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10. Hello Neighbor

A first-person Indie Horror game from Dynamic Pixels plays with advanced AI to mess with your head. In this survival game, your goal is to find out what secrets your neighbor is hiding in his basement. Stealth is key in this mission as you navigate past his sights one step at a time. With the game's ever-learning AI, learn to outsmart your opponent and be ready to adapt to whatever comes. It's not exactly spine-chilling adventure but survival in the suspense-packed sequences are a worthy treat. While it's not much of a success on other platforms, Hello Neighbor definitely works well on the mobile platform and it gets a Provisional PlayScore of 8.4

9. The Walking Dead: Season One

This Episodic horror game from Telltale that started it all. Before Telltale’s major collapse in the videogame world, there was this one sweet story about Clementine and her guardian, Lee Everett. Together they embark on a perilous quest to escape from this horrible zombie infestation in five major episodes. Make difficult choices, meet a memorable cast of characters and do whatever it takes to survive.

You don’t have to love AMC’s TV Show to enjoy this. This self-contained, beautiful story is a hallmark of Telltale’s success, and we’re sad to see Clem’s final journey in the latest Season 4. It receives a PlayScore of 8.60

8. Goosebumps HorrorTown - The Scariest Monster City!

If you want a pocket-sized version of R.L Stine’s horrorshow, then you’re in for a treat in this simulation game from PIXOWL Inc. Take a trip back memory lane as you recall the haunting memories of Goosebumps’ iconic moments in this wonderful mix of city building and horror. Whether you want to start your journey as a Human, or a Monster, the goal is to build and manage your own city of terror alongside the franchise’s famous creatures and characters. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 8.60

7. DEAD TRIGGER 2 - Zombie Survival Shooter

Madfinger Games’ sequel to their successful zombie shooter manages to increase the satisfaction of killing the undead in the most stylish way possible. Save the world from a fast-spreading epidemic in its gripping single player story. Players travel around the world and slay the hideous band of mutated undead with a wide array powerful weapons. Customize loadouts in the game’s Hideout Feature or seek rewards from daily challenges to get those crazy sharp Katana’s, Rocket Launchers and many more. It has a PlayScore of 8.61

6. Reporter 2

After miraculously surviving after a mysterious collapse, you find yourself in a dilapidated hospital. Your only task is to survive. AGaming+’s sequel to their first person horror game is a step up to their previous installment. Clearly borrowing elements from Red Barrel’s Outlast series, use your trusty camera to see the light in the dark. Solve puzzles, investigate, and make it out alive from the godforsaken hellhole. Surprisingly, for an Outlast clone, it does wow you with its great audio design and good graphics. That’s a huge step for mobile gaming. It receives a Provisional PlayScore of 8.80

5. Eyes - The Horror Game

Just like any other mobile horror games on this list, it doesn’t really present a deep narrative. Paulina & Michał Pabis’ first person horror title is a scarefest not for the faint of heart. Players are trapped in a labyrinthine complex filled with mysterious rooms. Throughout the game, the tension rises as players are chased by a demonic entity. As the light flickers or when the TV bursts into static, something is clearly wrong.

Packed with fantastic graphics and immersive atmosphere, this entry receives a Provisional PlayScore of 8.80

4. The Coma: Cutting Class

Dodam Games brings the spine-tingling indie adventure to the mobile. In this horror game, we witness the strange events that haunt Youngho after a mysterious suicide leaves him trapped in the halls of High School along with a relentless killer. Optimized for the mobile, controls are fairly easy. With more of a focus on survival elements, make your way through the night by managing your backpack space and listening closely to the killer's footsteps. Nimble as Youngho is, stamina is also one thing you need to think about when a murderer’s on the loose. Hold your breath with a score of 8.89

3. Forgotten Hill Mementoes

FM Studio is sending creepy crawlies our way with this release of their horror-themed adventure on the mobile. A point and click series that had its early days on the PC, Mementoes brings together all the chapters of their original minigames, including an all new series titled the Mischief Night. Retrace your steps in the stories of their mysterious residents as you try to collect the important snippets of the Forgotten Hill lore. It's a dark, dark world to explore, with scenes doused in sepia tones and rife with eerie artifacts. A grotesquely beautiful horror game that will also test your thinking skills, It has a Provisional PlayScore of 9.19

2. SIMULACRA - Found phone horror mystery

Kaigan Games have been telling interactive found phone horror stories for a while now. From their search for Sarah in SIM, this time we come to the search for Anna who reaches us through a haunting video call for help. Piece together the snippets found in her emails, texts, and photos, and do what you can to find her before its too late. Showing us just how much our phones can tell us about ourselves, it's an interesting dive into a new kind of fiction that's fully immersive and engaging. For anyone looking for a different kind of adventure game, Simulacra is a welcome choice with a score of 9.79

1. DISTRAINT: Pocket Pixel Horror

When we're talking about portable horror experiences, Jesse Makkonen's adventure is one prime example. Despite the not so scary pixel aesthetics, Distraint is loaded with scares thanks to its balance of visuals and sound. Creating an creepy atmosphere within its limited 2D sidescrolling format, take on the shoes of an ambitious Price as he finds out the cost of his lofty ambitions. Progressing quickly through the main character's possible demise, the game runs at a short, two hour playthrough. As a free to play game, it's just enough to draw you into its captivating storyline. A fine game for both horror veterans and newbies, it has a Provisional PlayScore of 9.8