The 25 Best PlayStation 4 Games So Far

Feb 21, 2019

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25. Horizon Zero Dawn

With a history of satisfying undead killing sprees in The KillZone, Guerrilla Games leaped into something new with this action RPG about a primitive, cyborg dinosaur infested post apocalypse. An open world experience made better by a compelling premise, Horizon Zero Dawn became a first choice for people with a taste of action and adventure. Expanding Aloys story further and refining combat in the sizable Frozen Wild's expansion, Horizon Zero Dawn gets a score of 9.0.

24. ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission

One of the recent additions to our list, Astro bot sneaked into our hearts at the tail of 2018. An original title from JapanStudio, this VR platformer stole the show, winning hearts just with the genuine delight of its gameplay. A virtual reality title, Astrobot attempts to maximize the platform with its completely enveloping and immersive vibrant environments. Making of good use of proximity and the Dualshock 4, it elevates the platformer into something entirely. A PlayScore of 9.02.

23. The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition

Devolver Digital’s unique science fiction puzzler. After waking up in an island full of ancient mysteries, solve each of the game’s excellent visual riddles as you become face to face with its philosophical conundrums. Discover what it means to be human, and ask yourself about the meaning of life. With over 100 puzzles scattered around a stunning landscape, it's rewarding, if not for the existential dilemmas that come with it. It earns a score of 9.03.

22. Fallout 4

Released 5 years after the acclaimed Fallout New Vegas, Bethesda took their time with this fifth mainline title. Which makes sense, considering the many changes in the Fallout formula. Still set in their open world nuclear wastelands, its basebuilding focused adventures as the sole vault survivor is a fresh take on the series. Elevating the story, despite the polarizing new dialog system, Fallout 4 is a safe but faithful addition with plenty more story and workshop content in their succeeding DLCs. It has a PlayScore of 9.04.

21. Night in the Woods

Alec Holowka's daring adventure manages to tackle relatable modern themes with ease. Follow the story of the college dropout, Mae, whose homecoming is met with a series of eerie changes. Quirky as its visuals are, Night in the Woods still manages to deliver an emotionally charged adventure with a mixed bag of Metroidvania, sandbox, and platforming elements. A daringly unique adventure game with a heart, it has a rating of 9.04.


A gem from the PlayStation 2 Days, the sweet brush strokes of Amaterasu finds it way to modern consoles and it delivers on a big way. A play on Japan's tradition artstyles and mythologies, Okami is a colorful puzzle game that challenges you to rebuild the land of the rising sun with nothing but a magical paintbrush. This HD remaster may not have much new features to offer, seeing the classic world with new eyes is well worth the investment. A zen game bursting with colors, it has a PlayScore of 9.05.

19. Batman: Arkham Knight

The fourth and last installment in Rockstar's series around the tale of the brooding caped crusader is one hell of a sendoff. Finally adding the Batmobile into his arsenal, Arkham Knight feels a full Batman experience, complete with an absorbing final storyline and the dazzling visuals of its open world Gotham City. Not holding players hands as much, it might not be the most newcomer friendly title, but this particular is as much a technical achievement as it is a fitting close to the series, earning itself a rating 9.05.

18. Shovel Knight

Yacht Club games kickstarter masterpiece has come a long way but the original still stands tall amid the PlayStation 4's collection of vast and hyperrealistic titles. An 8bit platformer with a winning personality, Shovel Knight shows us chivalry isn't dead as he saves a loved from the villainy of the Enchantress. But Shovel Knight is only one in a series that only continues to get better. Giving away expansion like DLCs as free updates to all their loyal fans, enjoy a treasure trove of goodness with Specter, Plague, and the upcoming King Knight. It has a PlayScore of 9.07.

17. Resident Evil 2

Capcom remakes the legendary Resident Evil title from the ground-up and its definitely making waves among the crop of long-time horror fans. Built using the newest RE Engine, Resident Evil 2 offers literally an all new perspective on the classic. Its over-the-shoulder view gives players a better sense of whatever horrorrs are happening around them. While it keeps the original's hammy dialog along with some high-tech facial animations, RE 2 also has a free '98 costume update whose familiar polygons will hit you with a killer nostalgia kick. A PlayScore of 9.08.

