Published on Apr 29, 2021

I played this game a while ago but as I write this it is on sale for about $10. If you ever though about trying a visual novel I can say that at this price this game is an amazing deal.

For anyone who has played Persona 4 it is the school dating game. Every day you decide where to go and see which girl is there. By seeing a girl lots you see her whole story and earn her ending. The trick is you don't know who is where, though you do get hints where they will be. The good news is the game tracks where you went and who was there, so on subsequent runs your map fills in and you can better "stalk" your lady. This game is light on the romance. You get a beach scene for doing a route correct, but the rest of the route is not overly lovey dovey. It is more of a horror/mystery. The ending really surprised me and hit me hard emotionally.

I am not a visual novel fan so I can't compare it to other games. But at this sale price I can not recommend it enough if you are curious about it.