Jezreel Ian Manuel
Jezreel Ian Manuel
Published on Apr 3, 2022

PS5 has a few exclusives to show off as of the moment. This is one of those few PS5 titles that will surely blow your mind once you got your hands on it. Ratchet and Clank's visual wonder makes you think how awesome the next generation of gaming is. Truly the visuals are stunning. The particles are always on point. The character models are great and the creativity of each world is such a wonderful experience to explore. The adaptive triggers and haptic feedback that Sony promises for PS5 users were successfully implemented. My mind keeps on blowing every time I feel that haptic feedback in my controller. I have never been immersed in a game like this. Each weapon is also unique in its own way. I love how each weapon has this kind of mechanics and haptic feedback every time you shoot it. The mechanics also played a big role in why this game is a great PS5 exclusive as well. It is unique, intuitive, fun gameplay and engaging combats. This is not just your ordinary Action Adventure platformer game, this is next-gen gaming. The story of Ratchet, Clank, Rivet, and Kit traveling through dimensions was also executed properly in such a way that it keeps me engaged throughout the game. Let's add the 3D audio that the Pulse 3D Audio Headset provides. It was such an amazing experience and pleasure to my ears. For those who just owned a PS5, this is one of those games you have to try. You will never get bored of it.


Artistry: 12/12

Technical Merit: 8/8


Music: 12/12

Sound Effects & Vocals: 8/8


Control & Interface: 6/8

Player Agency: 7/8

Accessibility: 2/4


Feedback & Fun: 9/10

Depth: 5/5

Variety: 4/5


Narrative: 8/8

Heart: 6/6

Originality: 6/6