world of Spira from a malevolent threat. Considered as one of the greatest JRPG’s of all time, this remake is a love-letter to all the avid Final Fantasy fans. Together with this remaster comes the unlikely sequel, FFX-2 where players control Yuna and her band of cute warriors. This bundle is the definitive FFX experience due to its graphical improvements, gameplay balance, and bonus content.

It receives a provisional playscore of 9.03 on the Switch and 8.79 on the PC.

2. Coloring Game

Casual, simple and free-to-play. This indie game from L. Stotch is what it is. It’s a coloring game meant to relieve stress. The instructions are clear as day: Animate the pixel picture by coloring it to its full extent. Find the perfect mode for your mood with its three varying game modes. After everything is all colored up, the picture turns to life. There’s no complicated storyline here, nor engaging combat, it’s just a coloring game that eases tension, anxiety, and stress after a long day.

It has a provisional playscore of 9.18.

1. Supraland

Supra Games’ hodgepodge of iconic video game gameplay mechanics. Supraland combines Portal’s puzzle design, Zelda’s sense of adventure and Metroid’s metroidvania elements. It assumes that you, the player, are intelligent enough to understand the game’s objectives and rules without further explanation. Its heavy emphasis on exploration rewards players who are keen enough to find every secret in every nook and cranny.

It’s a surprising number one for the best games of April 2019, and it receives a provisional playscore of 9.43.