25 Best New Android Games of February 2019

Mar 8, 2019

Showcasing the highest-rated new releases on the Google Play Store, to see the complete, updated list visit our page for all new Android games.

25. Typoman Mobile

Making its round on the PC and the Switch, this indie puzzle platformer has finally come to the android. Venture to the land of poetic typography and slip into the role of hero to restore the world with one last letter. Revolving around manipulating the words around the surreal landscapes, it's an interesting puzzle game that illustrates the power of words. Brought to the mobile by Ubeejoy, the reviews were positive for a time, but they seem to be getting some problems with lags and crashes. Still an interesting puzzler, if it works, it has a Provisional PlayScore of 7.63

24. Wonderland : Beauty & Beast

My town games' educational game will let you find the Beauty to your Best in this magical land made for the enjoyment of kids. Letting them partake in their own Beauty and the Beast fantasy, roam around the beautiful castle, find out the secrets of the beastly Prince, and discover loads of hidden treasures. Made for kids age 4 - 12, it's a family-friendly adventure and it has a Provisional PlayScore of 7.72

23. FPS Counter Attack - Critical Strike

From kid friendly to something completely different. Armed with a sniper, FPS Counter Attack aims to become the next big FPS on the mobile. Not exactly an original premise, go on sniper stealth missions and find strategic locations to execute your big kill. Infiltrate bases, upgrade guns, and complete each exciting mission. A rating of 7.94

22. One Touch Draw

Train your brain to find the correct paths in this spartan but still intriguing brain puzzler from Alcamasoft. The goal is simple. They present you with increasingly complicated patterns, and you have to draw each of them with just. one. line. Taking on the barebones android game style, it earns a more than decent Provisional PlayScore of 8.01

21. Draw 1 Line

And now for something...exactly the same, but better in many ways. This time from MagicAnt Inc, Draw 1 Line makes use of the very same straightforward premise. But unlike One Touch's spartan ways, this one's got a bit more flair. Offering a grand total of 850 stages in free to play format, It has a Provisional PlayScore of 8.01

20. River City Ransom : Kunio Returns

WhaleBird brings a certified GBA classic to the smartphones in idle clicker form. Keeping faithful to the game's retro roots, welcome the return of Kuno and watch them fight against River City's baddies from one hour to the next. An endless wave of battle awaits, with skills to upgrade and dungeons to beat. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 8.34

19. Evolution: The Video Game

A massive jump from the last game and a leap from what we saw just a few months before. Born out of kickstarter, North Star Games aimed to bring their strategy board game to the PC and the mobile. And, while it took a while with a few delays, the wait seemed to be worth it. Marketed as a strategy game of adaptation, it pits species against species in a struggle to survive through the ways of evolution. Battle to become the fittest as you pile on mutations to attack or protect yourself from the harsh cycle. A smart, fully featured title for your smartphones, it has a PlayScore of 8.43

18. Crowd City

Also available as a browser game, Crowd City plays on the io formula with the stampeding mobs of their colorcoded cities. Amass your crowd of candy colored masses from the populace and become the biggest crowd in town. No need for any oratorical skills to be this crowd's leader. It has a Provisional score of 8.6

17. Block Busters - Gem of Arena

There's something very satisfying about breaking bricks. But, Redpotion wasn't gonna settle on just that. Levelling up the excitement of the usually zen puzzle game, Blockbusters adds a competitive layer to the gameplay. Face off with players around the world, and show them your puzzle skills in real-time. It's not just packed with fun either, it's also a content rich title. Playing off on its PvP puzzler core, Blockbusters has plenty of game modes to choose from, like Battle, Survival, or Team play. With its strategic skill cards, it doesn't skimp on strategic depth either. Simple and fun, it has a Provisional PlayScore of 8.6

16. JAWS.io

Another casual twist on the io genre, this time it's about big ol' Bruce terrorizing the beaches once again. Playing as a lowly ship in the not-so calm wateers, devour as many ships as you can and ensure your survival by becoming a bigger boat. Avoid the jaws of the mighty predator for as long as you can, or lose. And then try again. Satisfying and incredibly addicting, it's just one of those .io games that puts casual enjoyment into its bare essentials. Another tome of sleek but mindless entertainment for your phones, it has a Provisional rating of 8.6

15. Overkill the Dead: Survival

We're not about to run out of zombie games any time soon. With yet another challenger in the form of Mad Fun's Overkill the Dead--no relation to THAT Walking Dead game. Taking on survival gameplay in a town of infected, bring out the guns, protect yourselves, and gather resources to last another day in zombie hell. Rendered in beautiful 3D, it has a rating of 8.79

14. ChaosFighters3

Playing to the China's ACG obssession--that's Anime, Comic, and Games for you--ChaosFighter's third installment has an addictive mix of unique personalities. With elements of RPG--that's role-playing games--level up your fighters to their maximum potential and engage in PvP battles in real-time. Still no localizations available, so it might help to learn Chinese first. It as a Provisional PlayScore of 8.79

