Todd Lewis
Todd Lewis
Published on May 25, 2021

Gameplay is ridiculously tight, responsive, and exciting so that propels it past the average score of 5. The music and bosses make it a 7 because (for 2021) it’s quite a unique experience. Now because of awful replay value and lack of save states which makes it impossible to turn off ps5, which isn’t cool, objectively, the game will not be a 9 or 10. The story is also pretty underwhelming when you figure out what’s going on. Original-ish, but it’s been done before, so no points. Because RnG is big in this game and that can either enrich or debilitate your joy in the game, no points. It’s a 7 for everyone else, imo. Because I enjoy sci-fi of this nature, it’s a high 7 for me and because sometimes I hated the game, it’s not an 8. 7.8 it is!

January 2022 Update: They added a save feature and optimized the experience further. Its time to change the review score.

The game is great all the time now. That places it at an 8 for me, and it can be really amazing (9) sometimes. I will give it an 8.7. Well done, Housemarque; I truly love your creation.