15. Opening our list of Top 15 Free Android RPGs is Hero Hunters

If anyone's on the lookout for console-like titles on the mobile, then this might be worth a shot. Hothead Games shows off their flair with the jawdropping graphics of their RPG Shooter hybrid. Anchoring on cover-based shooting action, their campaign follows a heated war against the army of Kurtz. Set in beautifully dilapidated cities and populated by a gorgeously rendered cast of characters--Hero Hunters has all it takes to be an RPG classic.

While the graphics are impressive, Hero Hunters is a bundle of adrenaline pumping joy, too, what with their real time PvP battles and co-op boss raids.

It has a PlayScore of 8.33


14. SWORD ART ONLINE:Memory Defrag

Strap on your seatbelts and trap yourselves in the colorful cyberworlds of Bandai Namco's Sword Art Online. An adaptation of the popular anime and novel , Memory Defrag fearlessly takes us into another tale of cyber imprisonment along with your favorites Kirito, Asuna, and Leafa. Now with new scenes, and new ways to play, you'll be able to relive all your favorite moments.

With their well-implemented RPG system, you'll grow along with your favorites, strengthening them with new upgrades and skills to survive the monsters that lie in wait. A stylish RPG for fans of the hit anime,

it has a PlayScore of 8.34


13. Inotia 4

Com2uS USA's action-driven RPG dips us into a captivating world of Goblins, Orcs, and so much more. This fourth installment of the popular RPG series bids us to choose our side in the battle of the two forces. With their ominous reawakening, journey alongside the Kiyan and Eara in their quest for light. Boasting one of the biggest maps on the mobile, traverse forests, fields and dungeons in the shoes of their six varying classes.

Use the individual skills of Warlock, Knight, Rangers and more, or band together with mercenaries with their party system. A tragic battle between light and darkness awaits,

it has a PlayScore of 8.35



Zenonia's hero comes back to the forefront in this most definitive edition of the RPG franchise yet. Witness the return of the oddly named Regret as he goes on a brand new mission. This time, he'll have to go against a rising Dark Lord that threatens the fate of Zenonia.

Return to the comforts of their satisfying hack and slash action as you choose between the four different classes. Master the art of melee and ranged combat and earn the right to be the hero the world needs. It's an anime style RPG with just the right balance of humor and action. Truly a delight to play,

it has a PlayScore of 8.35


11. Pet Alliance 2

Avid.ly game's digital domestication returns with more adorable fervor in this bigger and better sequel. Pet Alliance lets you take on the role of trainor in their colorful, anime style world. Collect your own party of pets and watch them grow and evolve into the legendary monsters they can be. Battle it out in their real-time PvPs, bringing your all with an array of eye-catching elemental skills.

Solve puzzles, face off with other pets, and use your wits in the round-based arenas. With this fresh sequel comes a host of new improvements in gameplay, graphics, and brand new features. Catch up in the global leaderboards and become the best trainor the world over.

It has a PlayScore of 8.35



The legacy of Square Enix' beloved Final Fantasy series continues on in the mobile. One of the first titles to mark a more mobile-focused movement for the company, Brave Exvius welcomes you into the lives of Raine, Lasswell, and Fina. With them, comes an exciting new story in the world of Lapis, where again, they must against the looming darkness.

Optimized for touchscreen devices, it feels well at home on the mobile with its intuitive and responsive controls. Conjure magic, fight enemies, and unleash damage-dealing Limit Breaks in a world filled with evil. Playable both online and off,

it has a PlayScore of 8.37


9. Terra Battle

While we're on the subject of Final Fantasy, one of the great icons of the industry joins in on the conversation with his own barebones take on the RPG. From his work on Chrono Trigger, and of course, the Final Fantasy Series, Hironobi Sakaguchi pours out his all on this Puzzle and Dragons type adventure. Gathering the best soldiers into your army, step into the grid-based arena and test your skills in this tactical battle of wits.

Level up your chosen characters and increase your chances against enemies on the strategic battlefield. With the masterful strokes of the videogame legends, Terra Battle proves itself to be a simple yet exquisite experience.

It has a PlayScore of 8.4


8. Dungeon Boss

Defend your dungeon and pillage the neighbors in epic turn based battles courtesy of Big Fish Games. Be the dungeon boss by amassing an infantry from its wide selection of heroes, with warriors, ninjas, knights and more.

It has intricately designed RPG mechanics, with each hero having its own traits and features. Upgrade, equip, and ascend your heroes to unlock epic abilities, useful against mighty bosses and tricky dungeon crawls.

Assemble the fiercest army and test your skills in Clash-of-Clanslike battles. Take down their defenses, loot the dungeons, and climb the leaderboards.

