Myles Byrd
Myles Byrd
Published on Jun 21, 2022

It's difficult to imagine what more Capcom could do to improve upon Devil May Cry's formula. The gameplay is fast paced, challenging, and rewarding, with phenomenal performances from the game's cast of characters.

Plus, DMC SE solidifies the idea that Vergil is possibly the coolest character in the video game world.

Every character is fun to play. V surveys the battlefield as you issue commands to his pet demons, using V to deliver the killing blow. Nero is 100% offense with the many combo moves you can pull with his sword the Red Queen and his absolute beast of a revolver Blue Rose. A new edition to Nero's gameplay are his Devil Breakers, which serve as an expansion of his Devil Bringer from DMC 4. Then there's the legendary Devil Hunter himself, Dante, with his various fighting styles: swordmaster, gunslinger, trickster, and royal guard. If you grew up with DMC 1 and DMC 3 (we don't talk about DMC2) then you'll feel right at home with Dante's style of various weapons and fighting styles.

And then there's him.

The Alpha & The Omega.


Vergil is the rare case of a video letting you play as the boss...and being WAY more powerful than the version of the boss YOU actually faced. Vergil only has three weapons (Yamato, Beowulf, and Mirage Edge) but that's all he needs. Unlike the other characters, Vergil plays much differently. Like his DMC 4 counterpart, Vergil has a concentration meter that depletes the more you run around, miss attacks, and take damage. Successfully landing hits, perfectly dodging attacks, and slowly walking around the battlefield builds your concentration and allows you pull off devastating special moves such as Vergil's iconic Judgement Cut End.

DMC 5 was amazing when it initially launched for PS4 and Xbox One back in 2019, and it's especially amazing now on PS5 hardware with support for 4K60, ray tracing, and introducing Legendary Dark Knight Mode which allows for hundreds of enemies to be on screen at once. It also doesn't hurt that the game's soundtrack is phenomenal, as Bury The Light is one of the best themes they ever could have made for Vergil.