Let me start by saying, that it‘s a great game and I‘d highly recommend you to play it yourself. Why‘s that? First of all, the game (almost) never got boring, there was always something interesting to do, may it be following one of the many great most wanted quests or just knocking out some random thugs. The story was good, at first I wasn‘t really convinced if it is, but the second half made up for some of the worse parts in the first half. The characters are of course amazing, how could it be different, I mean, it‘s a Batman game. The villains were cool and some of them very interesting, but sadly all of them had this stupid villain prattling, it got annoying... You know, the standard „You‘re not going to defeat me! Bla bla bla...“. On the other hand I really liked the heroes and their individual motivations. The whole Joker thing was remarkable, I enjoyed the character of Joker and it gave insight into his truly crazy mind. The ending was also very nice, especially the Knightfall Protocol. The story took some twists and turns. For a person, who played the other Arkham games, it may be a bit predictable, but for a new player it‘s fairly interesting, but you may not understand everything, because there are of course many returning characters. The side quests, also known as most wanted quests were for the most part quite good. There were some, who didn‘t have a very intriguing story, but others had one. Some also had a nice mystery feeling to them. I enjoyed completing all of them, EXCEPT THE F***ING RIDDLER. I did not complete that one, because I really didn‘t want to waste 10 hours of my life collecting trophies and solving riddles. I mean, you can watch the secret 100 % Ending on YouTube. But they all had pretty different gameplay and that was nice. Some were predator missions (stealth), others Batmobile missions. Batmobile: Many people say, it was overused and that‘s why the game was bad, but I don‘t agree. Firstly, I don‘t think it was overused, but that‘s my experience. And secondly, even if it was overused, it still was fun. Because it controls so well and the combat is cool. The standard gameplay (hand to hand combat) was marvelous as you‘re used to from Arkham games. The free flow system works almost perfectly (sometimes Batman just punches the air, instead of the thugs). It feels rewarding, if you do it right. I‘m not an expert, but I watched some videos of pro players and it‘s crazy, what‘s possible. The same goes for stealth. There is a great variety in gadgets you can use. And almost every gadget is at least somewhat useful. Amazing gameplay overall. The reason, why it‘s such a great game, is because the gameplay never gets old. It‘s fun to just break every bone ;) And this gameplay is greatly packaged in a main story and some cool side missions. All accompanied by the great characters and voice actors. The music wasn‘t something really memorable (except maybe the main menu music), but it was nice.