Published on Jul 17, 2020

Ok, honest opinion. I kinda grow old about this game already. Well it's not a bad game as I already poured over hundreds of hour within this game. At the release of this game, the hype is on. but more and more, it will grow old.

Lets talk about the game, there are a lot to do for the game, what i suggest for people who just bought or wanted to buy this game, this is a game that you design your island and live in that island.

Beginner Tip:

- Plan your island before putting up houses, as in future you will use your money on a lot of incline and bridge building. So there are not enough of room for you to spend in moving houses.

- Go find multiple discord channel to communicate with each other to gather certain resources.

Well in conclusion it is a fun and relaxing game, but I do remind that it could grow bored if you played it rushly, So take it slowly and DO NOT TIME SKIP.