14 Upcoming PlayStation 4 Exclusives of 2019, 2020 & Beyond

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1. Days Gone

Just when we thought the zombie genre is literally dead, SIE Bend's latest work comes out to prove that it’s not the case and that the zombie genre keeps showing up to the latest games on the market. It even had its own HD reimagining with this year’s Resident Evil 2 reboot.

But as for Sony’s latest exclusive, it takes the Zombie genre to a whole new level. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where you play as Deacon St. John. A former outlaw who travels the barren United States with his badass motorbike. Explore the forsaken Pacific Northwest riddled with zombies called the “Freakers”.

It's also not a linear experience, and its stealth mechanics seemingly lets players survive on their own terms. As a biker, upgrade and repair using scraps from the environment. Although it suffered numerous delays, the game is finally coming out this April 26.

2. Concrete Genie

Take a look at one of the best PS4 exclusive you probably haven't seen yet. While it's an admittedly low-key title from Pixelopus, Concrete Genie is anything but lackluster. An action-adventure game about a lone teenager with a knack for graffiti, Concrete Genie shows off a world that injects dazzling magic into his otherwise dreary reality. From what we see, it's already an artistic feat, with art styles, animations, and music that blend together into one atmospheric experience.

Talking about themes of bullying and escapism through emergent puzzle gaming, Ash--it's the main character--goes on to solve the environmental riddles using the monsters that he draws and breathes life into. It's not exactly groundbreaking, but the game makes up for it with the utter beauty of Ash's creations that will make you keep screenshots of everything. Great for that chill puzzle solving, it comes out this spring.

3. MediEvil

A game all about reanimating the dead, the 1998 classic action-adventure also gets a new lease on life in this ground-up remake. Already past resurrection with its 2005 reimagining for the PlayStation portable, this remake for the PS4 is leaps ahead in terms of graphics and gameplay. In their Halloween trailer last October 2018, SONY shows off just how much has changed between the old game and the new.

With its 4K resolution support, the skeletal knight looks as good as new in his clear as day nighttime environments. For the uninitiated, MediEvil follows the story of the knight, Sir Dan, as he battles against an evil sorcerer, a hundred years after his death on the battlefield. This story follows a slew of exciting hack and slash action that would put Dark Souls to shame--if Dark Souls existed in the 90s. A veritable treat for fans of the series, it's time for our inner children to return to Gallowmere once it releases sometime this year.

4. Trover Saves The Universe

One half of the duo that brought us "Rick and Morty", Justin Roiland teams up with Squanch Games to bring the world a new home for absurdist adventures. And for anyone who enjoyed the series, the look and feel of this 3D virtual reality world have pretty much the same energy as the TV--although less of their bleak and mundane earth world, and more of their interdimensional cosmos. Some of the series’ cast also lent their familiar voices to make the world feel more alive.

From their demo, it looks like they'll be more irreverent jokes, 4th wall breaking, and hilarious commercials in this title too. Playing as both chairworshipping Chairorpean and Trover, the focus for its creators has been to deliver an immersive experience, whether on the VR or in the traditional format--and you can be sure there's a meta comedic moment for that one too. With no release date yet, we'll have to wait and see what else is in store for us sometime this year.

5. WiLD

The man behind the cult success that was Beyond Good and Evil, Michel Ancel's name has been equated with greatness, so much so that anything he makes is a sure-buy. But, with Beyond Good and Evil's prequel of sorts already on the horizons, it looks like the long-promised WiLD has been put on the back burner. Announced at Gamescom 2014 with a spectacular trailer, Ancel's WiLD promised a procedurally generated survival game where we get to take control of all the animals and use it to fight against other tribes.

Paired with online play and a massive open world, it was definitely an ambitious premise that got everyone hooked. Aside from a few snippets from two years ago, and some teasers from Ancel's Instagram, there's really not much news on the game. On the other hand, at least we know this PS4 exclusive, though still in its early stages, is coming for us. Someday soon, we hope.

6. Deep Down

If anyone remembers that Dark Souls-like game CAPCOM made, it’s Deep Down. Still a working title, this adventure shares similarities to both Dragon’s Dogma and Dark Souls, the game sticks to the third-person action-adventure but with a greater focus on co-op multiplayer.

It’s a dungeon-crawling experience that enables players to roam around its medieval fantasy world slaying monsters and unlocking secrets. It’s set in the year 2094 and it tells the story of a group known as the Ravens tasked to recover historical memories by touching ancient objects. The game is still deep in development (no pun intended) and unfortunately, the release date is still a mystery.

7. Ghost Of Tsushima

From the guys that gave us the award-winning inFAMOUS series comes a brand new IP that exudes a strong Japanese machismo. Ghost of Tsushima is what Tenchu could’ve been in this modern time. Sucker Punch Productions puts us in a sprawling open-world for players to explore Tsushima Island.

Set during the first Mongol Invasion of Japan, players control the Last Samurai, Jin Sakai. Master new fighting styles and achieve the way of the Ghost to finally defeat the Mongolians and fight for the freedom and independence of Japan.

Gameplay mainly revolves around action-adventure with a huge emphasis on stealth. Set in a third-person perspective, players roam around the world taking missions and interacting with the environment. Use the game’s grappling hook feature to traverse seamlessly from point A to B. Duel with enemies and use your extensive array of Japanese medieval weapons including Katanas. It’s a true Samurai experience. Unfortunately, no release date yet. It comes out on the PS4.

