Published on May 26, 2021

I'm currently still playing Mass Effect 1. Will update the review as I go.

I've never played this trilogy before but I've played Mass Effect Andromeda. Obviously my first impression of this game is that it's basically the same game with different story and characters.

I really enjoy the RPG side and the relationship you develop between Shepard and his crew. I haven't played far enough to choose which one I'm having a romantic relationship yet though.

I would give a higher point if they tweak some gameplay mechanics that I don't enjoy. We already have to see the load screen so many times as we jump from planet to planet so why do they like to waste our time with some stupid terrain while we explore some of these places. It's just not fun stumbling into valleys and crevices. I don't mind the repetitive combat location and hacking mechanics but please at least don't waste my time just to get there.

I like doing all the side quests. I tend to do more side quests before proceeding to the main missions. I'm just a hoarder so I like finding new weapons and leveling up the characters before the harder missions. Overall I love the game and if ME2 and ME3 are even slightly better, I will have many more hours ahead of me to finish this trilogy.

(Update) Just finished ME1 and it was pretty good. To add on my first impression, the strongest point of this game is the story. I didn't feel as if there's much different on which weapons do you choose to play because they're all the same. Even though there are many types and level, there's not much difference in terms of gameplay and impact on your journey.

The enemies are not that great either. There's not much varieties and they can be taken down easily with whatever methods you prefer. Sometimes they also just run straight into your face. Hopefully it will get better in ME2 and 3.

I would rate 7.5/10 just for ME1 on its own.

The legendary edition is a must buy for returning players and newcomers alike.