Published on Nov 16, 2021

Garbage. Straight up garbage. Don't even bother downloading it, you're basically just wasting your time. I was looking through steam and this caught my eye. Reviews are “mixed” meaning it's mixed reviews of good rating and bad rating. The good reviews were because the game used to be good until the player base died, or because they're being sarcastic. And after seeing some reviews, I still gave it a shot because i was bored. And i regretted even downloading it.

The picture might look cool, but the controls and gameplay are straight up garbage, it looks like a cartoon version of csgo.

Features of the game:

The game offers you 7 maps with 5 different modes:

  • Tounine – WWII with Germans and British forces in Team Deathmatch
  • Arabian Night – medium-size map that takes place at night. Soldiers and terrorist will fight against each others in Arms Race game mode.
  • Planet Khione – a snowy map from the future with Free-for-all mode
  • Stream Houses – a war of streamers with Capture the point mode
  • Airport – medium-size map with Capture the Bag mode
  • Farm – remaster of old Farm map from online version with Free-for-all mode
  • Prototype – collect coins in our testing map with Free-for-all mode

- Leveling system

- Bonus boxes

- Achievements

- Daily Quests

- Anomalies

- Every map has different specialties

- Party system - play with friends

  • - You can customize your character with a lost of skins, weapons and other accessories.

Trailer, cool. But once you start the game, you can't pick a gamemode, you can only press "quickplay" and join a match. And once you enter a game, no players, only bots. Straight up sad.

Guns's recoil are very bad, A few bullets and boom! the enemy is dead. Once you start the game, the sens are sooo high. And changing the sens to your prefered choice is a waste of time. What's the point of playing a dead online game? it's utterly useless.

Sound of the guns are very bad, and painful to hear, barely any effort put into the settings, you can't customize the crosshair, only the colour of the crosshair is changeable. (Can't change the size).

Can if you're alone and playing with bots, you expect some people to have fun with bots right? No, the bots are horrible, ai is garbage, their aim is okay?. They switch to knife from long distance. And once you spawn, you'll usually die because there are ai everywhere basically camping.

I hope once you see this review, you won't be curious and check the store page and decide to try it. Game came out at 14 october,2021. And they don't update the game. Which makes it more bad. Devs don't update, dead player base. (What's the point trying?)


  • How does it feel to write a bad review for once in a while? You even manage to make one. I want to try to write this kind of review too, to see if I can suppress my anger/hatred over a game and rate it fairly.