4 Games Rated and Reviewed

Catalyst Black
Reviewed: Jun 14, 2022

It's such a nice game to experience. Honestly, I don't know how to play this kind of stuff but when I check the gameplay, it really amazed me. I like the fights and the shooting style. While playing this, I'm having a hard time but just a little. In order to defeat your enemies you have to gain coins and upgrade your weapons. Actually, you can transform into a monster when you gain some blue powers while the red one's is for your ssuper gun. Fortunately, I get to know different players and this is a 5v5. This is a must-have guys and it's actually free to all android phones.

Capcom Arcade Stadium
Reviewed: May 31, 2022

I was excited to buy this because I want to play the Street Fighter again and I purchase STREET FIGHTER II - The World Warrior but sad to say, I was defeated by my enemy whenever I change character. 2 times win, many times defeated, what a great day! This is a single player and a full controller support game. If you want to use Logitech f310 that’s okay. Just so you know, this is very affordable controller compared to Xbox or PlayStation controller. Okay, let’s go back to the game, Street Fighter is one of the best games before. Well, if you play this during your elementary or high school days that’s better because you already know how to play this and how you activate the special skills especially characters like Chun-Li, Ryu, Ken Masters and Necro. Well, I forgot the other 2 characters. It’s just simple and easy to defeat the enemy but for me, it’s very hard. I’m having a hard time to defeat Chun-Li, Ryu and Ken Masters. I don’t know how to activate the special skills though. But overall, Capcom really gives you the best time and you can reminisce your past times with this game. Before I forgot, when you purchase 1 game in this Arcade, you get 1 free game and for me, I get 1943. 

Left 4 Dead 2
Reviewed: Apr 29, 2022

I finally able to play a zombie shooting game. As for this game, Left 4 dead 2, I love the graphics, replayability, the visuals and the voice over. During my interaction in this game, I was able to gain friends on Steam online and was able to play with them through Campaign and Survival Mode. Survival was the hardest type of mode I played, especially playing RocketDude. I am having a hard time playing these. Gosh, I wasn't able to blink my eyes for 1 minute and my hands are already tired when I played. Even my voice is struggling. HAHA. Zombies are sometimes annoying because they try to kill you so badly. The big bosses like Spitter, Hunter and Witch, they really do a great damage. So be aware and shot them while you have bullets. Don't you ever let them touch you. So, Left 4 Dead 2 gives a lot of great things to experience.

Overall, this game is truly awesome. It's very convenient to play in this platform and you have to be aware of its upgrade so that you could always connect to the Steam cloud. If not, you can't be able to play with your friends on Steam. Just play and do what you've got. Fighting!

The Crew 2
Reviewed: Mar 29, 2022

I’ve been longing to play racing game, so this is what I found, The Crew 2. I’m using Logitech f310, a wired controller and it is affordable and comfortable to use though. The Crew 2, gives me the thrill to do everything I want, from banging on everything like people, cars and street lights even buildings. I am such a terrible driver, if you know that. I really enjoy playing this and the only thing that frustrates me the most is that, getting the 8 Outlaws just to achieve and unlock the achievement that I want. I only get 2-5 Outlaws, many attempts and nothing change. For your information, I unlocked 5 achievements out of 34, so that’s 14% percent out of 100%. Honestly, it tires me a lot but eager to get these Outlaws so badly. I don’t use drift that’s why I missed the timing a lot. Before I forgot, when getting the Outlaws, there’s a time limit though, and that makes me so pressure. You’re only given 4 minutes to get them and that’s not enough! Damn it!  

Overall, the game is really interesting from customizing the 5 kinds of vehicles (Monster truck, Motor bike, Sports car, Speed boat and plane), getting along with friends, and of course, traveling all over the world. Going back home is kind of boring, so you’ll need to spend more time traveling in different places. This is really a good game for you guys!