50 First Person Shooters are set to release this 2018 and beyond on the PC. Let’s check them out right now!

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - The Diaries Of Agent Silent Death

The third DLC pack for The New Colossus. Follow ex-OSS Agent and Assassin Jessica Valiant as she infiltrates Nazi bunkers in california in search for secrets. Coming this January 30, 2018.

Demon Core

Greenlit on Steam last 2014, this first person shooter set in various timelines. Take the role of a young scientist as she survives a ghastly horde of demons in their world. It’s coming this February 20, 2018.

World War Toons

A first person shooter with cartoony visuals and massive tanks. Charge into battle with 16 different kind of troopers. It’s coming this February 27, 2018.

Far Cry 5

Ubisoft’s upcoming sequel to the acclaimed Far Cry series. Survive a religious cult filled with crazy fanatics. It’s the biggest Far Cry game to date and it’s coming this March 27, 2018.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus - The Amazing Deeds Of Captain Wilkins

The fourth DLC for The New Colossus. Lead the renowned US Army Hero, Captain Gerald Wilkins, in his quest to of course, kill more Nazis… but in Alaska. It’s set to release this March 31, 2018.

Project 1v1

Now this one is a mystery. This is the secret codename for Gearbox’s upcoming 1 versus 1 shooter. It combines fast-paced FPS combat and TCG. Everything about this is a blur, but we’re hoping to find out more soon as the game is slated for an April 2018 release.

CrossFire 2

The rumored sequel of the hit first person shooter online game. The only clear details so far is that the new developers would add a story campaign and added Unreal Engine 3 support. It’s coming sometime this May 2018.


A bullet hell first person shooter where you create your own guns and fight towering bosses. Play with friends and survive waves and waves of robotic creatures. Coming sometime this May 2018.

System Shock

The classic first person shooter is back with the help of industry veterans from Fallout, Mass Effect and BioShock. This remake remains true to the original as possible and adding a fresh new experience to the beloved classic. It’s coming this June 2018.

Due Process

An upcoming tactical first person shooter that’s inspired from Rainbow Six: Siege. The game is currently in full development right now and not much details were revealed so far. It’s coming sometime this June 2018.

Battalion 1944

Lead your band of brothers in this competitive World War 2 First Person Shooter. Currently in development, it will be built using the Unreal Engine 4. It’s coming this June 2018.

OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead

The TV show may have suffered a slow decline over the past few months, this upcoming co-op shooter promises to add new flavour to Robert Kirkman’s story. It’s coming this Fall 2018.

Gungrave VR

A blast from the past. From its TPS roots, awaken beyond the grave in this Virtual Reality shooter from IGGYMOB. Coming this early 2018.

Battlefield 1: Apocalypse

The fourth and final expansion of DICE’s World War 1 shooter. The details have not been unveiled, and some fans are speculating it’s multiplayer contents. It’s coming this early 2018.


Set in a futuristic warzone, join humanity in their last battle for supremacy on Planet Earth. The game boasts their own unique engine to let players enjoy a technologically advanced gameplay. It’s coming this first quarter of 2018.


A competitive 3 versus 3 shooter where players are pitted against each other in high octane tactical skirmishes. Destroy energy extractors and stop attackers. It’s coming this Spring 2018.

Post Scriptum

A World War 2 simulation game. Dive into the immersive World War 2 experience with historical accuracy and large scale battles. It’s slated to release this Spring 2018.

Metro Exodus

The most awaited third chapter of radioactive Moscow. Based from books with the same name, follow Artyom in his quest to help humanity’s struggle in the underground metro. It’s coming sometime this 2018.

Deep Rock Galactic

Currently on Steam’s Early Access, follow a team of badass space dwarves This 4 player co-op FPS lets you dig and explore a procedurally generated dungeons. It’s set to release sometime this 2018.


An MMO squad based shooter built around the most important moments of World War II history. Experience massive scale warfare with your friends. It’s coming out sometime this 2018.

Hell Let Loose

So many upcoming shooters are embracing the bloodbath of the Second World War. 100 players and 50 per team. Coordinate with your teammates and engage in breathtaking action in this platoon-based MMOFPS. Coming sometime this 2018.

Islands Of Nyne: Battle Royale

With the success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, another competitor has entered the field. This FPS battle royale is set in a sci-fi universe where you get handpicked by a mysterious alien race. It’s coming out sometime this 2018.

TauCeti: Unknown Origin

Launch yourself to outer space in this sci-fi shooter from BadFly Interactive. Created after the Dead Effect universe, lead your protagonist in his quest to survive an unknown planet. It’s coming out sometime this 2018.

The American Dream

A VR game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. This satirical trip to an alternate 1950’s where every daily activity is associated with guns. Prepare a meal using guns, deliver donuts with guns, and so much more. Live the dream because this game is coming sometime this 2018.


A four player action slash horror co-op game. Focus on teamplay because this game is a procedural mix of edge of your seat suspense and high-intensity combat. It’s brutal and unforgiving, even with the help of your friends. Coming sometime this 2018.

Remorse: The List

Greenlit on Steam, it’s a survival horror game where the player must try to make it through the night while solving puzzles in a creepy Hungarian Town. Uncover the deeper mysteries of this place by exploring landmarks and killing enemies. Coming this 2018.