8. Dreams

PlayStation 4’s new playground of creativity is developed by the guys behind LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway. Dreams is different compared to Media Molecule's other entries, it offers a surreal universe for players to play and enjoy. It showcases the PlayStation 4’s power of Play, Create, and Share. It relies heavily on the community and it’s up to the players to define their own version of the world.

Create various worlds with different experiences. Make interactive adventures, platformers, shoot ‘em ups, puzzlers, and even RPG’s. All it takes is just your imagination, and they are endless. Once everything is in place, share it with the community and let them enjoy your fine creation. It’s Sony’s version of RPG Maker. No release date yet, but hopefully it comes out soon.

9. Erica

When it comes to interactive stories, Sony excels at it. Notable games include Supermassive’s Until Dawn. This genre of gaming presents a multi-faceted version of storytelling and gameplay. Some would involve players making tough choices, while others simply follow the story and listen to what the protagonists have to say.

Erica is something. Developed by Flavourworks, it follows the story of a young woman haunted by a traumatic childhood. It blurs the line between a game and interactive movies. Dive into a unique cinematic experience that throws you into a shadowy world of emotional storytelling. Use the PlayStation 4’s PlayLink feature and simply use your mobile device to interact around Erica’s world.

Decipher the protagonist’s mind and uncover the mystery behind her growing darkness. Using live-action visuals, it's an entertaining visual trip that comes out sometime soon. No release date yet, unfortunately.

10. Final Fantasy VII Remake

The updates for this awaited remake were few and far between, making some of us wonder if it's gonna release at all. While Square Enix have set the record straight November last year, no official release date has been confirmed yet. What we can look forward to, however, is a refreshed and renewed adventure with Cloud Strife and his friends.

Dubbed as the Midgar Experience, this classic installment covered their fight against the company Shinra for the world's natural powers. A JRPG masterclass, this ground-up remake is reportedly built from the ground up--letting go of the pre-rendered environments of the 1997 title for the polygonal graphics of today. With this came a host of problems in development, particularly in the jump towards the action RPG format, which is a far cry from their turn-based origins. An exciting new take on a beloved JRPG classic, we'll have to stay tuned for the next announcement.

11. The Last of Us: Part II

Only of one of Naughty Dog's many PS4 exclusive hits, The Last of Us has made many of us emotional in-between the life-threatening escapades of an infected post-apocalypse. Now, with a brand new sequel finally in the works, the whole world's just waiting with bated breath. Unfortunately, we're all just huffing at this point, with not many details about the progress so far.

From what we know though, it will revolve around a decidedly more grown-up Ellie. The creative directive, Neil Druckman has said the second installment will be a tale of revenge. Who needs avenging, we are yet to find out. Druckmann has also recently hinted at a heart-wrenching scene on his Twitter account. This all gets a little worrying, considering we still don't know whether or not we'll see Joel in Part II. Promising more tears and adrenaline-pumping action, it's gonna be one hell of a new entry that sadly doesn't have a release date yet.

12. Blood & Truth

If you enjoyed the brutal gangster experience in PlayStation VR Worlds' London Heist minigame, then you're going to love THIS. Expanding the premise of the London Heist into a full VR title, Sony's own London Studio presents us with an opportunity to take on John Wick-like experience by amping the excitement of their experimental demo. Not only does London look and feel the part in Blood & Truth, but shooting also does too.

The game attempts to simulate actual gun tactics, with realistic ammunition and reloads, giving players that action movie feel. For some gamers, though, this narrative VR shooter loses some of its allure when considering its lack of full locomotion. Following on the heels of Firewall Zero Hour and Bravo Team, Blood & Truth might have some difficulty competing. Still, it's a promising shooter for anyone looking for that definitively British tone. No release date yet.

13. Star Child

First presented in 2017's Paris Games Week, this action-adventure wowed the masses with visuals that were nothing less than stunning. Reportedly a VR game from Playful Corp, the folks behind the playground platformer, Lucky's Tale, Star Child keeps the spirit of their previous platforming hits in the immersive world of VR. Described by one fan as a RiME meets Metroid, Star Child is a beautiful-looking narrative adventure that puts to use the powers of the VR platform.

Revolving around Spectra and her companion, help the stranded friends fight alien entities by controlling the world around her. Between this intriguing premise and the masterfully crafted announce trailer, it's no wonder the fans were abuzz about this upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive. Like the other upcoming games in this list, the updates are few and far between. Thankfully, Playful's CEO squashed all speculations about its cancellations. So, we know it's coming but when exactly that will be, we don't know.

14. Death Stranding

Kojima-san’s latest videogame after his days in Konami is something we’re not ready. This brand new IP puts together Kojima’s love for hard science fiction mixed with his appreciation for some great cinematic moments. Packing together iconic actors such as Norman Reedus, Lea Seydoux and Mads Mikkelsen. Together they tell a story that we still have no idea about.

Death Stranding takes players into the far future where a mysterious entity dominates humanity’s existence. But trailer after trailer, we still have no clue what Kojima means. First, we saw Norman Reedus delivering huge boxes, then we see a baby, then we see a gigantic monster with a hand for a face. We won’t get any answers as of the moment, and knowing Kojima, he’s just gonna keep doing that until we finally see the game come out sometime soon.

Release date is still a blur.