25 Best Android Roleplaying Games

Feb 28, 2019

There are more than one hundred roleplaying games available on Android, to see the full list, visit our ranking of the best Android RPGs.

25. Old School Runescape

Since 2007, this iconic browser RPG has developed a devoted fan base from all around the world. This Old School Runescape is a mobile version of the legendary game. It now has developed into a sprawling world where players keep up with its intuitive economy system. Trade your cow hides for gold and think of the entire game as a stock market set in medieval times. It’s a fantastic rebirth of the once popular Java-based title. It receives a PlayScore of 8.51

24. Sdorica -sunset-

Rayark's first jump into the world of RPGs was a success. While they're mostly known as veterans of the rhythm genre, their handcrafted anime visuals feel at home in their beautifully told tale of light and dark. Four years in the making, it was a fruitful venture, offering the best features of classic JRPGs: storybook-like exposition, and impressive atmosphere. It has a PlayScore of 8.52

23. Shadow Fight 2

NEKKI's second installment to their award-winning action game is mostly a fighting game, but, within their comprehensive fighting mechanics, comes a healthy dose of RPG. Equip yourself with lethal weapons and armor sets and choose your martial arts technique for your journey of the six different worlds. An epic fighting game with a solid storyline, it has a PlayScore of 8.52

22. Knights of Pen & Paper +1

An improved version of Behold Studios' charming RPG, this +1 edition adds a whole array of new content, like a Tavern for switching out party members, new dungeons and monsters, and so much more, extending the fun and replayable campaign even further. A quirky, pixel tribute to pen and paper Role-playing, it has a PlayScore of 8.56

21. One Hour One Life for Mobile

Jason Rohrer's PC RPG makes it to the smartphones in a big way. Working on the simple premise of living one life among many in the span of an hour, players are spawned into randomized locations and families in a single persistent world. Told in simple stick visuals, the game offers a rich, emergent world where players get to do whatever they want. Answering life's biggest questions, it has a PlayScore of 8.56

20. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Considered one of the best Star Wars games ever made, it's the fulfillment of every fans dreams to have this gem on their phones. Released in 2003, the graphics might feel a little outdated, but it keeps the heart of the series at its core. Take your side in the battle of light and dark, and use its mobile-optimized controls to grant your enemies peace by the light of your saber. It has a PlayScore of 8.57

19. Mecha Ace

Not the RPG you would expect. Leaving the action to your imaginations, this interactive novel by Paul Wang lets you control your own text-based Mecha-destiny. More a novel than an actual game, Mecha Ace's long storylines are equally compelling, letting you play your role in their massive interstellar battle. A taste of something different, it has a PlayScore of 8.59

18. Wayward Souls

A noodlecake title, Wayward Souls follows up the success of their Mage Gauntlet title with another dive into action adventure. Keeping faithful to the retro pixel artstyle but with a gloomier twist, indulge in glorious monster kills with up to six different characters, each with their own playstyles. A mix of Spelunky and Secret of Mana, it earns a rating of 8.6

17. King Crusher - Roguelike Game

Leaving justice and politics to the maniacal rulers, King Crusher lets you play Hand to a mad King that's out to eliminate the royal competition. Recruit fighters from 12 classes with their own strengths and weakness and send them rallying against enemy kingdoms with simplified swipes and attacks. Annoying ads aside, it's an awesome fusion of RPG and roguelike with a PlayScore of 8.62

16. Postknight

If you want Harvest Moon but with a lot of delivering letters and knightly fighting, this game is for you. Playing the role of humble courier, survive the harsh battles ahead as you improve your armor, gather potions, buy new weapons, and, of course, find yourself a fair maiden to spend the rest of life with. A pocket friendly RPG fix, it has a PlayScore of 8.62

15. Shadowgun Legends

In one of their latest ventures, Madfinger Games, the makers of Dead Trigger and Unkilled, levels up the quality in an attempt to bring the best parts of console shooters into the pocket friendly form. Not only does it have the thrills of co-op and online multiplayer, its rpg elements also come out in its intricate gear system and customizations that make you feel fully in control of the action. An up and coming FPS title, it has a PlayScore of 8.65

14. FINAL FANTASY IX for Android

Giving us a taste of the once elusive 3D dream, this installment of the Final Fantasy series is one strong contender for the best in the series. A fresh port to the smartphone platform, a lot of care was taken into bringing Zidane Tribal's adventures in the land of Gaia to the portable format. Giving us a the full artistic packages in larger resolutions, it has a PlayScore of 8.66