It has a PlayScore of 8.4


7. Nonstop Knight

When they say nonstop, they really mean it. An idle brawler in the same vein as flaregames' own Nonstop Chuck Norris, this title focuses more on the daily and knightly battles of their chivalrous main character. All you need is the tap of a thumb, and the game does the rest. Arm your knight with the best equipment and help him survive his neverending conquests. It's perfect for anyone who wants to sit back and watch the action happen with little to no interaction--just clean and easy brawling fun. Power-up, grab items, and tap, tap, tap.

Playable anytime, and anywhere.

It has a PlayScore of 8.41


6. Dark Legends

Take part in this gritty fantasy that brings you to the dark underworld of the pallor vampires. Hunted down by a horde of human supremacists, you must defend your tribes against their supernatural allies, or face the perils of extinction. Sacrifice your immortal soul, and fight werewolves and warlocks using worldly weapons and your lightning-fast reflexes.

Slay numerous foes and develop your vampiric talents. Gain unique powers, and collect rare treasures that will boost your odds against the deadly hunters. The game supports co-op mode to navigate the bloody tale with your friends, as well as a fast-paced PvP mode.

It’s a 3D horror adventure you can definitely sink your teeth in.

It has a PlayScore of 8.44


5. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Pulling you into another light vs dark adventure is none other than George Lucas' very own space opera. Time to muster all your midichlorians and hop in for a ride around a galaxy far, far away. With the favorites from the Star Wars cinematic universe--from the originals to the latest Last Jedi--Galaxy of Heroes will let you live out your dreams. Create a team of rebels, imperials, or both, and carve out your legacy with quick moves and strategic mastery.

Not only does it offer exhilarating turn-based wars and battles against ginormous bosses--Galaxy of Heroes also tests your skills in flight with their epic fleet vs fleet battles. An all around Star Wars experience,

it has a PlayScore of 8.45


4. Pocket Mortys

Travel from one improbability to the next in this videogame adaptation of one of Adult Swim's most popular animated TV show yet. Playing like their own version of the classic Pokemon tale, take control of Rick Sanchez as he jumps around the vast multiverse with his own band of Mortys. Release all your repressed rage and loneliness as you collect, train, and combine your favorites from around the many dimensions.

Packed with appearances from characters like Birdpersons, Mister Meeseeks, and more, it's a Rick and Morty bonanza that fans will definitely enjoy. Become the Rickest and the Mortiest Morty!

It has a PlayScore of 8.45


3. Arcane Legends MMO-Action RPG

From the creators of the smash hit Pocket Legends comes a game that proves mobile MMORPG can be possible. Discover a massive online world of Arlor and meet up with players from around the world in real-time. Travel to the darkest dungeon, or take on the biggest monsters with its hack and slash gameplay. Make the most out of the experience.

Pick between its three classes and customize your hero to become an unstoppable force. This time, the game grows bigger than ever with continuous updates. Challenge players in a 3v3 PvP or engage in a fun co-op adventure with your friend.

It has a PlayScore of 8.58


2. Postknight

Putting a charming spin on the noble mailman profession, PostKnight offers up the challenge of braving harsh storms and facing ferocious monsters in the fulfillment of your duties. Crafted with the sweet, pastel palettes and landscapes, it's a game that's easy on the eyes, and easier still in terms of gameplay and enjoyment.

Roam around the enchanting land of Kurestal that's packed with activities for your role-playing delights. Destroy the creatures that block your path, arm yourself with the best equipment, or take a sidequest in the road of romance to find your one true love. Delivering the goods in a bite-sized package,

it has a PlayScore 8.64


Here are the runners-up before we reveal the number one:

16. Maiden: Legacy of the Beast

Step into the shoes of Eddie and his many forms in an adventure from multiple worlds to fight hordes of enemies.

It has a PlayScore of 8.33


17. Darkness Reborn

Choose among Warriors, Ninjas, and Devil Hunters in this gritty RPG from Gamevil Studios.

It has a PlayScore of 8.3


18. Tiny Dice Dungeon

Embark on an 8-bit quest with these tiny heroes as they scour dungeons to steal that ultimate treasure.

It has a PlayScore of 8.29



Form your hearty crew of landlubbers and sail to the vast waters in Bandai Namco’s Mobile One Piece game.

It has a PlayScore of 8.28


20. Fire Emblem Heroes

One of Nintendo's most successful series heads for the mobile. Gathering the heroes of the FE universe, play as Summoner and engage in turn-based battles.

It has a PlayScore of 8.26


1. And the best FREE RPG on the Android is Tap Titans 2

Game Hive Corporation shows us that simple doesn't have to be bad. Combining role-playing with the fidget-friendly clicking formula, Tap Titans 2 lets you become the greatest warrior the world has ever seen--all with a tap or two. This grand sequel will unleash the master swordsman in you, offering up over 120 new towering titans to defeat. Carefully designed to give the greatest tapping satisfaction, Tap Titans boasts colorful settings and highly addictive coin-collecting features.

Brandish your skills with enhanced RPG Mechanics, new heroes, and a sweet prestige mode to relive the highs of this tapping treat.

It has a PlayScore of 8.77