Top 10 Best Co-op Multiplayer PC Games

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10. Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Looks like the future has finally arrived, at least for the fans of Gene Roddenberry's legendary science fiction series. Step inside the command center of the USS Aegis and go on bold voyages across the uninhabited reaches of the final frontier. Red Storm and Ubisoft's adaptation give us an up-close look on the everyday lives of the Star Trek bridge crew as they venture in search of new homeworlds.

It's a co-op simulation that lets you and your friends play as Captains, Helms, Tacticals, and Engineers to your very own ship. Handle the mishaps that surround space navigation, and prepare for splendid hours of very loud teamwork. Whether you'll be as levelheaded as Captain Picard, as logical as Spock, or as hammy as Shatner's Captain Kirk is all entirely up to you.

Put on your Starfleet uniforms and explore the vastness of Outerspace. A strategic RPG simulation that tests communication and coordination, it has a playscore of 7.98.

9. Farming Simulator 17

As fun as it is to live the life of a farmer on your own, Giants Software's 2017 edition of their tranquil farm simulator lets you bask in the soft glow of country life along with your friends. With this edition, you'll be able to explore new horizons in the world of virtual farming. With over 250 different farming vehicles, and all the high-end equipment from 75 world-famous manufacturers.

Farming Simulator 17 offers an even more immersive experience for all of you would-be agriculturists. Plan your yearly crop cycles with brand new seeds like soybeans and colorful sunflowers, or get in the driving mood by transporting your goods with trucks, trains, and more. And, as your farm grows bigger, so does your country life families. Invite your friends over to your beautiful acres in one of the richest multiplayer experiences for up 16 different players.

With a passionate community for farming, husbandry, and sweet, sweet mods, it has a playscore of 8.03.

8. Full Metal Furies

Following their roguelike adventures in Rogue Legacy, the indie developer Cellar Door Games moves back into the spotlight with this exciting new title. Dubbed as a "true-cooperative" action RPG, it offers a stimulating cartoon environment for organized violence.

With their unique combat system, teamwork and coordination is definitely a must. Bring along up to three of your friends to the crazy misadventures, and struggle together against the ferocious monsters of this world. Whether you wanna play on the couch, or online, there's plenty of enjoyment for everyone to unpack.

Pick from their collection of classes, each with their own set of skills and abilities. Keep on your toes and watch each other's backs as you fend off wave after wave of color-coded baddies together. It even has a mode for the solitary types, with its pick-2 system that will let you enter the battlefield with 2 self-controlled party members.

It has a playscore of 8.27

7. Rivals of Aether

Enter the elemental arenas of this indie fighting game by Dan Fornace. Like an answer to Nintendo's Super Smash Bros, Rivals of Aether brings the brawling action to the PC. It puts an twist to the fighting formula with a selection of Champions that represent the four elements.

Dive into their mythical story mode, and watch as Fire, Earth, Water, and Air collide along with their selection of 8 powerful fighters. Go on adventures with the fiery feline, Zetterburn; make a splash in the Waterworld with the playful Orcane, or master the skies as the ace flier Wrastor.

Aside from their story mode, there's also plenty of action the game's multiplayer modes. Go toe to toe in the competitive versus modes, or learn to work hand in hand against the waves of shadowy enemies in Abyss Mode. With both local and online multiplayer modes, there's a lot of fun to be had.

Looking straight out of classic consoles with their beautifully detailed pixel landscapes, Rivals of Aether is an excellent title in terms of graphics and gameplay. It has a playscore of 8.32.

6. Dungeon Defenders

Although Trendy Entertainment hasn't had the best reputation, they've definitely struck gold with their cooperative action RPG title. Released in 2011, Dungeon Defenders has since garnered wide acclaim for its simple and yet cleverly addictive multiplayer offerings. Take your pick among their four distinctive classes and take arms against the burgeoning evils of the land of Etheria.

One of its greatest assets is its fusion of action RPG elements with the captivating confusion of the tower defense genre. Invite up to three of your friends to either online or local coop and bask in the exhilarating chaos of their cel-shaded world.

With a diverse array of enemies and bosses to defeat, there's always something to do here, making it a prime venue for friends to sit back and slay monsters. Go on dangerous missions in four difficulty levels, collect legendary loot, and find your best buddy among their variety of pets.

It has a playscore of 8.37.

5. Sonic Mania

Reuniting one of the greatest friendships of the arcade era, SEGA flashes back to the glory days of the Sonic series in this fantastic new title from PagodaWest. Roll around their familiar loops, come face to face with brand new bosses, and discover the new secrets of this remastered form. This edition adds more to the ring-collecting mix with new surprises packed into their new and old stages. With Dr. Robotnik up to his old tricks, it’s up to Sonic and the gang to stop it before it's too late.

