Feliciano Mondigo III
Feliciano Mondigo III
Published on May 2, 2022

The Switch really is the perfect platform for visual novels. 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim is a surprisingly different take on the genre. It managed to juggle 13 different protagonists in a multi-layered science fiction story. Each character has its own set of mysteries to solve and answers to find. The game's visual novel section will piece together the events in a fragmented type of storytelling. It can get confusing most of the time, so I recommend having a notepad to keep track of multiple names.

Apart from its Visual Novel sections, 13 Sentinels Aegis Rim has actual combat. In between its point and click visual novel adventure, it's a mecha game. Like Into The Breach, or XCOM, battles require careful thinking, or brute force. Eliminate a legion of relentless Kaijus called 'Deimos' using. your 'Sentinel' to save the day. It's a simple premise, but the story gets even deeper after every incursion.

These two sections: the visual novel and the tactical gameplay, make up the core experience of Aegis Rim. Vanillaware somehow blended these mechanics into one seamless experience. It's a game that's best played blind, so be careful when you're searching around the internet.

If you enjoy games like Persona, Ace Attorney or even Steins; Gate, Aegis Rim has a lot of themes dealing with all things sci-fi, and anime tropes.

I recommend playing it on the Switch since it's compact and Vanillaware included a patch exclusively to the machine. It adds gameplay balance and special new abilities to its 13 characters.