Top 10 Android Anime Games

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10. Ultimate Ninja Blazing

The show may be over, but the characters and the anime remain timeless. Of all the Naruto games in the mobile market, this one stood out the most. A stark contrast to Ultimate Ninja Storm where we pick our favorite Shinobis and duke it out in real-time ninja battles; this Naruto title is layered with strategic elements far from its console and PC counterparts.

Pick from over 100 iconic characters straight from the popular anime and journey through hundreds of missions fighting hordes of enemies. So form that ninja dream-team and go full Shinobi with powerful attacks and stylish ninjutsu skills.

It’s a Naruto game, alright and it receives a playscore of 8.17

9. Puzzle & Dragons

It’s funny to see how most mobile game developers just slap some random anime girls into their designs, branding it ‘Anime’ and has a completely simple gameplay. This is what Gungho Online's Puzzle & Dragons is all about. There’s no actual ‘anime’ borrowed here, just some beautiful girls clad in fantasy armor. Beneath all that, it’s a match-three puzzle game.

Adding into its straightforward mobile approach is ‘monster collecting’. You can expand your collection of characters by leveling them up and evolving them into their most powerful versions. Its gameplay loop simply revolves around you matching the same colors, lining them up and get the highest score.

If you want some added challenge, it has a playscore of 8.21


Finally, a worthy Dragon Ball game for the mobile. Bandai Namco’s portable version of their acclaimed fighting games remain as stylish and frenzied as its original releases. Although it lacks that certain ‘real-time’ battles, you can still engage in an epic 1 vs 1 battle with friends and other people from around the globe. Use a variety of cards and unleash your power levels in its colorful 3D environments.

There’s no need for combos around here and you can simply move your favorite Dragon Ball characters with a swipe of your finger. What makes this game better is that it showcases an original story with an original character designed by Akira Toriyama himself.

It receives a playscore of 8.24

7. SWORD ART ONLINE: Memory Defrag

Meta is playing a video game about a videogame and this popular anime game from Bandai Namco seems to take pride in its fantastic world-building.

Memory Defrag lets you relive the key moments from the hit anime and introduces you to a slew of old and new characters. Its combat pays homage to the classic 2D arcade brawlers of the classic era, injecting bits of RPG elements in between.

Go solo, or team up with others in its online multiplayer modes. There’s a lot to do in this game, especially if you’re a huge SAO fan. It receives a playscore of 8.29

6. BLEACH Brave Souls

Considered as one of the Big Three, this long-running anime enters into the mobile sphere with its signature gritty and demonic flair. KLab Global's Brave Souls is the ideal Bleach game on the market. It mixes hack-and-slash combat with satisfying RPG elements.

It’s easy to pick up and it aims to target both new and old fans of the series. Simply pick a team of your favorite Bleach heroes and dive right into its multiple levels of intense action. You could also go online and battle other players.

Like most of the anime games on the list, it lets you relive the iconic moments of the anime. Putting you into familiar territories and perspectives from their cast of memorable characters. It receives a playscore of 8.33

5. Langrisser

Heed the Langrisser’s call and save the continent of El Sallia from the forces of darkness!

Dubbed as a ‘classic masterpiece’ in the realm of SRPGs, Langrisser lands on the mobile with developer Zlong Games and it’s bringing along its stunning anime art style, gorgeous anime characters, and fantastic tactical turn-based gameplay.

It’s gonna take a whole lot of grinding and upgrading if you want to fully experience its medieval world. You could play with friends by joining guild battles or just simply slay some bosses in its campaign. If you don’t mind its microtransactions, it's a great entry-level adventure if you want to get in the SRPG genre.

It has a playscore of 8.39

4. Epic Seven

Gacha games really are something and up until now, it has maintained a steady market for anime ‘enthusiasts’ who just love collecting powerful items. Smilegate's Epic Seven is among the many Gacha games on the Android.

It’s set in a fantasy world where beautiful anime characters with crazy stats litter your screen. It’s not for everyone and its a huge investment to fully maximize your experience with these genre.

Its gameplay loop involves raiding labyrinths accompanied by its vibrant 2D art style. For added online goodness, you could also challenge other players in its PvP mode or just simply mess around and collect powerful anime girls.

It has a playscore of 8.39

3. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

One of the actual card games on the Google Play Store that actually sticks to its lore.

Become the game king by completing stage missions to go one on one with the legendary characters of the Yu Gi Oh series, or even go online by facing off with talented duellers from around the world. With original voice-overs and in-depth duels, it's the perfect game for beginners and veterans of the Card Game Genre.

Begin your journey to the top as Yami Yugi or Seto Kaiba. With your deck in hand, take to its futuristic arenas and fight against an assortment of beautifully animated monsters. Watch the dark magician cast spells against the Red Dragon, and many more signature creatures. Fan or not, you’d be shouting your card spells out loud in no time.

It has a playscore of 8.40

2. Final Fantasy IX for Android

Once a landmark in its time, Final Fantasy's 9th major entry was one of the leading contenders for the best of the whole series--it gave us a brand new 3D experience. Square Enix brings back this beloved game to the Android Devices, and with added tweaks.

Control the charming bandit, Zidane Tribal, and his crew of Tantalus thespians as they work together to kidnap the beautiful Princess Garnet and save her from her royal woes. Roam around the land of Gaia, learn about the secret of the Crystal, and destroy an evil force that looms about their world


Similar to most Final Fantasy titles available on the mobile, it has enhanced visuals, new HD cutscenes, trophy support, and boosters to help players level up and master weapons efficiently. Everything you love about the game is still here.

It has a playscore of 8.57


If there’s an Avengers: Endgame for Anime Mobile Games, this one’s probably it. ANOTHER EDEN is a combination of efforts from renowned JRPG creators. This includes artists from Chrono Trigger, Luminous Arc 2, BINCHOTAN, and etc.

The story is your typical JRPG fashion, embark on a grand journey to save the lost future and stop the evil before anything bad happens. It's a captivating JRPG with a great story that glues you from start to finish.

It seamlessly combines past, present and future of game design. The creators made sure you get to enjoy its breathtaking world full of monsters and magic. It receives a playscore of 8.67