Connor Ballantine
Connor Ballantine
Published on Jan 10, 2022
This review contains spoilers.

Breath of the Wild is easily my favourite Nintendo game of all time. Explore vast deserts, swamps, snow-capped mountains, volcanos and more. Fight enemies and collect new gear, weapons and abilities while solving puzzles to help Link become stronger.

The great thing about this game is how good it is for beginners. While the tutorial area, the great plateau is large, even the size of the entire map of other Zelda games, even beginners can complete it in under a few hours, and already have a grasp on the full gameplay by then. Plus, the game allows you to solve puzzles any way you can think of, meaning it feels like more of an accomplishment to complete it.

The graphics on this game are also incredibly realistic. Almost everywhere you look are stunning expanses of beautiful scenery never seen before in a Zelda game.

In summary, if you have got a Nintendo Switch, you should buy this game as soon as you can.