31 PlayStation 4 Games have just received their PlayScores this March 2018. Let’s check them out right now!

Bravo Team

In a fictional European City, lead a team of elite soldiers determined to find the man behind the President’s Assassination. Communicate with your friends in this co-op shooter and save the world. It has a PlayScore of 5.34

Fear Effect Sedna

This Kickstarter produced indie game boasts the original's iconic cel-shaded art style. Step into the shoes of their popular characters as they reenact their great escapades with a completely new gameplay. It receives a Provisional PlayScore of 5.51

VRFC - Virtual Reality Football Club

Designed specifically for the VR, grab your PlayStation VR gear and dive into a first person football experience. Play with up to 8 players and form a bond with you and your friends in its online competitive matches. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 6.01

Scribblenauts: Showdown

Unleash your power of imagination in this latest Scribblenauts title. With over 35,000 words to play and experiment, take the battle of creativity to your friends in its fresh new mode called Showdown. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 6.27


NapNok’s party game is a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Featuring 15 mini games that range from whacky to strategic fun. Simply use your smart device to swipe, tilt, shake, flick and snap your way to victory. No controllers needed. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 6.58

The Witch And The Hundred Knight 2

Nippon Ichi’s ARPG takes you through dungeons and landscapes teeming with friends and monsters. Guide Amalie in her tragic quest to cure her sister’s mysterious witch disease. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 6.69

Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered

Shay Cormac takes the helm in this remastered version of an unlikely Assassin’s Creed title. Turn your loyalties to the Templars and uncover a deep and grueling mystery that could change his life forever. This version offers 4K support, better performance and bonus content. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 6.74

Pure Farming 2018

Live the rural life in this latest Farming Simulator from Ice Flames Studios. Boasting state of the art licensed machineries and better visuals, it’s the farming game you wish you have. Travel between Europe, Asia, and America to cultivate the crops, coffee, and so much more. It receives a Provisional PlayScore of 6.79

MX vs. ATV All Out

The latest off-road racing game on the market. Find your style and ride across massive environments and smell the burning rubber in every direction. Choose between various bikes, ATVs, UTVs and more to complete across various game modes. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 6.80

TT Isle Of Man: Ride On The Edge

Test your skill and stamina in the most daring motorbike competition in the world. It is extreme, fast and dangerous, especially for a video game adaptation. Featuring iconic TT drivers, watch them storm past four iconic locations of Bray Hill, Ballaugh Bridge and more. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 6.85

Atelier Lydie & Suelle: Alchemists of the Mysterious Painting

Follow the twins, Lydie and Marlen as they embark on a grand adventure inside a mysterious painting. It receives a Provisional PlayScrore of 7.10

The 25th Ward: The Silver Case

A follow up of the odd psychological thriller from SUDA51. This takes you to a sinister case that leads to more questions than answers. Discover the mysterious 25th Ward in Tokyo at your own risk. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 7.23

Tesla Vs. Lovecraft

Perhaps the greatest crossover in videogame history. 10Tons Ltd’s ridiculous top-down shooter takes you to an eternal battle of two of the greatest minds in history: Nikola Tesla and HP Lovecraft. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 7.31

Titan Quest

A refined port of the iconic ARPG from THQ Nordic. This classic hack and slash features an updated UI, polished controls, and improved performance fit for the modern consoles. It receives a PlayScore of 7.36

Q.U.B.E. 2

A sequel to the first person puzzler. Awaken in a ruins of an ancient landscape and manipulate structures of this mysterious world to find your way back home. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 7.43

The Long Reach

An adventure game with a visual indie pixel art. Taking place in New Hampshire in a fictional down, solve a deceptive conundrum with the help of the game’s unique set of characters. Solve puzzles, play riddles, and be immersed in its atmospheric wonder. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 7.46

The Council Episode 1 - The Mad Ones

This episodic adventure game from developer Big Bad Wolf. Set in 1793, be a part of a secret society and solve a story filled with deceit and manipulation. It’s the first episode of the game and it receives a Provisional PlayScore of 7.52

