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Wolfenstein: The New Order
Reviewed: Jun 21, 2022


Killing Nazis has never been this fun!

A 9-10 hours of gun-blazing action. 

You can play either be a "RAMBO" or just plain stealth-like "SNAKE" except for some boss fights. The game lets you decide on how you will play the game. From what weapon to use, like having just a knife if you want some stealth action or a silenced handgun. To a loud assault rifle or a shotgun for barraging enemies. You can also dual wield weapons by picking up weapons from your dead enemies. Strategize how you will defeat the enemy by studying the area. Discover secret passages and use it to your advantage. Story-wise, I skipped most of the cutscenes since I felt bored due to its plain vengeance story and technologically advanced "what ifs" throughout its plot.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising
Reviewed: Jun 1, 2022

Can't get enough of this 2D/3D games. From Octopath Traveler to Triangle Strategy to Bravely Default, these games really are a candy to my eyes. Yet I am sad on how this game's battle system works but not to the point that I hate it and still had fun playing. And yes, I understand that this game is only a companion game to the upcoming Hundred Heroes.

STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order
Reviewed: May 4, 2022

I got a chance to play this game for a couple of weeks, beat it for around 20 hours, and now, In celebration of May 4th "Star Wars day" to write a review.

The story created more sense to the Star Wars canon since "Order 66" is not a complete success. There are some Jedi's survived the purge like Obi-wan, grandmaster Yoda and the man of this game Cal Kestis. 

Throughout his journey, you will learn the ways of a Jedi that can be used in combat and traversing through obstacles. Judging from how it is played, it feels like I am playing "Uncharted" or "Tomb Raider" without guns but with the spice of a "Souls" game.

*giggles when lightsaber decapitates enemy

It's not much of an open world since you can only visit a limited number of planets. This game will certainly satisfy your itch for exploration along with discovering hidden paths and unlocking secret item boxes but will always remind you for a skill check therefore detours are inevitable.

Replayability-wise, you can always practice your mastery of the force (or have fun playing with the force) through playing combat challenges and battle grid. Completing these challenges will earn you tokens that can be exchanged for rewards.

Overall, EA games did not let me down on this one, in which the story is its strongest point. They made this game loyal to the Star Wars canon and even made it open for future sequels, spin-offs, and cameos. 

Elden Ring
Reviewed: Mar 24, 2022



Losing your social life is inevitable.

Disclaimer: No gadgets were broken, no pets were hurt and no people were beaten while making this review.

So here comes the most anticipated game of 2022. I know the year is just starting but giving us gamers a treat this early 2022 is like a bang.

Elden ring is a masterpiece! I love the "darkness" within this game. The artwork is amazing, with a vast lands to venture, customization of characters tons of weapons and the uniqueness of every boss with their unique movesets.

Im ongoing 60 hours gameplay and this game has more to offer. There are some players (according to gaming news sites) that are playing more than a hundred and there still more than meets the eye. Imagine that quality content that really values your money.

We know, "From Software" games are known to their difficulty and I say these games are not for everybody. But come to think of it not as the enemy but as a cure (sounds like a referrence from MCU Endgame right?). This game will feel you devastated, hopeless, and dozen of hours of "You Died" but if you look to the brighter side, you are learning every step of the way. Every enemy encounters, every boss you defeat and whatever you accomplish the feeling of triumph is there and THE BEST OF ALL, NO MICRO-TRANSACTIONS!!#%^&

Super Mario Odyssey
Reviewed: Mar 9, 2022



I don't have my own Nintendo Switch.

Thanks to my cousin a got an opportunity to play this game.


I remember back when 2017, this game was highly anticipated as an introduction for your Nswitch experience and this new Super Mario game never let me down.

Easy controls, cute graphics with vibrant colors and more importantly this game is just relaxing and pure fun. You don't have to stress yourself clearing a world to another. 

If you are finding a game that is challenging, go find yourself a souls game. No menacing bosses here.

SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice
Reviewed: Feb 1, 2022

The HARDEST GAME i've ever played yet satisfying on every enemy and boss encounters. I'm not much on a dark souls type of games but the aesthetics of the game caught my attention. If you want to play realistic sword fights, strategy and stealth then this game is for you!

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade
Reviewed: Jan 26, 2022

Nostalgia at its 100%!

This game really deserves a high rating!

Far Cry 5
Reviewed: Nov 14, 2021

Here we go again to review another Ubisoft game!


This game really took a lot of my time and enjoyed every minute of it. Laughing out loud, screaming due to an exhilarating joy (especially when I’m using a flame thrower) … joke

Can I say this game feels like GTA but only on a first-person perspective?

There’s a lot of things to do like:

-         Ohhh! This game feels like GTA! Let’s rampage the town. Burn the people that believes to their so called “The Father”. I love the flame thrower but this weapon feels so evil. It can also hurt your allies while you are on the process of eliminating the enemies.

-         Watching your dog kill enemies then get loots for you.

-         Hijack people’s cars and trucks, pile them up and make your own checkpoint. And when they get out their car and they look hostile to you, throw a grenade, Molotov or C4 to blast them into pieces HAHAHA!

-         Run through the woods, Hike the tallest mountains to hunt deer, moose, bears and cougars. Use your weapons like bows and rifles to collect their skins and sell them.

-         Save up money and buy stuff. From weapons and clothes, from cars to boats, helicopters and planes.

-         Have some a little bit of peace… Drive around the map and enjoy the American scene, until some bastards see you and will try to end you with a car chase action! Try to get ahead of them and get off from the vehicle. Don’t forget to bring your rocket launcher to wipe out their existence.

-         (Don’t) Kill innocent people… Then say “Oops, sorry” a thousand times.

Why Ubisoft keep adding customization options on your character if only you can see it on a wanted post?

There are many perks you can add to your character and it’s all up to you.

The game is just 3 years old. WORTH PLAYING!

Reviewed: Oct 31, 2021

A free-to-play game that I discovered from watching a Youtube Ad, got me curious and tried it. Oh! wow, these ads never caught my attention till this game popped out of nowhere.

First of all, The cards are beautiful. They are based on real-life artwork, sculpture, photos, and images of anything that has been known to mankind. The cards come on different animals, structures, historical figures, events, inventions, and even the heavenly bodies in space with facts and trivia at the back of every card (when you tap on it) to feed your inner geek. 

Cards have marks on the upper right corner to determine their rarity. Common = No distinct mark

Rare = Bronze 

Epic =Silver 

Legendary = Gold 

Mythical = Bit like a faded reddish-gold.

You can create a deck consisting of 18 cards. Like all TCG's there like Hearthstone, Yugi-oh, and MTG, it's up to you how you can make them synergize to make combos to win duels. The difference is, you're like in a game of "Tug of war" (the highest power wins the turn) where you have to win 3 out of 5 rounds with 3 turns each round.

The game mechanic is easy to learn plus you can enjoy playing it as much as you want (means no energy upon playing) and without spending. Every day, the game has daily objectives. Once accomplished, they will reward you resources, such as in-game currencies to buy booster packs and themes. Also, you can trade your cards online on their trading post. If you really want a card, you can post a card and wait for someone to give you an offer. Or, if someone had posted a card and you really want that card, you can make an offer and wait if he approves. You can also craft and fuse cards to create more powerful rare cards to add to your collection or deck.

On the negative side, I guess there are only a few players here in our area. I noticed that whenever you are to play a duel, there are chances (75%, only to my assumption) that you'll encounter a bot as an opponent (notice that they have the same ign either casual or league games). If you're unfortunate enough, you'll have quite a long wait. (I always restart my app and try again). Sometimes, other players invite you to a duel, so my advice is never to miss that out or rather beat a bot.