13. Spicy Piggy

For anyone who misses SuperMeatboy even just a tiny bit, Nitrome's action game might just fit the bill. Quite literally a meat boy, but not so much on super, Spicy Piggy delivers on the challenge that Edmund McMillen's platformer set. This one though is focused more on speed than agility. Challenging you to set the fastest time possible, compete with the rest of the world and master the obstacles of their tough as nails levels. Using just one button to blaze through the fast-paced gameplay, patience and perseverance is the only capital you need. Another free game, it has a Provisional PlayScore of 8.87

12. Poly - Coloring Puzzle Art Book

You might need to catch a breath after that last game and this might be the perfect game to do just that. Putting a puzzle twist to the recent adult coloring book fad, Poly's a zen game to spend a few hours on. Find the place for each miniscule shape and watch the blank spaces fill with popping colors. It has a rating of 8.97

11. Thumper: Pocket Edition

Dubbed as Rhythm Violence, lead the mysterious space beetle as he blasts full speed into the void. Face otherworldly creatures and beat them using the game’s responsive controls. This mobile version contains fewer levels compared to the Switch version, but it does maintain its psychedelic atmosphere and crazy sound designs. It receives a Provisional PlayScore of 9.01

10. Go Slice

If you've seen the Switch's Snipperclips and thought "hey, that’s what I want, but just for me" Go Slice is exactly that. Letting you take on the bite-sized puzzles with a swiping snip, help their adorable adventurer navigate using nothing but your brainpower and their papier mache. A cute puzzler for one, it has a Provisional PlayScore of 9.1

9. Larry - Virtual Pet Game

There's an assortment of choices for virtual pets already, but this is February's latest from Frojo Apps. Rescue your very own Larry from the seas, and put a fancy roof over his head, together with some of your sweet TLC. Packed with songs, cooking, mining, and your own aquarium, it's more than your usual virtual pet, with a s core of 9.11

8. The Biggest Chungus (By Tyler Oliveira)

Youtuber Tyler Oliveira's memeworthy game is racking up plays on the PlayStore. Play the purple bunny and go on a quest to eat carrots, kill enemies, and consume the world as the biggest chungus of them all. Yea, we don't get it either, but apparently it's more than decent with a whopping score of 9.15

7. Guildmaster Story

Guildmaster Mobile takes satire in their own hands, making a mockery of the formulaic mobile games that litter the Google and App Store. This Toronto-made project pokes fun at the freemium culture of mobile games. Which includes low-quality writing, repetitive quests and MONETIZATION. Even their gameplay is akin to the popular match three genre. And to complete the cliches, it is free to play. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 9.15

6. Sausage Flip

You could say that it’s a literal sausage party. This physics-based puzzle game from MADBOX lets you control sausages as they make it to their goal. All you have to do is fling them back and forth like a regular sausage, but do it as best and as far as you can. Take part in this glorious journey because the game isn’t really trying to be pretentious and all. It has a Provisional PlayScore of 9.19

5. Gun Idle

For when you wanna play a game but not really. Idle clickers are the best kinds of timewasters. For this one, it's all about managing a shooting range filled with unmanned guns hitting targets. Employ more weapons into your increasingly awesome arsenal and watch all that cash flow into your nonexistent wallet. It's all about the guns and money, with a Provisional PlayScore of 9.2

4. BitLife - Life Simulator

Candywriter hones our decision-making skills with this free to play simulation game. Live the life of one bit and see how their fate unfolds in the hands of your decisions. Drop out of college, fall in love, break up, or die in the healthy age of 32. Watch someone else's life unfold--bad choices or not--without all the repercussions of real life regret. It has a score of 9.2

3. Balloon Pop Blast

Balloons do go pop when they blast. Funnily enough we're not dealing with the round inflatables for this one. Going on a more block-like appearance, Balloon pop blast is a not so distant twist on the match three puzzle game. Blow off some steam with this balloon popping mania, with a score of 9.28

2. Hell Clicker PRO

Red Machine's simulation game lets you play the role of tycoon in hell--and not in the traditional sense at least. Manage the surprisingly unfiery depths of their hell as you build demonic pics, harvest sinners, and unlock new torturous equipment for your beloved residents. Hell isn't freezing anytime soon! It has a Provisional PlayScore of 9.35

1. And the best Android game last month is Drift City-Hottest Racing Game

Another stunning 3D game from Mad Fun, this title just might be your next favorite racer. Chock full of racing content--from their 16 classic cars, to their various, challenging tracks--players have been hitting the shelves for this free to play title. If you don't mind annoying ads popping up after every clicks, it's this month's best title with its Provisional PlayScore of 9.46


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