13. Sproggiwood

A roguelike RPG based on Finnish mythology might be expected to be a little dark, but Freehold Games takes the road less taken with their cutesy but well executed visuals and gameplay. Good enough for Steam, Sproggiwood is equally impressive on the mobile, letting you choose your role in the adorable mushroom civilization. Packed with roguelike RPG fun and delightful humor, it gets a score of 8.66

12. Attack the Light

Hang out with the crystal gems (and Steven!) as they embark on magical adventures across the gem-filled universe. Written by Rebecca Sugar herself, expect more of the same brand of quirky and loveable stories along with her quirky and loveable characters. Save the world with the gems and their powerful fusions because this game has a PlayScore of 8.7

11. Guild of Dungeoneering

For anyone that's up for a journeying round oodles of doodle dungeons. Showing off its uniqueness not just in visuals but also in its combination of other genres. Part RPG, cardgame, and roguelike, play your cards right as the dungeon master and lead your team of heroes through dungeons, and pit them against monsters in turn-based combat. It has a PlayScore of 8.7

10. Battleheart Legacy

A reimagining of their original Battleheart RPG, Legacy refines the details of their rich fantasy world, giving it a new 3D makeover and while enhancing the combat experience. A simplified RPG package, it comes with the usual monster fighting and character building that's easy for newcomers to the genre. It has a PlayScore of 8.7

9. Reigns: Game of Thrones

A spinoff of Devolver Digital's masterful Reigns games, Game of Thrones dives into the deep lore of the ever popular A Song of Ice and Fire series. Known as a tinder-like game of choices, the stakes are stacked even higher as you attempt to balance out battles and alliances in an attempt to claim the iron throne. Improving on the original with new objectives and its array of familiar characters, it earns a rating of 8.74

8. Dragon Quest VIII

A most beloved title in the Dragon Quest series found its way to the mobile, opening up their silent Hero's family friendly misadventures to a whole new audience. Losing some of the charm of the orchestrated soundtrack and voice action, it's still an awesome way to experience an RPG classic on the go, and it has a PlayScore of 8.75

7. You Must Build A Boat

It’s as literal as it could be. You must really build a boat. Eighty Eight Games' sequel to the popular 1,000,000 blends their match three gameplay with the delights of dungeon crawling. It's a hybrid of RPG and Puzzle gaming that's set entirely on a boat. Start off small as you travel the whole world through a series of procedurally generated dungeons. Recruit your crew, eliminate monsters, collect items, and of course, build a boat. It receives a PlayScore of 8.76

6. Chaos Rings III

The fourth game in Square Enix’s Chaos Rings Series, this mobile Japanese RPG made its most awaited debut on the Android. It's a full-scale RPG that will take you to the coasts of Neo Paleo, a stepping stone in an explorers journey to a blue planet. Scavenge for hidden treasures, fight against legendary monsters, and explore uninhabited lands. It has a PlayScore of 8.78

5. Tap Titans 2

Incremental games are so in lately. It offers players a gameplay experience that requires less commitment. This sequel introduces the same gameplay mechanics but adds a few extra monster designs and characters for you to choose from. Simply tap and tap and slash your enemies to a pulp. Upgrade your hero, recruit friends, and do some huge DPS until you’re bored. It receives a PlayScore of 8.80

4. Kingdom Rush: Vengeance

The pioneers of the tower defense genre returns with its latest installment. IronHide Studios’ latest iteration offers a flurry of new content where players stop Lord Vez’Nan from taking over the world once again. Much like its predecessors, the best part about IronHide’s Kingdom Rush series is its high arsenal of destruction and monster variety. It receives a PlayScore of 8.89

3. Sorcery! 3

This game adaptation of Steve Jackson’s interactive gamebook is a perfect RPG for the mobile. Just like its predecessors, Sorcery! 1 and Sorcery! 2, it’s a choose your own adventure and it’s more interactive than ever. It adds beautiful visuals to make your stories come alive. Even with just words and images, it offers a robust RPG experience with a PlayScore of 8.97

2. Templar Battleforce RPG

Strategy and RPG combine in this addicting battle of Mechs, Xenos, and Rogues. In this top-down shooter, embark on a wild ride of cartoon destruction. Dominate the arena in its turn-based combat, and fight against its array of mechanical bosses. It receives a PlayScore 9.07.

1. Crashlands

Oh, come on. Again?! After literally crash landing into a mysterious and hostile planet, craft, build, explore and fight your way to survival.

Craft powerful items to dominate the planet in the craziest way possible; build sustainable homes to survive the harsh environment; explore procedurally-generated dungeons; and be a living legend. It receives a PlayScore of 9.10


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