The mechanics of the cards are only limited and plays around on the terms "When played", "When drawn", "Energy" and "Power", 'Increase" and "Decrease". Sometimes there are cards that are named "Hold" to restrict your opponent from playing a card. I wish there are some unique elements like, steal your enemy card for a turn (Hearthstone???) or changing the arena to your advantage, or just flipping a coin (Pokemon TCG???). There are no life points here. Your life points are the rounds and you have to save them by winning. Your game very much depends on your card and on how it performs during the game. But then, these things make the game unique to other TCG games. 

There are in-game ads to watch but not that much... Tolerable ads! then they will give you booster packs and in-game currencies. Come on guys, give them some slack. These are the kind of games that deserves to be monetized.

Overall, this is a good game to pass time and at the same time learn new things that are unknown to you. I, a nerd, had real fun reading all those trivia and thinking who would win between Albert Einstein and a T-Rex.

Quantum Break
Reviewed: Oct 25, 2021

When Iceman went to his university to meet his old friend Littlefinger, they were just to test their new invented toy with the help of his brother Merry until all went to shiznits. Oh, and also there's the Hotel manager.

-     The story is fast and straightforward/linear. Although there are certain times that you have to choose for the future of your characters, it is only just an illusion, there is no beating around the bush. Obstacles are easy and fun.

-     Had fun finding collectibles and upgrade points. Reading the documents gave me more insights into the story.

-     The controls are fine not until you are in a gunfight. The accuracy of the weapons sucks but still, you can defeat your enemies by using your “Time powers.” Stopping time while firing it with your bullets, then you got an instant shotgun. 

-     There is no crouch button, your character will automatically hide when you needed to (not like “The Division” series if you know what I mean). The bad thing is, sometimes it is faulty and makes your character stand up, therefore, getting hit by your enemies.

-     Congratulations, you have won your first gunfight. Walk through the dead body of your enemy and you will notice you are fighting a dummy all along.

5 years from its release, this game is still worth playing. The story is great and has a movie quality aside from the actors and actresses are known. I bet other game developers had taken notes from this game by the time of its release. 

Tales of Arise
Reviewed: Oct 13, 2021

It's been a while since I last played a Tales game. Way back in the early 2000s, I only got an opportunity to play only three of them. Tales of Destiny 1-2 (PS1) and Tales of the Abyss(PS2). Now that Tales got so much improvement since then, I felt excited to try this new one.

-       Tales of Arise has a great story to offer to its gamers. INDIGNATION! It is a story of Inequality, racism and politics conquered by the power of love and friendship. NAKAMA will never let you down! The game emphasizes its characters and plots utilizing manga-style scenes aside from the cutscenes of the story. Every time you open the game, it plays a song as every Japanese anime does and it is up to the gamer how many episodes should play it.

-       Character design is good and unique but customization sucks. “Just to make your characters personalized” but on the brighter side, whenever you change their costume, it will appear on cutscenes too.

-       I didn’t care much of the map since it make me feel bored at times. All I want to do is pass through its obstacles, defeat enemies and get to my destination. It felt like it gives me an expectation of an open world but it’s not. The good thing is travelling through this map is easy and there is no way you can be lost. You can easily refer to the map list for the markers while completing quests.

-       Another strong point of this game is the battle system. There are tons of combos of artes you can do and button mashes are unnecessary. Mystic artes and Team attacks cutscenes are so satisfying to watch which gives me the sense of an enemy defeat.

Gamepad won vs keyboard&mouse. In my opinion, the only advantage having a keyboard&mouse as a controller is the camera for better viewing of the targets. I find it difficult pressing its keys for a successful execution of combos. Not like when using the gamepad, My hands feels relaxed between presses and easily create combinations without mashing.

-        End game content is a great for those gamers out there who seek challenge. Grinding is a pain but definitely rewarding at times. There are also DLC’s you can purchase if you seek a little help if you must.

Overall, I recommend this for people whom enjoys a game that focuses on a good story (quite long cutscenes) and "feels like" arcade style beat them up action. My total game time is 45 hours and 35 mins (end game content not included).

