Published on Jun 24, 2021

Amazing Amazing Amazing. The Witcher 3 GamePlay,Story,Combat Everything, AMAZING.Plus mods you can add So much more.Gwent is a cool card game in the game.

Some part of the game might get boring after restarting over and over again, Like the bloody baron quest. It's so boring, i could die. But after that the story gets better and better, And for the people who like Seeing those Nudity, there's alot like alot in these game, and People want more. They even add mods to make everybody naked.

This game can last you hundreds of hours of doing side quest and completing the main missions, it takes about 40+ hours to complete the main quest and once you're done, you can even play with mods to restart and to experience the modded version of the game.

It's insane. Worth trying, it's one of the best Fantasy RPG. (Other Than Skyrim)