16. Dark Souls III

A crowning jewel in videogame design and everyone's source of neverending frustrations, Dark Souls III remains an unforgettable piece of history. The third and final chapter in the Dark Souls series, it culminates all of FromSoftware's achievements in punishing combat. With its gathering beautifully difficult boss battles set in its gothic environments, not a one person can resist the temptation to wax poetic about the pressures and obstacles that Dark Souls keeps challenging us to overcome. A PlayScore of 9.11.

15. Monster Hunter: World

CAPCOM levelled up the monster taming excitement in this latest installment to their long-running series. Probably the best and biggest Monster Hunter game to date, World puts a deeper focus onto their multiplayer features, gathering up to four party members against the world's colossal beasts. Already a gigantic release, there's more in store for the title with an upcoming Iceborn expansion that offers new weapons, quests, and monster under the cover of icy weather. It has a PlayScore of 9.11.

14. Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition

Larian Studios' jawdropping follow-up to their highly successful RPG debut, Original Sin w as already making a name for themselves thanks to their deep customizations and highly interactive environments. With this second installment packed with a elevated level of immersion, it brings the spirit of pen and paper RPGs to the videogame world, especially with athe addition of a game master mode. This definitive edition makes it better, especially on the PS4. Adding new arena modes and diving deeper into their vast lore, it earns a rating of 9.17.

13. Marvel's Spider-Man

A PS4 exclusive that has been hotly awaited since its announcement in E3 2017 to crowds of enthusiastic gamers. With three Spider-Man film series to show just how much we loved the web-slinging neighborhood superhero, fans didn't hesitate in picking this one up. Especially with its open world New York City, snappy wisecracks, wonderful array of recognizable villains, and dynamic gameplay. Like living and breathing the life of the modern Spider-Man, it's an inspired portrayal of the hero's celebrated personality and a complete joy to play. It has a PlayScore of 9.17.

12. Shadow of the Colossus

A shining beacon from the Sony's PlayStation 2 days, Shadow of the Colossus breaks into the modern generation in Team Ico's mastercrafted makeover. Not just any simple remaster, this jump to the PS4 delivers a brand new experience for both the newbies and veterans. While it's story is no different, its detailed visual enhancements and smooth framerates brings a refreshing vibrance to its familiar worlds. With such a stellar original game to work with, Team Ico's remake didn't have to try too hard to make this a spectacular comeback. It has a PlayScore of 9.18.

11. Bloodborne

The PlayStation 4 exclusive counterpart to FromSoftware's now famous line of action RPGs. In Bloodborne, the same punishing souls-like combat courses through its Victorian Gothic veins as players take the role of hunter in a world plagued by disease. Distinguishing itself just a little bit, it injects FromSoftware's familiar formula with a splash of something a little more fast-paced. Not a game for everyone, Bloodborne rewards patient and dedicated gamers with a hulking serving of stunningly disfigured monsters and expansive narratives. It has a PlayScore of 9.18.

10. Undertale

A newcomer to the PlayStation roster, Toby Fox's imaginative RPG has been making waves on the PC since its release. Despite its simplistic graphics, Undertale has gained universal acclaim for turning the usually violent role-playing genre on its head. Adding talking to your arsenal of conflict resolution methods, Undertale becomes a unique experience. And we haven't even gotten to their jazzy soundtracks and loveable characters. With an upcoming spinoff called Deltarune in the works, it's a testament to the awesomeness of Fox's original title, and it has a PlayScore of 9.18.

9. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Kojima’s final Metal Gear game. It’s a sad moment in gaming history and we all have Konami to blame for everything. Anyway, this final piece of the puzzle sets up the events of the original Metal Gear game. Take control of Venom Snake after Peace Walker’s story. Create your own army of talented individuals and stop the notorious Skullface from his devious plans. For the first time in the series, it’s an open-world adventure with emergent gameplay. Infiltrate outposts in your own creative ways, do CQC’s, futon animals, and more. Savor the last moments of the man of who sold the world. It receives a PlayScore of 9.27.

8. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

CD Projekt Red raised the bar for Western RPGs with this third and final installment of their Witcher series. Lauded for its impressive storytelling, gorgeous open-world and branching narrative, the wild hunt is a compelling slice of RPG heaven, led by their dashing Casanova of a Witcher, Geralt of Rivia. They also round out the lore some more with the excellent sidestories and locations of expansions Hearts and Stone, and the last one Blood and Wine. Buggy as it sometimes was, The Witcher III was once the ultimate fantasy game with a well-deserved score of 9.29.

7. Journey

Thatgamecompany takes us on another ethereal adventure with this journey through enigmatic ruins. One of the most acclaimed indie titles in its time, Journey is a game that commits to the silence, partnering you up with people online to serve as companions in the pilgrimage. Communicate through musical chimes, and work together to unravel a collection of rewarding puzzles. A multiawarded gem known to deliver a magical audiovisual experience, it has a PlayScore of 9.3.

6. Grand Theft Auto V

The grandaddy of the open world genre, Rockstar's fifth major GTA installment triples the sandbox fun with the threefold perspectives of their three main characters, Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. Being able to switch between the three characters adds another layer to GTA’s already expansive gameplay, making at explosive and addictive world of criminal killing sprees. Hooking into the online experience will even let you share the sociopathic adventures with your friends. Open world Los Santos never looked better, with a PlayScore of 9.34.

5. The Last Of Us: Remastered

Naughty Dog’s version of a post-apocalyptic world involves mutated creatures infected by a dangerous fungi. The Last of Us is an emotionally powerful action-adventure that takes us to the lives of Joel and Ellie as they survive a slowly dying world. Winter, spring, summer and fall, make your way through various areas in the United States, all while getting to know the relationship between these two characters. This remastered version features improved visuals and it contains the “Left Behind” DLC that tackles Ellie’s story before she met Joel. It has a PlayScore of 9.41.

4. Persona 5

ATLUS’ prime example of a JRPG involves dating sims by day, and dungeon-crawling turn-based adventure by night. Step into the shoes of the Phantom Thieves and reform society in this latest Persona game. Get ready to steal some hearts and take down capitalistic figures in Japan’s modern society with your newfound powers of rebellion and your Persona. Get to know a lovable cast of characters, listen to the game’s catchy acid-jazz soundtrack, and experience a heartwarming story about friendship. It has a PlayScore of 9.42.

3. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Everyone needs to take a break too, y’know. Naughty Dog’s final Nathan Drake adventure is emotional, action-packed and full of surprises. Considered as one of the best PlayStation 4 exclusives of its year, A Thief’s End is a true action-adventure experience. Follow Nathan Drake and his friends as they try to uncover a mysterious Pirate Treasure Island of Captain Henry Avery. Enter vibrant forests, creepy crypts, and survive an onslaught of enemies that’s always one step ahead of you. It has a PlayScore of 9.47.

2. God Of War

Winner of almost all of the Game of the Year Awards last year, Sony Santa Monica’s soft-reboot of the epic series takes Kratos’ adventure to the realm of Odin and Thor. Norse Mythology awaits him and his newfound son, Atreus, as they embark on a grand quest to fulfill a dying wish. Take down iconic Norse beasts and face some of the legendary warriors of Midgard and Asgard. It’s new over the shoulder perspective changes the way players handle Kratos. With the help of his powerful Leviathan Axe and Atreus’ bows, it’s a fantastic hack and slash combat with so much potential. It has a PlayScore of 9.48.

1. Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar has perfected their own take on the Western genre. Grand Theft Auto was just the tip of the iceberg. This Western adventure is a prequel to the original Red Dead Redemption. Players assume the role of Arthur Morgan, a member of a group of Outlaws, assert your dominance the growing government forces. It’s open-world experience boasts stunning detail in terms of visuals as well as historical accuracy. Ride horses, terrorize towns, take a bath at a local inn, and enjoy bar fights. There’s just so much you can do as you yee-haw at every inch of its huge map. It has a PlayScore of 9.50.


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