Bridge Constructor Portal

A third-party game from the same universe as Valve’s Portal Series. Enter Aperture Laboratories and utilize the Bridge Construction Portal. It’s a mix between Portal and Bridge Constructor’s puzzle elements. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 7.57

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm - Farewell

A Bonus Episode from DONTNOD’s prequel to Square Enix’s indie-hipster episodic game. Relive the younger days of Max and Chloe and witness their growing friendship spiral into heartbreaks and drama. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 7.69

Batman: The Enemy Within - Episode 5: Same Stitch

This is the final episode of Tellatale’s fan-favorite Batman series. Witness how your choices impact the game’s stunning crescendo. Without giving spoilers, this receives a Provisional PlayScore 7.84

Devil May Cry HD Edition

CAPCOM’s brooding and badass Demon boy returns with even more swag in this remastered collection. Play three of the legendary Devil May Cry games in 60 frames per second and experience Dante’s evolution from defeating the Evil Mundus and his brother Vergil. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 7.86

Surviving Mars

Paradox Interactive’s sci-builder is just what we wanted. Fulfill your space exploration needs and be the next Elon Musk as you create a whole new human settlement in the planet Mars. Challenges will be tough and survival is essential. Unlock mysteries hidden behind the Red Planet so that the future of humanity can thrive in peace. It has a PlayScore of 7.90

theHunter™: Call of the Wild - Medved-Taiga

Expansive Worlds’ latest downloadable content to their hunting simulation game. This takes you to nature’s most challenging conditions in Medved-Taiga’s National Park. Traverse around frozen landscapes and hunt Musk Deers, Reindeers, Wild Boards and so much more. It’s the game’s most beautiful content yet with a Provisional PlayScore of 8.30

Attack On Titan 2

The sequel to Koei Tecmo’s video game adaptation of the hit anime of the same name. Attack On Titan 2 unleashes a whole new layer of action-packed Titan slaying as it covers its entire latest season. This title also has more playable characters to choose from including fan favorites and more. It has a PlayScore of 8.33

A Way Out

Developer Hazelight Studios proves that this kind of experience is still relevant to the video game world. Play as two inmates straight out of Shawshank Redemption and work together to escape the four corners of the penitentiary. After the success of Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons, A Way Out is another action adventure game specifically designed for co-op ONLY. It has a PlayScore of 8.36

MLB The Show 18

The latest of the annual Baseball experience shows its more exciting features with improved modes, and a strong online system. Define your legacy in the game’s RPG experience where every decision determines your path to greatness. It receives a PlayScore of 8.47

Far Cry 5

The latest adventure from Ubisoft’s open-world first person shooter is its most ambitious game yet. Travel to a fictional county in Montana and stop a religious cult from taking things too far. For the first time in the series, there is no mini map, no boring side-quests and bigger action sequences. It has a PlayScore of 8.54

Burnout Paradise Remastered

Paradise City awaits in this ultimate driving playground from Criterion Games. Rule the streets with high-octane stunts and wanton destruction because this remaster includes all the DLC’s and geared for 4K Perfection. It receives a PlayScore of 8.69

Assassin’s Creed Origins: The Curse Of The Pharaohs

This downloadable content is the second major add-on to the game alongside The Hidden Ones. Set four years after the first game, lead Bayek travel to Thebes in the hopes of uncovering a mystery that will change his life forever. Explore more Egyptian myth with mystical mumbo-jumbos and dead pharaohs. It receives a Provisional PlayScore of 8.73

Ni No Kuni II Revenant Kingdom

Level-5 brings back the breathtaking sights of their chibi-filled RPG with this jaw-dropping sequel. Dive into a familiar yet vastly improved Ni No Kuni chapter, and witness King Evan's life-changing journey of self and redemption. Meet new people around their beautifully crafted kingdoms, and head to battle with engaging combat system. It's an all-new Ni No Kuni world, and it receives a PlayScore of 8.78

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition

Square Enix’s latest Final Fantasy title is packed with major content changes. This regal collection contains all the major DLC’s the game has to offer including Episode Prompto, Gladio, and Ignis. Experience Final Fantasy XV the way it should be because this game has a Provisional PlayScore of 9.20