15. Deiland

A single-player adventure RPG from Chibig. The world is your playground as you take the form of a Little Prince travelling amongst the stars.

Rule over your own planet. Make it your home, and transform it into a unique place. Its heavily focused on sandbox elements, making every experience noteworthy and endless. Craft tools, cook food, brew potions, and create items. With over 100 quests and 12 playable characters to choose from, you won’t be leaving your little planet anytime soon. It receives a PlayScore of 7.36

14. Overcooked! 2

The most stressful party game in the world. Team17’s chaotic cooking action is back with more hair-pulling levels. Travel to the Onion Kingdom and appease the great Onion King and defeat the Unbread to prevent a culinary catastrophe.

With online and local multiplayer, play with up to four people and work your asses out to serve meals, wash dishes, slice potatoes and so much more. It’s a frenzied fun for you and your friends to enjoy. It receives a PlayScore of 7.40


Protect Humanity from a legion of robotic aliens in this Bullet-Hell First-Person shooter. Face off against overwhelming odds in non-stop action.

Survive by crafting your very own defense systems and joining the resistance to rise from the ranks. Create the most destructive, if not the most ridiculous looking weapons ever created and save the planet from extinction. A small indie title with a huge potential, and it receives a PlayScore of 7.41

12. War Tech Fighters

Or WTF for short. This mecha-based indie action game is built for intergalactic destruction. Form a team with two of the greatest rebel colonies in the galaxy to battle against the evil Zatros empire.

Combining Anime and Hollywood levels of badassery, engage in spectacular action with the Zatronian forces to save your galaxy. Configure, upgrade and customize your War Tech to its full power. It receives a PlayScore of 7.41

11. Not Tonight

If you’re a big fan of 3909’s Papers, Please, then this game might be for you. Set in an alternative Britain where Brexit talks have collapsed, the dystopian government has taken power to round up and exile citizens of European heritage.

Play as a Bouncer and cross-check individuals passing through every major event. Check citizens ID’s, guest lists, and stop interlopers from ruining the extremist system of government. How long can you last in this new regime? It receives a PlayScore of 7.52

10. Star Control: Origins

An indie space RPG from Stardock Entertainment. Similar to MOTHERGUNSHIP, protect the Earth from a swarm of invading aliens. As captain, you take things at your hands. Commandeer the planet’s finest interstellar starship and save humanity.

Navigate a living and breathing universe and discover thousands of new worlds. Meet strange aliens and collect the necessary alien tech to prepare yourself for the incoming battle ahead. It’s a sci-fi experience that makes you the main character. It receives a PlayScore of 7.53

9. Frozen Synapse 2

A sequel to the award-winning turn-based tactical strategy indie game from Mode 7. This single-player experience lets you command your own digital army in a vast procedurally generated city.

Set up bases, deploy your own forces and dominate a living system with many AI-controlled factions vying for control. Rob banks, assassinate politicians, or establish a diplomatic accord, the choice is up to you. It receives a PlayScore of 7.65

8. Megaquarium

If you’ve ever dreamed of building your own aquarium, this theme park management tycoon game from Twice Circled is your kind of playground. Manage your own staff, design your displays, find the perfect aquatic animal to prioritize and watch guests jump with excitement and joy.

Choose from a wide selection of almost 100 different marine species, or research new animals and technology to improve your aquatic haven. Make tough decisions when it comes to maximizing efficiency, and minimizing damages. It has a PlayScore of 7.84

7. Donut County

Annapurna Interactive’s masterclass in art and videogames takes you to a physics-powered indie adventure about a gaping hole. Yes, you heard that right. Play as BK, an ever present hole who wants to swallow his friends to earn prizes.

Throughout the game, the puzzles keep getting better, and BK keeps growing depending on your insatiable gluttony. There’s so many things to do as BK, you can combine stuff, catapult objects out of the hole, or DEVOUR everything. It has a PlayScore of 7.88

6. The Banner Saga 3

The epic conclusion to the award winning Viking Saga that's six years in the making.

Step into a strategic RPG adventure with a strong story and compelling characters. With over 20 awards and 4 BAFTA nominations, witness a satisfying send-off of these viking warriors as they survive from the creeping darkness.

Just like its predecessors, your decisions matter and the ending is tailored to your choices. How will your heroes conclude their adventure? It receives a PlayScore of 7.89

5. La-Mulana 2

A sequel to NIGORO’s indie-adventure metroidvania. Lumisa Kosugi returns as she explores the ancient ruins of La-Mulana. Explore sprawling ancient ruins and mind-boggling mysteries as you traverse back and forth in a living archaeological ruin.

Compared to the previous game, you no longer have a sidekick. It’s up to you to brave the treacherous paths ahead and take down the horrors that plague in this underground network. Unlock new weapons, abilities and make it to the heart of this mysterious world. It has a PlayScore of 8.07

4. Guacamelee! 2

Your Luchador skills are needed once again in this sequel to DrinkBox Studios’ action-metroidvania game. Uppercut your way to victory with the game’s stunning new hand-crafted levels set in a colorful Mexican world.

Power up your hero and seamlessly weave across the vibrant Mexican playground. This latest entry offers a bigger map bustling with secrets, new upgrade system and a 4-player co-op mode to enjoy with your friends. It has a PlayScore of 8.62

3. The Messenger

A retro adventure from Sabotage. This tale of Ninja Gaiden meets Back to the Future lets you play as a skilled Ninja and you slice and dice your way through enemies all around time itself. Set in a cursed world, deliver a scroll to secure the survival of your clan.

Powered by a trippy pixel-art style, jump, slide, and run your way through various locations. Defeat bosses, villains and other associates that stop you on your path. Don’t forget to deliver the message, it receives a PlayScore of 8.71

2. Unavowed

This point and click indie adventure from Wadjet Eye Games is rich with story and gripping with mystery. Set in New York, lift a demonic curse that turns you into a bloodthirsty monster by joining an underground cult called The Unavowed.

Choose from either a male or a female protagonist and make your choices matter. As a character living in isolation, prevent as much damage as possible. The game has branching storylines, so every playthrough is different. It has a PlayScore of 8.74

1. And the best PC Indie Game is none other than Dead Cells

Motion Twin’s slick and stylish roguelite metroidvania adventure tops our list. Explore a procedurally generated castle filled with monsters and creepy crawlies. As a brave warrior, make your way past through a myriad of obstacles and puzzles in a fast-paced motion.

Perhaps the best thing about this game it its endless replayability. You literally can’t die. After every death, you go back again and again to improve your chances of survival. Take down big baddies, unlock weapons, and special powers to lessen the rage-quits every now and then. It has a PlayScore of 9.02