PlayStation 4

this is turning out to be a great feature film hysterious monster drinking classic tracks very excited so i finished the movie and the whole game is a video shoot for sony i scored an a sam porter is left off to listen to music in his restroom while he establishes a cellular line across america where doomsayists run about fragile is left to her confine and enjoys package delivery service deadman doesnt releive sam of his work and a new president has been figured compared to sams dream women or false mother/sister london bridge is falling down you pass through london paris germany in the guise of america american map traveling from virginia to california setting up cellular network likely tmobile and sam shoots himself in the head not being able to deal with his dream sister of course he is obliterated and falsely pretentious that he is the war child of his delivery unknown deaths and finnally all cutscenes as terrorists are obsessed with the dead with valour now with tmobile set up across america its sad your hook up man blown his head off and is paying for the consecuenqes reliving nothing and resting privately to never resume original rating a 10 i give it a 9 terrible graphics and disjunky scareby cop alerts hypertension and paranoia schizophrenic scenes and embraceing the dead oh and supposedly sam and fragile pornographated together fragiles tears became torn sam ultimately in the end is a dead man who suffers trauma and is resting nearby fragile has some interest in sam and america is corrupt ameliea courtnall higgs god