Pokémon UNITE
Reviewed: Sep 29, 2021


Awesome new kind of MOBA to play!

  • Classes varies on attacker, defender, speedster, support and all rounder which can be differ on a melee or ranged type.
  • Each characters has unique skill combinations.
  • The game is young therefore it will have updates in future, meaning more items combine and Pokemon to choose from.
  • Focuses more on team play strategies, achieving objectives. Yeah, kills does help but not always necessary. If the opponents are not looking, sneak in and go for the goal! (maybe not always effective but, depends on what role are you on, specially speedsters/scorers)
  • 5v5 ranked and standard, 4v4 and 3v3 quick game modes are available.
  • Graphics and details are okay, customization of characters and Pokemon skins.
  • The game feels like encouraging, it doesn't count your deaths, only SCORES, KILLS and ASSISTS.
  • On the negative side, It's kinda feels like a "Pay to win" or "Pay to rush" due to its handheld items that can be upgraded. Well, it is a free to play game and I can't blame the developers on how to monetize the game.
A Plague Tale: Innocence
Reviewed: Sep 23, 2021


This game shot in me in the face, hits on my core, lie down on the floor while trying not to cry... cried a lot. Seeing these young protagonists venture into hostile environments triggers my nearly depressive state.

The story is captivating and has a cinematic soul based on old century France. The characters' traits are notably ranging from their strengths and their weaknesses. Watching the cutscenes are worth spending time on for a more in-depth understanding of the story.

The gameplay hits the spot where it's faithful to its characters makes it grounded and realistic. A fifteen-year-old female caught by an adult aging from 25-40 years old with a sword, spear, shield, and bow will put you in sleep and never wake up again. Be careful when entering new areas. I strongly suggest that try to clear it first before advancing and gather resources as much as you can. I believe that I enjoyed strategizing when going through obstacles as well as managing my resources. There are some chapters of the game that will let you choose what path you're going to take to finish the course. 

In my opinion, the only thing that makes the game difficult for me is when I'm with the child Hugo. How can I leave a five-year-old child in the bushes while dealing with soldiers until he throws a tantrum and panicking? Then here comes "Mr. Die A Lot" again until he controls the rats I finally found some use in him.

The game's graphics quality and design along with its soundtrack raised my goosebumps. It gave me the gist of the black death that conquered Europe where rats reign. But what I loved is the game will let you understand that even in darkness, disease, famine, corruption, and death, there is still a glimpse of hope that shines.

I'm a small-time gamer preferably RPG, open world, FPS practicing on writing gaming reviews. Please do comment/criticize my works so I can improve. Thanks!

Titanfall 2
Reviewed: Sep 14, 2021

This is when stormtroopers ride Koubu (Sakura wars mech) goes to Planet P (starship troopers) to make war. A whopping 63 gigabyte for a 7.5hrs campaign gameplay. I didn't bother to play the multiplayer since this is a 5 year old game and their servers got a recent DDOS attack.

Yeah, it's a bit short if you focused on the RPG aspect of the game which they could have put some twists or could have visited other planets added from DLC's. The game's graphics and the environment details are great. There is no map or mini-map displayed so the only thing you could depend on is the enemies. Wherever the enemies are, then probably you should go there and kill them all. Blood splatters and gore adds more realism to the game which makes a lot of sense, like what would happen if you were gunned down by a high caliber rifle equipped from a 7-10 meters mech?

It is challenging and fun. It didn't stress me even if I died a lot from traversing obstacles (walls are your friends, not your enemies) and being KIA in Titan battles. The movement of the character and the Titan didn't bother me since their speed is just right. You can also have an option to adjust to auto-sprint so you can let your left shift key be alone for the moment. Pressing and holding 'Q' affects my gameplay while riding in a Titan to lock missiles or awaiting the right moment to use a titan skill.

