28 Upcoming Games of December 2017

Check out our list of all Upcoming games on the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, Android and iOS for the full catalog.

1. SEVEN: The Days Long Gone

The Ex-Developers from the universally acclaimed Witcher series bring you an isometric RPG with open-world wonders. Follow the life of Teriel the Thief and be in the shadows. Choose your own playstyle and uncover lies, deceit, and secrets in its vibrant world. Coming this December 1st on the PC.

2. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

The game that could potentially change the future of the Switch second to Breath of the Wild. Into the land of Elysium, explore a futuristic paradise teeming with mechanical beasts and gigantic machines in this open-world game. With all-new cast and characters, get ready to experience JRPG’s in its grand form. It’s coming this December 1st.

3. Doom VFR on PC and PS4

Bethesda is moving forward to the future in their upcoming VR titles. This one takes you to the demon-infested planet of Mars. As a UAC survivor, unleash your badass skills and eliminate these demonic foes with all your might. Set shortly after the events of the original game, survive its relentless horde of creatures and lay waste to this unspeakable evil. Coming this December 1st on the PC and PS4.

4. Gear.Club Unlimited

The Switch isn’t a stranger to racing games. Get behind the wheel in this authentic-looking racer from Eden Games. With over 400 challenging races and a ton of licensed cars, it’s heaven for the racing enthusiasts. Considering it’s a Switch game, it’s handheld capabilities might give you a casually good time. Coming this December 1st.

5. Professional Offroad Transport Simulator

Just in time for the holidays. This casual truck simulator by dev4play lets you maneuver a 6x6 vehicle on narrow roads. Filled with cargo, you must deliver your goods and make your way through its offroad obstacles. For better handling, upgrade your truck or enjoy the ride. It’s not much, but it’s a relaxing experience… for your dad, maybe. Coming this 6th of December on the PC.

6. SpellForce 3

Build bases, manage your economy, and produce elite troops. This hybrid between RTS and RPG developed by Grimlore Games returns to its roots in this newest installment of the SpellForce series. Create your own hero and forge your legend in the World of Eo. Play its over 30+ hours of single-player campaign and witness a classic game comeback to life. Coming this 7th of December on the PC.

7. Kamen Rider: Climax Fighters

This sixth and latest Kamen Rider fighting game is making its way to the PlayStation 4. Meet new Kamen Riders such as Drive, Gaim, Ghost, and more in this frenetic 4 v 4 fighting experience. This is also the first Kamen Rider game to introduce its online features. Play with people from around the world in online mode. It’s coming this December 7th.

8. Hello Neighbor on PC and Xbox One

A survival horror game from Dynamic Pixels that takes your neighbor’s bizarre backyard. Already released as a soft Beta for months, it’s finally releasing this December 8th on the PC and Xbox One. The goal of the game is to find out what’s inside your neighbor’s secret basement. But the main challenge lies in its advanced AI. Your neighbor will always be one step ahead of you and it’s up to you to outsmart or adapt to the environment.

9. LocoRoco 2 Remastered

From the ashes of the PlayStation Portable comes a game that no one expected. In this rhythm slash platformer by SIE Japan Studio, guide adorable singing blobs using motion controls in the game’s multiple levels. This remastered version comes with a refined resolution and enhanced music. Making you jive along to the game’s catchy tunes while using your PlayStation Controller to tilt and control the game’s camera. It’s coming this December 9 on the PlayStation 4.

10. Tekken Mobile on Android and iOS

With every game on the market trying out its mobile possibilities, Bandai Namco takes it into consideration as well. This pocket-sized version of the world’s iconic fighting game takes the Iron Fist Tournament everywhere. Microtransactions aside, build up your dream team and play online with various Tekken players from around the world. It’s coming this 10th of December on the Android and iOS.

11. Never Stop Sneakin’

From the devs that gave us Dust: An Elysian Tale comes a game that takes homage from Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid franchise. Travel through time and uncover a political conspiracy that could change the world. Hack computers, sneak, and witness a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Coming this 10th of December on the Nintendo Switch.

12. Fallout 4 VR

Of course, if Doom and Skyrim are getting a VR release, why not Fallout? Travel to the post-apocalyptic world of Boston and immerse yourself to its irradiated plains and nightmarish ghouls. It still contains the main game but with a more focused Virtual Reality experience including its all-new combat, crafting and base-building. It’s coming this December 12 on the PC as an HTC Vive Exclusive.

13. Resident Evil VII: Biohazard - Not A Hero DLC on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

There will be two upcoming single-player DLC’s in CAPCOM’s latest Resident Evil game. Still adapting to their new first-person perspective, follow Chris Redfield as he investigates the aftermath of the original games’ ending. More action-oriented, use his high powered rifle and his giant muscles to eliminate waves and waves of creatures under the mines. Coming this December 12 for FREE on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

14. Resident Evil VII: Biohazard - The End Of Zoe on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

Another single-player DLC, this paid content takes you to the events happening after the original game. Featuring a whole new character, help him cure Zoe from a wicked infection. Not much details were shown, but the developers intended to make it as mysterious as it could be. Coming this December 12 alongside the Not A Hero DLC on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

15. EverQuest: Ring Of Scale

The MMORPG that once started it all. This 24th Expansion greatly increases the content as it transports the player back to the land of Kunark. With all-new gears, monsters, skills and plenty more surprises. Coming this December 12 on the PC.

16. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on PC, PS4, and Xbox One

Finally! After months of being tested on the PC, this action-packed Battle Royale game from Bluehole is heading to the Xbox One. Play with up to four of your friends in its 100 player arena and survive in its barrage of bullets and grenades. The game has 4K support which means every action is smooth to the very core. It’s a timed exclusive and it’s coming this 12th of December.

17. on PC and Switch

To prepare a scrumptious meal, you must find the rarest meat. This Indie game from Trinket Studios blends combo-based hunting and puzzle-based cooking into one effective entry. Follow two characters competing against each other to win that ultimate Chef prize. It’s hand-drawn art style and the fascinating world of Victusia tempts you to prepare that juicy meal. It’s coming this 20th of December on the PC and Switch.

18. A-Train Express

An upcoming railroad and development simulation game from Artdink. For over 30 years, this game was widely respected for its fans. The game’s key features take you to rich cityscapes, huge maps and the absolute freedom to build anywhere. It’s VR capabilities opens more features, especially on the PSVR. Create your ideal world because this game is coming this 21st of December on the PS4.

19. The Idolmaster: Stella Stage

Become a producer and aim for the legendary stage in this bigger and better Idolmaster. Lead your 13 beautiful Idols into the Stella Stage and give them the time of their lives. Pick your favorite idol and help them grow to become the next big superstar. There’s so much more than just waifu bait in this game, and it’s coming this 21st of December on the PS4.

20. Praey For The Gods on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

Inspired from Sony’s beloved Shadow of the Colossus, this survival game by No Matter Studios takes you to a desolate world where snow-capped hills are filled with danger. Your goal is to scour the frozen wastelands and defeat beasts in epic third-person action. It’s ambitious and it’s coming soon this December 26 on the PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

21. Classroom Aquatic on PC and PlayStation 4

An unlikely combination of a Stealth Game and a Trivia Game developed by Sunken Places. Set underwater, play as a foreign exchange aquatic creature and learn the rules of the classroom. Cheat, sabotage your exams, or do normal curricular things… but underwater… as a dolphin. It’s a VR title and it’s coming to the PC and PS4 this 26th of December.

22. Jalopy

Available on Steam as an Early Access game. Restore a rusty old car to its former glory and drive through Eastern sunsets and lush landscapes. Your Laika 601 Motor Vehicle won’t give up if you don’t give up on it. Scavenge scraps and ride through its classic atmosphere. Simulate your own road trip experience as the game releases this 26th of December on the PC.

23. Revelation Online

A breathtaking fantasy MMORPG. Set in the beautiful world of Nuanor, create your own character and plunge him into a seamless adventure filled with mystery and secrets. It’s massive scale PvP keeps the game flowing and its variety of classes offer a unique gameplay experience for players. It’s coming this December 26 on the PC.

24. Quantum Replica on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

A cyberpunk metroidvania game from ON3D Studios. Enter a dystopian world filled with shining neon lights and urban angst. As an intruder from another timeline, you manipulate time to escape from the clutches of an evil organization. Enjoy its fast-paced Metroidvania style gameplay and defeat powerful bosses. It’s coming this 26th of December on the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

25. AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch

Feast your eyes on the sunny paradise of this game's 3D universe. A first-person roguelike game by Aurelien Regard, Journey to the unexpected challenges you to traverse a land full of interesting personalities and convince them to join your party. Its roguelite elements come out in letting you step into the shoes of each of the characters you meet. Choose your own path amid the endless opportunities, and see the animated 90s world through their eyes. It's set to release on the PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch this December 28th.

26. Luckless Seven

From its Kickstarter success the indie title finds itself with a Steam greenlight. This story-driven game from Deck Point Studio will let you control a soul-searching guy named Mark who travels around to qualify for a Casino tournament. As interesting as its card-battles are, Luckless Seven has a coming of age story at its heart. Traverse through complex branching narratives, and explore personal relationships in its immersive isometric world. It's set to release on the PC this December 29th.

27. Naval Action

Riding on the waves of the high seas, the straightforward simulation game developed byGame-Labs aims to provide a realistic experience of a high tier ship sailing. Travel back to a time when ships ruled the waters, and embark on a grand quest for naval supremacy. As stunning as its realistic vessels and vistas are, Naval Action has been criticized for its incredibly slow pace. Currently in Early Access, it’s set to release on the PC this December 30th.

28. Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm

Previously gracing the iOS platform as a breathtaking adventure wrapped in Wind Waker-like visuals, this gorgeous looking sequel bursts into the PC market with a fitting graphical update. Standing taller than ever before, Oceanhorn 2 wows with enhanced combat, intriguing puzzles, and a beautiful world worthy of Zelda's more recent titles. It's set to release on the PC this December 30th.