It's a title that marvels at the power of today's technology, delivering the same old Sonic action that's now free from the limitations of their old platforms. Breathing new life to the renowned classics, witness its rebirth with HD graphics and buttery smooth 60fps. With these new improvements comes the return of the well-loved local co-op mode that lets you invite Tails into your dazzling journey.

Celebrating an icon in videogame history, it has a playscore of 8.48.

4. Assault Android Cactus

If Witch Beam's frenetic twin-stick shooter is any indication, then it's safe to say that the future of PC couch gaming is secured. This multiplayer indie title has gotten everyone all agog for its bullet hell shooting action set in their futuristic environments. Perfecting the easy to pick and hard to master formula, Assault Android Cactus urges you to gather around the couch and take on the trials of the projectile laden stages.

Choose from their roster 9 adorable androids and go on a race against time as you defend your space freighters from robot destruction. As batteries drain by the second, you'll be forced to think on your feet--avoiding the rain bullets, while maximizing your damage input. It's a smooth blend of tropes from both western and Japanese shooters, creating a polished and completely absorbing title.

An exquisite four-player multiplayer for your next squad outing, It has a playscore of 8.57.

3. Trine 2

As dreamy as the original was, this sequel to the fantastical puzzle adventure has far exceeded its moderate success. An indie title from Frozenbyte, This puzzle game is an open-ended masterpiece that challenges you to make your own choices. Play the iconic roles of wizard, thief, and knight in the simultaneous coop mode, and uncover the secrets of their dark and vibrant world. Form your trio of adventurers and use your unique skills to surmount the troubles that lie ahead.

With the complete story edition providing the definitive Trine 2 experience, unpack the juiciest bits of their newest expansions. Take a look inside the mysterious realm of Goblins, and explore the gilded caverns of the reclusive Dwarves. Praised for its beautiful graphics and smart, side-scrolling design, it's a fun adventure to undertake along with your bravest companions.

It has a playscore of 8.84.

2. Minecraft

Ever since its debut back in 2011, Minecraft has made strides in the gaming community. From ushering a new era of twitch and youtube streaming, as well as becoming an outlet for creatives to pursue their wildest imaginations. Mojang's sandbox videogame is a viral sensation, making waves on almost every relevant platform today. Step inside the world of voxel and roam around its vast Neptunian world consisting of over a bazillion varieties of cubes and creatures.

Other than the Minecraft as a channel for creativity, it's also famous for its survival mode that pits you against the threats of the low-poly universe. Craft items out of all the resources at your disposal. Create weapons, build homes, and live out your days in the treacherous wilderness. While it might need a bit of work to bring in your friends for local co-op, it's definitely worth the few minutes of setting up to share in the cube and creep destruction.

It has a playscore of 8.89.

Here are the runners-up before we reveal the number one:

11. JumpJet Rex

Hype it up in this pixel fuelled 2D platformer about a jetpacking t-rex. Hover, dash, and boost your way through his high-flying world. It has a playscore of 7.98.

12. Action Henk

A multiplayer platformer from RageSquid that's loaded with adrenaline pumping craziness. Take on the role of 90s action figures and become the king of the racetrack. It has a playscore of 7.94.

13. Spintires: MudRunner

The enhanced version of the classic Spintires. Face the bumps of the offroad landscapes in the ultimate offroad simulation. It has a playscore of 7.62.

14. Tiny Brains

Spearhead Games combines puzzles and action into one satisfying multiplayer experience. Follow the lives of extraordinary labrats and prepare for some puzzling excitement. It has a playscore of 7.5.

15. Moon Hunters

This indie adventure from developer Kitfox doubles as a personality test that let you decide your legacy in their Mesopotamian inspired universe. A compelling journey that's best experienced with friend, it has a playscore of 7.44

1. Cuphead

Aside from winning Best Indie Game and Best Art Direction at last year's Game Awards, Studio MDHR's breakout title became one of the viral hits of 2017 due to the punishing difficulty behind its whimsical artstyle. Inspired by the equal parts enchanting and disturbing cartoons of the 1930s, this run and gun shooter offers a masterclass in videogame design.

The studio's dedication to the project shows in their meticulously illustrated characters, sets, and animations. With its series of boss fights and run and gun stages, you'll have to rely on your reflexes, skill, and muscle memory to achieve the sweet release of victory.

As fun and delightfully frustrating as its single-player story mode is, Cuphead's built-in local co-op mode turns it into a companionate experience. This not only doubles the enjoyment but also gives a strategic layer to the adventure and adds more volume to your disgruntled screams.

A devilishly charming action game, it has a playscore of 9.08.