Overall, It's a good game but not 2-5 years later. Since it has a multiplayer and it is short-lived due to its servers and can be shut down if no more players. I could've rated this higher if they made the RPG aspect much longer.

I'm a small-time gamer preferably RPG, open world, FPS. practice writing on gaming reviews. Please do comment/criticize my works so I can improve. Thanks!

Batman: Arkham Knight
Reviewed: Aug 31, 2021

This game gave me both fun and pain in the ass, or maybe I am just a noob to this batman game. A great storyline for the finale of the Arkham series and I say, this is not your typical RPG game that spoon-fed you every time your on a mission. Lucky you there are bunch of guides scattered around the internet.

I find difficulty on controls when using the grappling hook. This might throw you somewhere if your not paying attention to it specially when in combat. Then comes the "Panic attack" that will lead you to death and restart the mission that you are trying to accomplish. Controls in combat compels you to memorize the buttons both keyboard+mouse and gamepad but satisfying when creating combos and finishes. It's an eye candy seeing villains and thugs suffers from a final punch and kick from Batman. The Batmobile seems okay (like playing GTA on a dark rainy Gotham) but it sucks when playing Riddler's race missions, or maybe I am the only one who suck at it.

Map clearing and puzzles looks a good addition to the game making Batman faithful to the character as the detective of GCPD. Yeah, The Riddler only do this to you, making your brain requires more glucose to make it work. Oh well, there's the internet! ready to answer all your queries for your convenience.

This game is 6 years old and still a great game to play with. A game made ahead of its time. Long live the Bat!

I'm a small-time gamer preferably RPG, open world, FPS. practice writing on gaming reviews. Please do comment/criticize my works so I can improve. Thanks!

Tom Clancy's The Division 2
Reviewed: Aug 1, 2021

I am new to this division game and I never played the first one. Can I say its like Uncharted but minus the story? Plus the perks, customizations. Seems ok to me, except when doing melee attacks is like offering yourself to "Death". There are times that I want to do a stealth kill but this game won't let me. Ubisoft said this is ain't assassins creed. I played it both on controller and mouse+keyboard and the latter still wins. After 80hrs of gameplay, I noticed that this game is kind of demands a lot from the player, like spending more time. Making the player grind and stuff for unlocking apparel cache keys, field proficiency boxes and specialization quests. Overall, its a good game but not after you done all the stuff it has to offer. Maybe the are some people who can endure and enjoy the environment of the game but if you are finding a game to get relaxed?, no this will stress you out! LOL

I'm a small-time gamer preferably RPG, open world, FPS. practice writing on gaming reviews. Please do comment/criticize my works so I can improve. Thanks!

Genshin Impact
Reviewed: Aug 4, 2021

A great game for FREE! An open world with tons of characters and team combinations. Updates every 6 weeks for new storylines and events. Whenever the community loved the event, they'll surely repeat it in their future updates. They also conducts surveys every version they release to gather feedback from the players which is a good thing, people has always a chance to speak up, rant, or praise for the development of the game. In my opinion, the downside of it is they subtly power creeping characters to make the people spend money on the gacha system. But overall, if you are into exploring, hunting treasure chests and doesn't mind the toxicity of the community, then play this game. It's FREE!

Assassin's Creed Origins
Reviewed: Jul 8, 2021

This is what I love about assassin creed games. Ubisoft fill this game with historical knowledge. Although yes, somehow it is not that accurate but it tickles the player's mind and, if they are curious enough maybe it pushes you to do some research. Therefore players wont lose on their history subjects. I bet this game will last long. 3 years after its release, still a good game for me. I love stealth games. Game time around 134 hours for 6 months finishing all quest and challenges.

The Last of Us
Reviewed: Jul 2, 2021

This game is as good as watching a movie with a bit of action at your fingertips.

Reviewed: Jul 2, 2021

This game takes me back to classic turned based rpg with a twist. The game and art designs are good and ofcourse with a compelling story.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Reviewed: Jun 10, 2021

One of the best games I've ever played.