Todd Lewis
Todd Lewis
Published on Jan 11, 2022

This game was a joy to play. There’s things I liked and things I didn’t:


  • Core Gameplay feels fluid
  • Satisfying sense of impact
  • Throwing enemies and Grapples distinguishes this game
  • Colors and Setting are attractive
  • Some boss fights and obstacles are super creative
  • Character progression feels substantial
  • Lots of endgame replay value in form of unlockables
  • Environments stand out for a metroidvania
  • Coop play capable
  • Plenty of characters to play as


  • Limited music selections. You’ll hear the same song a lot.
  • The dudes who throw red projectiles can hit you while you’re in a combo
  • No combat or aerial recovery, so when you get hit, you just fall to your death unless you land on something.
  • The game never tells you that you can use all four of your specials once in an aerial combo
  • The games idea of challenge is literally just throwing waves of enemies at you at some point
  • The bomb enemies still hitting you if you don’t kill them on time is a stupid idea

My average is 5 on a scale of 10. I give this game a 6.5, but it has potential to be way higher because of coop play with siblings, friends, or a spouse. As a multiplayer game where both people are invested, it’s like a 7.5. As a stand alone single player and sometimes coop play game, it’s still a great pick up