Published on Aug 13, 2021

It's pretty obvious that Hades is one of the best game of 2020, when i first played this game at November 2020, i was blown away with details and character voice acting.

Story: Players control Zagreus, the son of Hades, as he attempts to escape from the Underworld to reach Mount Olympus, at times aided by gifts bestowed on him from the other Olympians. Each run challenges the player through a random series of rooms populated with enemies and rewards. The game has a hack and slash combat system; the player uses a combination of their main weapon attack, dash power, and magic ability to defeat them while avoiding damage to progress as far as possible. While Zagreus will often die, the player can use gained treasure to improve certain attributes or unlock new weapons and abilities to improve the chances of escaping on subsequent runs.

Again, you. Zagreus trying to leave the underworld to Mount Olympus. While trying to leave, other Olympian gods will aid you by giving buffs and abilities. There are 10 gods, each giving a unique and special ability.

Dungeon: With each dungeon is Handmade and amazingly detailed. With after each level, you'll meet Charon. Which will sell you stuff like healing and skill stuff, even buying a god to give you a skill or ability.

After Every Death: After every death, you'll earn crystals which is used for upgrading your character to make it stronger and better for the next run. With every death, people knowing how you die which is very unique and special from other roguelike games. Of course, during each run, you also build your relationships with the Gods of Olympus by offering them tokens of appreciation in the form of nectar and ambrosia that you collect.

Every time you give a god or somebody a Nectar, which is found in the dungeon, you'll receive an item, these items are passive, and you can only equip one. Giving different people give you different stuff.

Weapons: There are different types of weapons you can earn in this game, using keys to unlock weapons. Different weapons have a different ability for the gods to give. Each Weapon is unique and special. Plus, the more you progress, you can upgrade your weapon to make it stronger.

There are four regions before you reach the top. Each level having a unique and hard boss, preventing you from reaching the top. In each level has a unique soundtrack to fit the theme of the game in a unique type way. Each region has a set of unique enemies that really fits the theme of the region.

The game is something you should really experience yourself without any spoilers, it's best to go blind with the story, music, and bosses in the game. Right now, it's on game pass. It's so worth it, for a 2020 GOTY. Replayability is something you should look forward to without any spoilers.

It's similar to curse of the dead god, while most people will say that curse of the dead god Is a hades copy. I can assure you that it's not a copy, while curse of the dead god has the same camera angle as hades. Hades is easier, when I mean by easier, I mean by every run you can upgrade and collect stuff to make you stronger for the next run. While curse of the dead gods has some upgrades, it's usually based on luck, all roguelike games are lucked-based. While curse of the dead gods is getting cursed by gods, hades are using gods as a buff for the character.

And if you're looking for something like the camera view, try Dandy Ace, as I have not tried it yet, I heard it's quite good. Be sure to check it out before buying it.

Replayability is another thing which is amazing about hades. everytime you complete a run, you'll be able to add heat to the game, it makes it stronger and gives you more stuff to do in the game. It's really amazing and makes the game more special from other games.