A unique first person shooter where players explore an ever-changing tower. Overcome the various challenges in every level and master the game’s combat system. It’s coming out sometime this 2018.

Xenos vs. Marines

From the developers of Enlisted, this tactical sci-fi first person shooter lets players control Space Marines against an invading interplanetary threat. It’s currently in heavy development and it showcases gorgeous visuals with the company’s own engine. Coming this 2018.

Titanfall Online

A free-to-play port of Respawn’s Titanfall. Catering to their Asian fans, this game is exclusive to China and South Korea only. It shares the same elements of the original while incorporating more online elements. It’s coming out sometime this year.

Borderlands 3

Development of this game is currently under the radar. Gearbox’s critically acclaimed shooter is coming. Nobody knows when it releases, or what new details the game features. All we knows it that an open secret that’s running around the videogame community. It’s rumored to release this year.


From the team that gave us The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter, this dark fantasy first person shooter is unlike their usual walking sim. Not much details are revealed, but check out the game’s teaser for more info. It’s coming out sometime this 2019

Insurgency: Sandstorm

New World Interactive’s latest shooter takes you to a brutal land. This game offers a story-driven campaign and a multiplayer co-op. Not to mention it has an expanded environment scale and totally bigger than its previous installments. No release date yet.

Unreal Tournament

One of the early games that revolutionized first person shooters is getting a reboot. Epic Games’ is dedicated to bring the ninth installment of their critically acclaimed shooter. It’s powered by their most powerful engine and it’s currently in development as of the moment. Coming out soon.

Red Awakening

A multiplayer online stealth game built on the Unreal Engine 4. Set after the events of the Vietnam War, defeat players in a 5v5 stealth battle as you control experimented characters from the infamous MK Ultra. No release date yet.

Galaxy In Turmoil

A massive space shooter putting together two teams consisting of 32 players each. Powered by the Unreal Engine 4, experience sci-fi warfare like never before. Fight on land, air, and space because this game is coming out soon.


A procedurally-generate shooter that feels like an action movie. Play as a police detective determined to crack a case within a 24 hour period. Go solo or with a partner if you want to experience a buddy-cop adventure. Coming soon.

Serious Sam 4

Not much details were revealed about this game. But Croteam is seriously working on it. This upcoming title will feature more locations such as France and Italy. Players are also expected to see the return of memorable characters and gameplay features. Coming soon.

Half Life 2 VR

Rise and shine. Unfortunately, it’s not the Half Life game you’re looking for. This latest entry on Valve’s masterpiece focuses on Virtual Reality. This mod promises to let players revisit the glory days of Mr. Freeman’s journey. This game is coming out soon on the HTC Vive and Rift.

War Of Rights

A multiplayer game set during the days of the American Civil War. Roam around the battlefield powered by the Crygengine. Players will march hard on the battleground with customizable gear. It’s coming out soon.

Ground Branch

A tactical shooter developed by Blackfoot Studios. It aims to bring back the glory days of the Original Ghost Recon and Rainbow games with precision, strength, and jam-packed action sequences. Not much details are known so far, and no release date yet.


It’s an upcoming gothic first person shooter game where players control Russ, a man with supernatural powers. Survive the land of the damned and take the role of the Grim Reaper to feast on life and death. No release date yet.


Greenlit on Steam, this indie shooter is based on the novel of HG Wells. Explore an island populated by strange creatures created by Dr. Moreau. Be one of the beasts and understand the nature of the island. It’s coming out soon.

Hunt: Showdown

Set in an alternate Western timeline, play as a bounty hunter dedicated to hunt ferocious beasts that roam the the darkness. But that’s not always the case, this tense match-based shooter faces you with other players hunting for the same creature. It’s a race against time. No release date yet.

Dead Island 2

The most awaited game from Sumo Digital. After the success of their first Zombie shooter, this sequel promises a bigger open world to explore and more zombies to face. No release date yet, but it’s coming out soon.

Traction Wars

A free to play World War 2 realism game. It offers a clear representation of the second world war powered by the Cryengine. Experience intense infantry combat and marvel with the game’s historical accuracy. It’s coming out soon.


This first person shooter is set in an alternate Paris. From Square Enix, expect a dynamic open world with gorgeous detail. Walk around the streets of Paris with remarkable noir/retro atmosphere. It’s coming out soon.

One Life

A true survival shooter where players actually die. Using a perma-death system, survive the harsh world full of dangers and eliminate everyone who stands in your way. Make huge decisions, and make it out alive with just one life. It’s coming out soon.

System Shock 3

The third upcoming entry of the famed System shock series. The game picks up after System Shock 2 left off with SHODAN plotting more. The game will add more details to SHODAN’s motivations and more. It’s coming out soon.

Project Nova

A science fiction shooter from the same universe as CCP’s Eve Online. Not much details were announced but it’s aimed to be a corridor-based FPS set within the Eve’s world. No release date yet.

PayDay 3

The game is still in production. The third entry of the critically acclaimed heist game is coming soon. Although the devs didn’t share specifics, it’s promised that the game contains improved features that make the core experience better than the 2nd. There’s no rush, the game will come out soon.